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City of Carmel Unveils Name of New Hotel:

There is a new boutique hotel coming to Carmel, and it now has a name that honors both the city and a renown jazz performer. City Center will be the home of the Hotel Carmichael. The first part of the name ties to the city itself, while the second part is in honor of Michael Feinstien. He is a jazz singer and pianist who has released 28 albums and has been nominated for five Grammys. Feinstein will run a nightclub located within the Carmichael Hotel. Your text to link…

Mayor Jim Brainard said he is excited to see this newest hotel become a reality. He pointed out there the city has many hotels along the Meridian Corridor, but they are often booked up. Along with giving the city more hotel rooms, the Carmichael will be close to one of Carmel’s most popular venues, the Palladium. People staying in the Carmichael can get there in a few minutes, then after the performance, they spend the rest of the evening enjoying all the other amenities of downtown Carmel.

The City of Carmel entered into a public private partnership with Pedcor, the developer behind the City Center project, to have the hotel constructed. Back in September, the City Council approved $15 million in funding for the hotel project. When completed, the Carmichael Hotel will be more than 106,000 square feet in size and have 122 rooms, a restaurant, a business center, and Feinstein’s nightclub.

Indiana Hotel Operator Eliminates 50 Jobs

White Lodging is the name of a company that has ownership of many hotels in the United States. The company has their headquarters in Merrillville, Indiana. They just made the announcement that 50 people will be laid off who work at the headquarters. The people will be able to keep working for White Lodging until April of next year. The layoffs were necessitated by the sale of a portion of the company. The company currently operates many Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott hotels. These famous hotel chains license their name to companies like White Lodging for a fee. In this case, White Lodging will be eliminating some of the contracts it has with those chains so that it can invest the money elsewhere.

White Lodging has plans to expand their hotel business to become more competitive. They want to build many new hotels over the next three years. The expansion will give White Lodging control of roughly 100 hotels across the country. The Chief Executive Officer of the company said that it is never a pleasant thing to tell people they no longer have a job. However, these 50 layoffs were a necessity for the future financial security of the company. He went on to say that this is something that all companies have to do at some point.

The people who will be laid off in April have not been informed yet. It is unclear if the decision regarding which employees will be let go has been made as of yet.