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Homeless in Indiana Benefit From Canceled Wedding

Sarah Cummins was going to get married in an Indianapolis suburb called Carmel. However, the wedding was called off at the last minute. This meant that food was going to be prepared for 170 guests and the contract with the wedding caterer was completely nonrefundable. Sarah could either dispose of all the food or use it to help people who were less fortunate. It was at that point that she decided to invite homeless people from the area to attend a party so the food would not go to waste. Suits were donated by a few businesses in the area so the homeless people could get dressed up for the festivities.

Sarah is 25 years old and currently attending college to become a pharmacist. She was joined at the homeless benefit by some of her bridesmaids and her mother. She admitted that the majority of the cost for the food was paid for my the man she was going to marry. She felt that allowing homeless people to eat the food would be much better than having all of it go to waste. The total cost of the wedding was $30,000. Sarah would not say why the wedding was called off so abruptly. She only said that it was a very difficult decision.

Every person had a great time at the homeless benefit. Sarah said that she was trying to make the best out of a bad situation. She did admit that it was a bit odd to have a bunch of complete strangers eating her wedding cake. However, she has always felt that it was in her nature to help people who were less fortunate than her. Sarah has not decided what she will do with the wedding dress. She does not want to think about that right now.

Indiana’s Ongoing Nominations for 2017’s Top Worker

Once again, it’s that time of the year where the state of Indiana honors workers who are dedicated to helping young people. The youth is considered an essential group in a country’s population. There are many people who strive to improve the lives of young people living in Indiana. One of these people will receive the 2017 Youth Worker of the Year Award.

This year’s award will be dedicated to honoring those who work to help the youth of Hoosier. It’s also aimed at encouraging people to work with kids in the state of Indiana. One of the recipients of this award, Laura Ingram, revealed that there is little funding to hold the award event. However, she commended Indiana’s local government for supporting such events. Ms. Ingram is Pride Prism Youth Community’s program director. She’s a foster parent as well as a therapist. Laura received the Youth Worker of the Year award in 2015. She used the award money to support various LGBTQ initiatives.

According to Ingram, Indiana still has a long way to go, with regard to working with LGBTQ youth. She asserted that the government needs to create safe environments for the LGBTQ community. Laura urged Indiana’s leadership to focus on helping young people living in rural counties. Also, she gave some advice to those who want to work with kids as well as young adults. She said that it’s important to listen to the youth while working with them. Ms. Ingram youth believes that this is a great way to teach young people how to lead.

Residents of Indiana are required to submit their nominations by 14th August, 2017. The nomination forms are available on Indiana Youth Institute’s webpage. The winner of the award will be announced on 2nd October. Also, he/she will be given $2,500 to go with the award. D. Susan Wisely Leadership Fund will offer the award money to the recipient in full. The organization operates under the Central Indiana Community Foundation.

Indiana Is Trying To Reform Their Prisons And Reduce The Populations

The Trump administration has started rounding up immigrants who are allegedly undocumented in shelters, courthouses, and hospitals. Their deportation will increase the profits for corporations including the GEO Group and CoreCivic. These corporations are the owners and operators of detention centers for immigrants who use ankle monitors for individuals waiting for their deportation hearings. The industries future in Indiana is not quite as optimistic. The Mayor of Indiana constructed a task force who recommended all ties with CoreCivic should be cut. The CoreCivic operates one of the two jails in the city. The administration of Mayor Joe Hogsett does not believe it is right to accept profits for placing prisoners in jail.

This change may become part of Indiana’s efforts to restructure their criminal justice system. They feel the root cause as to why individuals are entering the system is critical. The Mayor was elected in 2015 and has asked for sentencing reform and more funds to be invested in social workers, mental health professionals, and pretrial diversion. For more information about the prison system in Indiana please visit

The proposal of Mayor Hogsett reveals the truth about the private prison industry. It only thrives when there are too many individuals being placed in detention centers, prisons and jails. The addiction of the country to incarceration has been enabled for decades. The GEO Group and CoreCivic are influencing public officials by spending millions every year and are marketing their empty facilities to the government. The stagnant economy has allowed them to advertise as job creators while offering poor training, high turnover rates at the prisons and low wages. Some of the local and state governments in Indiana are starting to make progress. They are focused on reducing the populations in their prisons and dealing with the consequences of individuals with criminal convictions.

