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Indiana Doesn’t Have “Coywolves,” DNR Reports

A popular legend has emerged in Indiana: the existence of so-called “coywolves,” or coyote-wolf hybrids. However, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (or DNR) encourages residents to think carefully about what they may actually be seeing.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife recently took to Facebook in order to clear things up. The post reads that beliefs about coywolves may be common in the Midwest, but that the term is incorrect. The reason? There simply aren’t any known wolf populations in the state. What may appear to be wolf-like coyotes are just coyotes with larger, fluffier winter fur coats.

Despite the tone of finality in the DNR’s post, locals are still skeptical. Scott Harter, owner of Indiana Wildlife Management, is one of them. Harter says that he aims to prove the DNR wrong by tracking an eastern coyote-grey wolf breed from Canada that may have migrated to Indiana back in the 1920s.

Harter was recently recruited by the Tri-County Conservancy District and Heartland Crossing Homeowners Association in order to examine a resident’s claims of spotting a coywolf. However, the association later backtracked after discovering that the resident had “misinformed” them.

In efforts to educate the public, the DNR’s post went on to clarify what a coyote actually looks like. They come in a variety of colors ranging from gray to reddish blond, and are much more “slimly built” than a dog (or wolf) would be.

Meanwhile, Harter continues to insist that coywolves exist, and is determined to catch one for testing.

More Than 40,000 Lose Power in Indiana

More than 40,000 people in Indiana have lost power due to storms in Indiana. The problem arose in services provided by Duke Energy, the utility provder, and was spread across the state.

Approximately 15,000 of those without power resided in Monroe County. The majority of the Indiana residents Who were impacted by Paramore us were located in the southern portion of the state.

The loss of power came after major thunderstorm warnings were issued in Wabash, Huntington, and Miami counties. There were earlier alerts for power loss in other counties in Indiana too, but as the storm has passed by the weather alerts have been removed.

Indiana is subject to regular thunderstorms of the spirit of the year and unusual weather in offense. Still, a level of damage done by the storm is significant. One of the reasons why this storm is so distractive, it’s because it was fast moving and unpredicted by weathermen who underestimated the severity of the thunderstorm storm.

There were also reports of downed powerlines and broken tree branches from the storm. Power Is Expected to be restored over the weekend. For those who are suffering from power loss across Indiana, this is likely to lead to enjoy their weekend, particularly in the sparser populated portions of the state.

To combat this, Duke Energy has deployed about six hundred workers across the state to help to restore power to those without power.

New Chair Appointed To The Indiana Alcohol Code Revision Commission

Former Republican Representative Bill Davis was recently sworn in as the new chair of Indiana’s Alcohol Code Revision Commission, replacing Former Senator Beverly Gard. Many local commentators believe this appointment will put a damper on alcohol sales in Indiana.


House Speaker Brian Bosma formally appointed Mr. Davis to this position on May 30th. In an interview with the press, House Speaker Bosma assured the public Davis will work on sensible policies to make the states alcohol laws more efficient.


Gard had a far more lenient attitude towards alcohol sales throughout the state than Davis. While Davis was serving in the Indiana House, he voted against proposals for selling liquor on Sundays and for the expansion of beer sales.


Created by Indiana’s Legislative Council, the Indiana Alcohol Code Revision Commission’s main goals are to figure out how to simplify the state’s alcohol legislation. Members of this commission are set to gather in the summer to discuss findings from a recent two-year study.


Davis was first elected in 2004 as a representative of House District 33 and has served in the Indiana House till 2013. Besides his legislative career, Davis is well-known for his work at the Portland stone-crushed business Meshberger Bros. Stone Corporation. A few of the communities Mr. Davis is actively involved in include the Jay County Hospital Board, the Delaware Country, Club, and the Jay County Boys Club.


Anyone can learn more about the Indiana Alcohol Code Revision Commission’s meetings on the Indiana General Assembly’s official website

Indiana City Is Having ‘Loud’ Debate Over Noise Issues

A controversial and often contentious debate over noise in the city of Evansville, Indiana, was recently riled up further when the wife of the mayor of Evansville injected herself into the debate in a very public way.

