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Colts Add Speed to Defense

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For the past few seasons, the Indianapolis Colts have been one of the most anticipated teams in the league. Much of this anticipation has been due to the continued progress of their offense. Last year, the Colts’ offense took another step forward as quarterback Andrew Luck continued to look like he would soon turn into a superstar. Heading into the next NFL season, the Colts will once again look like a potential favorite in their division. While most would assume this is due to their offense, many experts believe that their defense could be what helps them win (


Last year, the defense of the Colts looked good at times but started to look very slow and old by the end of the year. Much of this was due to the fact that their defensive unit is one of the older units in the league. However, this off-season the Colts have taken a lot of steps to get faster, younger, and more talented on defense.


If the current projections hold true, the average starter on the teams defense will be just 25 years old. This is a big drop compared to the prior season when the average age was just over 29 years old. Two of the biggest additions to the defense came from the NFL draft. This includes adding defensive back Malik Hooker who starred at Ohio State last year. Hooker is just 21 years old and will lead the newly revamped defense during the next season.


Indiana Impacted by Heavy Rains

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While the State of Indian is normally associated with having dry land and plenty of cornfield, it sits in the middle of a path that can be prone to major storms. Over the past week, the State of Indiana has been impacted by a variety of storms that have had lasting damage in certain areas of the state (


Over the past few weeks, a few different areas of Indian have been affected severely by the storm systems that have come across the state, and the rest of the Midwest. Officials in Washington County, Indiana, have reported that they have had to declare a state of emergency due to the high flood waters. The city, which is normally best known for its agriculture, has had a lot of rain over the past few weeks. This past Sunday, the city took in over 3 inches of rain in less than one hour.


Following a few days of continued rains, the cities in Washington County were already on alert due to high river levels. However, during the past few days, the city has had a few different periods of extreme downpours. Due to the high amount of rain, the city ordered a voluntary evacuation. While many people did leave the city, many in the city decided to stay back. Many of those have been helpful in helping to build barriers to protect a variety of different civic centers, but a lot of the downtown areas have continued to see a lot of flood damage.


Washington Country, MO is located just 50 miles away from Louisville, KY, and is also within a short drive of Indianapolis. The city is normally a popular stop for people traveling between the two cities, but the current rain systems could have lasting damage to the economies in both cities. It has been estimated that the total rain damage in the city could exceed several million dollars. Many of the local businesses are expected to be out of business for the next few weeks.


Evansville Regional Airport to Receive $12.4 Million Renovation

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Renovations of $12.4 million have been planned for the Evansville Regional Airport, including a single security line, modern food service, and more family and children accommodations.


Construction is reported to begin this summer and should take about one year to finish. The airport’s board recently approved a $10 million loan to help fund the new furnishings and contracted a local architectural firm, Hafer. Indiana’s Regional Cities program will contribute $5 million to the renovations.


Infrastructure improvements to the terminal will include new administrative offices and a boardroom, with new paving and LED lighting, as well as canopies covering pick up and drop off areas, to be introduced outdoors.


Flyers have often complained about a lack of food options past security. In response to such complaints, a new restaurant will be added post-security, with a seating areas that will offer diners a front row view of the airport’s runway.


A children’s play area, family restrooms, and a nursing room will be additions aimed at making family flight time easier for travelers.


The renovation project was inspired by new TSA requirements. Current administrative offices in the airport are located behind where the proposed security line will form. The new plan will have one central screening area as opposed to several intermingling lines.


More than 5,200 flights depart Evansville Regional Airport each year, with over 400,000 total passengers.


Is George Leaving Indiana?

