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Help Save the Indianapolis Clock

If you are a clock lover or a person who feels that a prominent historical city landmark should be preserved, you might want to join in the campaign to save the bronze clock that is 80 years old located in downtown Indianapolis outside what had been the L.S. Ayres department store.


The beautiful clock was designed in 1936, is eight feet tall, is 29 feet above the ground, and weighs 10,000 pounds. For generations, people met under the clock to go on to dining or shopping as they saw the time from all four directions. The intersection of Meridian and Washington, where the clock is located, is “zero” and is what all addresses are based upon.


Smith’s Bell and Clock Service has been chosen to fix the clock, which will need a controller, new movements, one face replacement, and balanced hands. The repairs will cost $10,000, but Indiana Landmarks wants to also start a maintenance fund of another $10,000.


The deadline is November 7 to raise the needed $20,000 so that all four faces of the clock will display the correct time by November 23, the night before Thanksgiving. A bronze cherub comes to perch on the clock, a holiday tradition since 1947. The cherub keeps an eye on shoppers during the holiday season. The city, owner of the building, will expedite any needed permits to get the repairs done in time for the cherub’s arrival.


Anyone wanting to make a secure contribution can call 317-639-4534 or mail a check to Indiana Landmarks, 1201 Central Avenue, Indianapolis, IN, 46202.