Colts Tickets go on Sale

The Indianapolis Colts have been one of the msot popular teams in the NFL for the past 20 years. Ever since Peyton Manning was drafted by the Colts, the team has been pretty successful and has had the ability to sell out most games at their stadium. This tradition of sellouts and team success then continued when they drafted Andrew Luck about five years ago. While most of the tickets in the stadium go to season ticket holders, those that are looking to go to just one game could get a single game ticket in the next week (

The Colts announced that fans of the team will be able to buy tickets starting in late June through the team webiste. The tickets will be available on a first come first serve basis and are expected to sell out quickly. The prices for single game tickets will range from $56 up to $168 per ticket.

Those that are looking to go to a game will be able to get a bargain if they are willing to go to a preseason game against either the Lions or Bengals. Some other games that will offer lower prices include games against the Browns and 49ers. The Colts will also host a number of top teams, including the Steelers and Cardinals that are sure to get higher tick prices. There are also several two-game ticket packages available, which can help you to save money.

While there is a limited supply for tickets available for sale, fans can still get into the games by purchasing them through the secondary market. These tickets are fully verified, but often cost more money than the face value. Depending on how well the team does during the season, the secondary market prices could also end up increasing quite a bit.

Indiana Pacers Reportedly Almost Sent George to Other Team

During the 2017 NBA of season one of the most highly anticipated moves was the expected trade of forward Paul George. Paul George previously played for the Indiana Pacers, the team that drafted him about six years ago. While the Pacers and Georgia had some success together, the team was never able to put enough pieces around him to contend for a title.

Due to the fact that the Pacers still not able to build a team around him and the fact that it look like they would spend the next few years rebuilding, Paul George ended up asking for team or a trade. The Pacers ultimately decided that this would be the best move as they would get some player in return as opposed to losing him to free agency in the future. In the end, the Pacers traded George to the Oklahoma City Thunder. With his new team, George should be able to immediately stepped onto a team that could content for the spot in the championship series. While George has likely found a good spot, it now appears that he was close to being treated to an entirely different team (

According to the report, the Indiana Pacers were very close to coming to a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This trade would have sent Paul George to Cleveland, which would have allowed him to be on the most dominant team in the Eastern conference. Ultimately, the trade with Cleveland fell apart. It was believed that Cleveland was looking to work a trade that would have allowed them to keep Kryie Irving and Kevin Love, but the Pacers wanted to be able to get at least one of the two players. Further, the Pacers were not as willing to help a team that was in their own division.

Indiana Make Cost Cutting And Popular Changes To Their Medicaid Program

Indiana and Rhode Island have both made changes to their Medicaid programs. This has cut costs and increased the level of care causing an upswing in their patients satisfaction levels. Patients love the idea of staying at homes instead of having to live in an institution. The reforms made to Medicaid also give the patients better outcomes and much more independence which was responsible for the soaring satisfaction rate. The changes made were responsive, imaginative and customized to reflect the needs of the patients. Although less money needed to be spent, the health and experiences of the patients showed a marked improvement. The words less money was spent need to be repeated and emphasized.

There is no doubt the Medicaid reform implemented by Indiana is better. Indiana has long been referred to as the Hoosier state and has a reputation for pushing health savings accounts or HSA’s. When these are combined with health insurance with a high deductible the medical expenses can be catastrophic. The observations of Indiana have concluded approximately 96 percent of all employees have voluntarily enrolled in health plans with a consumer driven option. For the first four years these plans were offered to employees of the state there was a 10.7 percent annual savings for the state. When the employees used hospital emergency rooms it was not only at lower rates but resulted in less office visits with their doctors, more generic medication being prescribed and a lower cost for prescriptions. For more details on Indiana’s changes to Medicaid please visit

When a patient is responsible for their money for health care they spend it carefully and receive a much better outcome. What Indiana patients have not spent in their accounts for Personal Wellness and Responsibility can be rolled over. Medicaid enrollees in Indiana who are not disabled will receive $2,500 in their accounts.

Are Straining Your Heart Through Marathons and Cycling or Strengthening It?

Two studies carried out on athletes suggests that you may be putting your heart at risk of plaque buildup by involving in marathon and regular cycling. The studies, which were conducted on endurance athletes revealed that they had plaques developing in their arteries. The condition was common in men than women. Male athletes who have spent years in training and competing had a high plaque buildup in the arteries, which is an indication of an underlying cardiovascular problem.

Difference in Plaque Structure

However, further studies on the plaques revealed that they differed from those found in individuals who rarely engage in exercises. According to the researchers, the difference in the plaque structure may be an indication that they are after all not harmful. For years, there have been concerns whether too much exercise can pose a danger to your heart health. Both scientific and anecdotal indications claim there is a relation between heart diseases and intense exercises.