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According to whispers from various reputable NBA circles, Indiana’s favorite basketball superstar may be in jeopardy of leaving the city of Indianapolis. Due to a series of factors including, the departure of Larry Bird as the Pacers’ President, the fact that the Pacers are probably in a rebuild mode, and their only way to acquire much-needed assets would be to deal away some of their star power, Paul George may be on his way out the door. There very well may be a series of costly exists as, starting PG Jeff Teague will become an unrestricted free agent this year, and Paul George, if not dealt, will follow next year, possibly leaving the Pacers without their star player or any additional assets. Your text to link…

One of the major aspects affecting Paul George and the future of the Indiana Pacers is the fact that George missed out on being selected to the All-NBA team. This effectively limits his ability to receive a max contract should he remain with the team he’s lead in recent years. Next year Paul George would still have the option to drastically increase his salary should he make the All-NBA team, but despite his physical prowess on the court, this is far from a foregone conclusion, and with free agency continuing to be the elephant in the room, makes the chance of George remaining with the team much slimmer.


Indiana State Senior Corp’s Program Celebrates the Aged Volunteers

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In the state of Indiana, there is usually a reason for celebration. From car shows to music festivals, carnivals, and historical re-enactments, the state of Indiana is a fun place to be. It has a total of approximately 240, 000 volunteers. In a bid to honor the old volunteers, the National Corporation for Community Service will hold an event to appreciate the efforts of these people. The organization operates programs like AmeriCorps as well as Senior Corps. These programs have in the past years assisted millions of people. This month, the state is set to honor members of the Corps Senior program. According to Samantha Warfield, the press secretary in charge of the program, the program assists children to learn how to read, act as exemplary grandparents for foster children as well as be companions for their fellow seniors.



Community Service



Samantha also stated that most Americans have benefited from the two programs. Because of the advantages of these programs, she suggested that the untapped resources of the non -profit organizations have been helpful to the state. The program is looking forward to recruiting more volunteers in the future. This is in a bid to extend its services to the people of Indiana. Although the cabinet of President Trump is set to cut down the budget of the program with the aim of boosting military spending, Samantha is confident about the possibilities of the stated initiative to expand even more with time. With more than 5,000 volunteers from Senior Corps, the celebration would have a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate in the states.

Trouble in Indiana?

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Just as the Indian Pacers have begun to ascend in the rankings of the highly volatile world of the NBA, the very future of their roster and success of the team seems to be in jeopardy. The departure of Larry Bird as President of the Pacers leaves the direction the team intends to go in question and under some scrutiny. The Pacers have very few assets in which to improve positioning in the NBA Draft and two of their biggest stars are facing uphill battles in regards to staying on the team. At the start of free agency, starting point guard, Jeff Teague, will become an unrestricted free agent, and due to the high demand for a player of his caliber, almost seems to be a forgone conclusion that he will not be with the team for much longer. Your text to link…

While the departure of Jeff Teague seems to be a high possibility, this is not the most pressing issue facing the Pacers and the state of Indiana. Team leader, Paul George, due to the dwindling possibility that he will receive a max contract as a member of the Pacers, will be a sought after piece for many contenders looking to improve their rosters immediately. The fact that Paul George is also set to hit free agency next year, the price the Pacers would receive in the event of a trade for Paul George, and the limited assets that the Pacers currently hold all contribute to the idea that George will be leaving.


New Gambling Regulations For Indiana

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Several advocacy groups from a variety of industries have come together in Indiana to push for new legislation. Their interest lies primarily in making gambling terminals legal throughout the state. Built from the unusual alliance of the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association and the Indiana Amusement and Music Operators Association, this new coalition hopes to bring in much needed revenue to the state. By making video gambling terminals legal, the advocacy group estimates that the state could make as much as roughly $167 million.


Of course, the advocacy group is quick to point out that these figures estimate only the revenue gained directly from the terminals themselves. For local businesses, there could be plenty of new opportunities to draw in business and capitalize on the legislative efforts. With these additional sources of income, Indiana could see a significant boost to its tourism and attract new visitors to the state.


In fact, Indiana has already seen a significant drop in business growth and tourism, thanks largely to the efforts of Illinois, where video gambling is already legal. In order to stay competitive, Indiana has little choice but to find some means of adapting to changing legislative standards.


