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Indiana Early Voting Already Started

An article recently published by WHTR announces that early voting has begun in Indiana as of Wednesday, October 12th. To be able to participate in the early voting process, Indiana residents should appear at the county clerk’s office anytime between now and the day before the general election, November 7. The cutoff time is noon on that date to be able to get your early vote in. If you are not able to make it before then, you will still be able to vote in the general presidential election.


To be able to cast your presidential vote early, you must make sure that you have a valid government-issued photo ID. This could include your driver’s license. Absentee voting is also underway in Indiana at this point. The deadline to register to vote in this year’s election in Indiana was Tuesday, October 11th.


The Indiana government is expecting a huge surge of early voters this year. It is estimated that about 70,000 Indiana voters will vote before the actual election day. In Marion County specifically, there are concerns that there will not be enough workers employed to be able to count all of the early ballots cast in time for the general election. The reason for this concern is that there is a new law that requires all ballots cast in advance of the general election to be held until the actual election night and then counted on that evening at the Election Services Center.


In the past presidential elections, the votes could be counted a bit in advance, which meant that there was less of a scramble on the evening of the general election to have everything counted and verified in time. It is estimated that an additional 600 poll works are needed in Marion County alone to be able to have everything counted on election night. There is already an estimated 3,000 poll works ready to assist with the ballot count. For all votes, with the exception of those cast by residents with special needs, paper ballots are used and then scanned and entered into a system to be counted.