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Armored Truck Loses $600,000

The Indiana State Police announced on Wednesday that commuters should be on the lookout for cash lying on I-70 near the Holt Road exit. According to police officials, the back doors of a Brinks armored vehicle suddenly opened, sending around $600,000 in bills flying onto the interstate. Police have asked passersby to return any money they may have picked up.

The loss of cash prompted a quick response from some locals, who quickly jumped a nearby fence to grab the bills. Some motorists stopped on the interstate and collected both loose bills and money bags. Police officers who were called to the scene reportedly confiscated a quantity of cash from drivers who were trying to pocket the money for themselves. However, many of the passersby returned the money to the Brinks driver. Brinks has not clarified how the rear doors swung open in transit.

Police reported that several individuals collected money and drove away before they were able to arrive on the scene. Authorities are seeking a school bus driver and four men in a white truck, who reportedly grabbed some cash and quickly left. Police state they have several leads due to motorists who were able to read license plates before the other drivers absconded with their cash.

This is not the first time an armored truck has accidentally deposited cash on the road. The most famous incident involved Joey Coyle, a Philadelphia man who found $1 million in cash lying on the street and spent more than $100,000 of the bills before he was caught. Coyle’s story was later turned into a film by director Ramón Menéndez.