As of right now, the proposed legislation would allow businesses to keep a cut of the proceeds from the terminals. Based off of the successes in Illinois, businesses we’re making roughly $60,000 from their share of the terminals. Again, this is discounting the positive effects of housing the terminals in the first place. When people go to a bar to play with the gambling terminal, it goes without saying that they’re also likely to purchase other things at the bar, including beverages. It’s also largely for this reason that the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association has felt the need to step in.


UK Citizens Coming To Terms With Brexit Implications

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As the United Kingdom begins their negotiations regarding their decision to leave the European Union, there have been many concerns over the drawbacks of leaving. The rights of EU citizens to live, work and study in the UK may be affected in the next coming months, but in what way? European and Non-Europeans all want to know the answer to that and in the coming negotiations, citizens may start to get answers. One possible repercussion in regards to the rights of EU citizens to live in the UK is that many may not be able to stay for more than 90 days on a visitor or student’s visa; which may affect those who plan to study and work in the UK. Although, they are still permitting travel to and from the UK, those planning to live within the UK may face changes within their economy over the next several months. According to economy experts, imported goods will be rising in prices. Experts say that UK’s inflation figures as of March are rising at an alarming rate of 2.3%, much higher than last year. In the increasing months, living in the UK may become extremely expensive. Nonetheless, negotiations regarding these issues will take place after the UK’s election on June 8. In the meantime, the European Council President, Donald Tusks, calls on the UK to come up with a “serious response” to the possible repercussions during the negotiations.

Eating v Not Eating Before Workout Verdict Finally In

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If you have been wondering about whether to eat before or after a workout will impact your weight loss goals, then a group of scientist from the University of Bath in England have found an answer. In fact, many scientists believe that meal timing can dramatically impact your performance, specifically during a workout. If you eat first, then your body will naturally contain high levels of blood sugar that can be used to fuel your muscles. However, choosing not to eat before working out means that your body is forced to rely on the previously stored carbohydrates within your body, which means that your body may use more energy to fuel your physical activities. If you do choose this route, there is a chance that your body can become more adept at using stored carbohydrates or fat as a fuel source. So, which way is better in terms of burning more calories? According to a new study published by the American Journal of Physiology, eating nothing at all before a work out brings better results. When comparing men who ate before their workout to men who didn’t eat anything at all, men who ate nothing at all exhibited lower blood sugar levels at the start of their workout but burned slightly more calories than those who ate a meal beforehand. Although, the study doesn’t fully address whether eating at other meal times can directly influence your physical performance, at least skipping a meal may serve to be an advantageous choice.

Gravitational Waves Move a Black Hole

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Gravitational waves have recently shown how powerful they really can be. The Hubble Telescope has uncovered a supermassive black hole that has been completely knocked out of the center of its galaxy. A phenomenal feat that is believed to be accomplished because of two other black holes colliding and sending off gravitational waves so strong, they propelled another black hole out of its current position.


Black holes cannot be discovered through direct observation. The only way to know if there is a black hole is by observing the surroundings. Quasars are concentrations of radiation so bright they outshine all else around them. Quasars are found at the center of black holes. By observing a quasar and the radiation emanating from it, scientists can make conclusions on the size of the black hole.


Quasars are located in the center of normal galaxies. Images of quasar 3C 186 located approximately 8 billion light-years away show this quasar to be out of the center of its galaxy. Instead, it is located 35,000 light-years off center.


Studying images of the surrounding area over time, the Hubble telescope send information on two massive black holes of differing masses colliding. Because the masses of the holes were different, when they collided, they sent jets of gravitational waves from one side of the collision. It was these rare, unique waves that propelled 3C 186 out of its original position in its galaxy.


As more data comes in, scientists are discovering the massive power gravitational waves have of shaping the landscape of space and how objects in space interact.