Active Men are the Mostly Affected by the Plaque Buildup, but that Shouldn’t Cause Panic

In the research, scientists gathered volunteers, those who involved in active running in their adult life and those who didn’t. After answering certain questions, they were scanned of plaque buildup.

Artery plaque come in two forms, either as compact and heavily calcified, in which case these are stable and are unlikely to break up. The other type is the fatty and loose plaque which can easily rupture and initiate heart attacks.

From the research results, men who involved in intense cycling or marathon had the first type of plaque. A good indication that despite the high plaque buildup, they were not susceptible to cardiovascular problems. On the other hand, those who spent sedentary lifestyles had loose and fatty plaques which increased chances of heart attacks.

According to the researchers, you may be able to prolong your heart condition by involving in intense exercises.

Indiana Colleges Using New Methods for Admissions

For the past few years, one of the most commonly discussed topics in the education industry is the use of standardized tests. Standardized tests are used at all levels of education and are generally used as a way to score and rank schools and students. While they have been in use for decades, many now believe that standardized tests do not do a good job of showing how smart a child is, but instead shows how well they simply can do on a test. Because of this, many school districts across the country have been getting rid of these tests.

In the State of Indiana, a number of higher education colleges have reported that they also will stop relying on standardized tests ( So far, up to nine different colleges and universities have stated that they will no longer ask that studnets take nad provide an ACT or SAT score. Instead, the schools will focus on other factors of admission including grades, activities, and interviews.

While this is a big step and shows that standardized tests may soon be on their way out, it is likely that the ACT and SAT will still be taken by most students. The State of Indiana is still recommending that students take the exams, even if they are planning on attending a school that does not require them. The reason for this is because the majority of schools across the state and country do still use them as an admissions tool.

There are several reasons why these schools have stopped requiring the tests. One reason is that they believe that it can take a lot of pressure off of the students. Too many students today believe that their entire future is dictated by one test. This way, even if a student does not do well, they know it does not impact all of their college options.

Improvements Coming to Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo:

Before the end of the decade, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo will look a little different than it does today. Zoo officials announced they are embarking on renovations to a pair of exhibits. The first involves the monkey exhibit. When completed, it will be visible from the front gates of the zoo. According to zoo officials, this will give visitors the chance to connect with the animals before they even enter the zoo proper. Some of the other features the exhibit will have are a perching tree in the center of the island, a waterfall, and a building for the monkeys to stay in during cold days.

The second renovation involves the otter exhibit. It will be expanded from its current size and include a waterfall and an otter slide leading to a pair of deep water pools. Visitors will also be able to take advantage of a new viewing cave and underwater viewing shelter.

Construction on both exhibits will begin in early November and will be finished in 2019. The total project cost is $6.4 million, the funds coming from the Heart of the Zoo fundraising campaign. Other parts of the renovation project include wider walkways and the reconfiguration of the parking lot. Your text to link…

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo opened in 1965. It has been consistently ranked as one of the top zoos in the United States. Some of its featured exhibits are the African Journey, the Australian Adventure, and the Indonesian Rain Forest.

The War to Save the World from Global Warming

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing a lot of concern among environmentalists and researchers. The researchers have argued that if the emission of carbon dioxide in the world continues at the current pace, it is certainly imminent that countries will be faced with life-threatening climate changes or even high expenditure on climate control measures.

Jim Hansen, a former climate science chief with NASA, led a team of researchers in the study. Jim Hansen noted that although the world had already put many measures to combat climate change, these actions are not enough. Actual efforts to curb the climate change should be seen being implemented.

At the current levels of global warming, levels of carbon dioxide in the air should be cut down by about 12.5% to be on the safe side. There are various methods through which this suggestion can be realized. The cheapest ones border on increasing the level of forest cover in the world as well as increasing soil fertility.

However, if these measures are not taken as soon as possible, then more expensive measures will have to be put in place. Carbon-capture-and-storage devices will have to be fitted into power plants that burn biomass.

Earth System Dynamics published a paper that put the estimated cost of such measures to be around $535 trillion. Still, with such high spending, such methods do not have a good probability to work. The study came in the wake of a lawsuit that had been filed by twenty-one children. The children are suing the government on account that the federal policies that are in place are infringing on their right to a clean environment.

Professor Hansen, however, said the confidence that came about the Paris Agreement was erroneous. The research paper had noted that global temperatures have not been this high since the Eemian period and that then the sea levels stood around nine meters higher than the current levels.