At issue is noise being produced by local bars that play loud music into the wee hours of the night, loud enough to be heard for blocks around and reaching residential portions of the city.

To deal with the issue, the Evansville City Council is debating a new noise ordinance that would put the hammer down on entertainment establishments that have been laying on the volume buttons a little too hard. Even so, there is little agreement about exactly what should be done — or how much power the city should have in telling local bar owners how to run their own businesses.

Now Carol McClintock, wife of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, has submitted a letter to the city council which expressed her strong desire that action be taken against bar owners. Her letter urged council members to create an ordinance mandating that bar owners dampen the volume.

But the letter immediately triggered critical responses from some Evansville citizens who suggested the mayor’s wife’s efforts were self serving, and that she wanted the noise reduced to benefit herself and her husband more than anything else — and not out of concern for the people of Evansville at large.

In the meantime, debate around the noise issue reamines “noisy” as the council is expected to vote on the matter at its upcoming June 11 meeting.

Indiana’s Best Doughnut Shop

Everyone loves a delicious doughnut, but exactly where to find the tastiest of these tasty treats in Indiana brings out a variety of opinions. Well, you can stop arguing about it thanks to the users of Travelocity. Finally, we can all relax and enjoy a yummy doughnut from the best doughnut shop in the whole darn state.

For decades now, the folks at Long’s Bakery have been giving local residents and travelers delicious doughnuts. While there are multiple locations within the state, the Indianapolis location is the most well-known and established of the two sites.

While other top contenders for this coveted title include doughnuts with creative fillings, decorative outsides, and other yeasty concoctions, Long’s Bakery prides itself on keeping things simple with glazed, chocolate, and jelly-filled delights. What Long’s Bakery seems to lack in the creativity department is more than made up for once you take your first bite of this Indiana staple. What these doughnut masters do, they do very, very well.

The popular travel website didn’t just stop with the best doughnut shop in Indiana. They actually choose the best doughnut shops in every state across the country. Next time you find yourself craving a glazed piece of heaven, be sure you are grabbing only the best to fill that sweet vid inside you.

Do you agree with Travelocity, or do you have a favorite bakery or doughnut shop you just won’t let go of?

Indiana Man Ordered to Pay $1.86 Million in Child Support

After 25 years, an Indiana family finally has some closure on the mysterious disappearance of one of its members.


Richard Hoagland vanished in 1993, leaving behind two young sons and a wife. Police found his car in an airport parking lot, but airline records showed no signs of Hoagland on any of their flights.


The state of Indiana declared him dead in 2003, and his wife remarried.


To everyone’s shock, Hoagland was recently discovered alive and well and living in Florida under an assumed name. After leaving Indiana, Hoagland rented an apartment from an elderly man who’d lost his son. Hoagland took the deceased son’s death certificate and used it to obtain a birth certificate. He used that, in turn, to procure a driver’s license. Using the new identity, he bought property and even remarried and had a child.


The nephew of the deceased man discovered the ruse while searching He spotted his uncle’s name, but he knew that his uncle had passed away. He alerted the authorities, who confronted Hoagland. The whole story came out. He claimed that he left Indiana to get away from his wife.


He eventually served two years in a federal prison for his crimes.


Now that he’s back in Indiana, his ex-wife has sued him for child support. A judge awarded her and the sons he abanded $1.86 million. Unfortunately, all of Hoagland’s current assets are tied up — he and his wife in Florida are going through a divorce.

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing – The Indy 500

The greatest spectacle in racing, known in most households as the Indianapolis 500, is an annual event that has been taking place at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway for over a century. This remarkable facility welcomes race fans from across the world to witness the nation’s most talented drivers take to the track to try and win a two hundred lap race that averages at speeds over two-hundred miles per hour.


The race is filled with high speeds, hard crashes, pit strategy, aggressive tactics, and drafting, and each element plays a crucial role in whether the race goes well or poorly. With over thirty drivers entering the event each year, it could be considered a wild card style event, where one lucky drivers masters all the elements on that particular day to win the event. It takes extreme focus, teamwork, and driving skills to win this extremely famous car race, and a little bit of luck can’t hurt either.


