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Indiana Governor Calls Special Session

The Indiana Legislature has had a contentious session this year, and now it will go on a little longer. Governor Eric Holcomb stated that he will be calling for lawmakers to come back for a special session to convene in May.

Governor Holcomb stated that there are several important measures that he wants the lawmakers to consider that they left undone during the regular session. It will be the first special session in Indiana since 2009.

Democrats are reacting critically to the call for a special session. They are stating that the session is a waste of taxpayer money due to the fact that each day of a special sessions costs approximately $30,000.

The governor has five areas that he wants the lawmakers to vote on in the special session. The major area that will be focused on involves the schools in Muncie, Indiana. The schools in Muncie are facing difficulty, and the governor wants a vote on giving a special loan of $12 million to the district. There may also be consideration of a measure that would have Ball State University take over the administration of the district. School safety grants will also be considered during the special session.

The Indiana House and Senate will also consider measures to bring the state tax code of Indiana in line with the new federal tax regulations that went into effect at the beginning of the year. A vote must also be taken to conform with new IRS regulations regarding the safeguarding of taxpayer’s personal information.