Every driver wants to lift the trophy in the victory circle at the end of the race, a traditional that has existed in auto racing for many decades. Every year, the characteristics of the event shine down on the drivers that have to fight against each other on the race track, and only the best drivers will ever have the opportunity to take the checkered flag and celebrate an Indy 500 race victory.

SF Motors to open electric car plant in Mishakawa

Mishakawa is like many other rust downs with a decaying economy and a population eager for any news of increased manufacturing activity in their locale. The small town near South Bend, the home of Notre Dame University, is about to get its request. An electric car startup company has announced it plans to move into an old factory and retool it.


The new may be more welcome in Detroit, Michigan and similar areas, whose automotive workers have reeled from the decline of the American automotive industry in the area. SF Motors, a Silicon-based startup and possible rival of Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors announced its plans to move into the area at the end of May, according to the Associated Press.


SF Motors may not have to do as much retooling of the plant as it may seems. Mercedes-Benz previously owned the facility. Out-of-work autoworkers still living in the town and nearby communities are happy to see jobs in the automotive industry to return. Governor Holcomb joined representatives of the company for a press conference where SF Motors announced the opening of the new facility.


Indiana politicians offered $3.8 million in tax breaks to the company and offered $500,000 in worker training. Last year, Indiana passed legislation that allowed adults to go back to school to receive technical certificates. The state plans to increase programs that increase vocational training as part of rebuilding its workforce.

Indiana Wildlife Groups Band Together To Save Lake Sturgeon

A rare, prehistoric-looking fish that inhabits just a single stream in Indiana is in danger of going extinct, but local wildlife activists want to step-up efforts to save the fish.


This species of lake sturgeon is found only in the east branch of Indiana’s White River. It is the last known population of this freshwater river swimmer that reproduces naturally in the entire Ohio River basin. The Ohio River basin comprises a vast area that reaches into six states.


The lake sturgeon has the look of an ancient species, and indeed, has survived millions of years of evolution and vast changes to the Ohio River basin environment — much of which has been radically altered by man-made engineering projects and farming.


The lake sturgeon has some amazing attributes, such as a lifespan known to be as long as 100 years. It can to grow eight feet in length. They are a protected species in Indiana and no recreational fishing of the lake sturgeon is allowed here. The fish is listed as endangered in Indiana by the Center for Biological Diversity.


Several groups are teaming up to help the fish survive in Indiana waters. That includes the Indiana Wildlife Federation, the Sierra Club chapter of Indiana and the Hoosier Environmental Council.


Lake sturgeon were valued by American pioneers and Native Americans as a delicious food source and also for their eggs, which produces a rich caviar. But over-fishing and aggressive farming has reduced the numbers of lake sturgeon to near-extinction.

Will Power Earns His First Indianapolis 500 Victory on Memorial Day

Will Power experienced one of the greatest feelings in all of auto racing, as he crossed the finish line at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway to win the 102nd Indianapolis 500 race. He managed to hold off several competitive drivers, including the early race favorite, Ed Carpenter, who led a majority of the laps in the early stages of the event.


As the laps ticked by, and even after a late race restart, Will Power managed to retrieve the lead and take the checkered flag at this remarkable and famous race, a race that he thought he would never win. Will Power considers himself a veteran of the Indy Car series, but this is a crown jewel event, and these events are much harder to win, compared to an average race on the schedule.


Will Power drives for Penske Racing, and team owner Roger Penske congratulated his driver on the in-car radio in the moments after the race concluded. Another thing that might go unnoticed about this particular Indianapolis 500 is the fact that it was raced on Memorial Day, a day to remember the brave men and women who have fought for the freedoms of America. Will Power did not forget to acknowledge that as he celebrated his remarkable win in the victory circle.


The race was filled with excitement, lead changes, and crashes. The race also featured the final race of Danica Patrick, who spun out and hit the wall in a hard crash on lap 68 of the event. The crash would end her race and her career, as she had previously announced that this would be her final competitive race in Indy Car, and she had already previously retired from NASCAR.


At the end of the day, there is only one winner, and for this particular Indianapolis 500, the winner became Will Power, who will hold this cherished honor for the next year before the best drivers in the world come back and do it all over again.