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Report Details Climate Change Effects For Indiana

Climate change is a problem that most of the nations in the world are attempting to address. As the temperature around the world continues to rise, state and local governments are trying to asses what the impact of climate change will be upon their areas. A report has just been issued from Purdue University that gives some idea of how climate change might work itself out in Indiana.


The Indiana Climate Change Impact Assessment states that the average temperature in the state of Indiana has risen by 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit over the last 100 years. If the temperature continues to rise, the scientists who prepared the assessment believe that it will have an impact on the state’s forests.


With a longer growing season and warmer temperatures, the state’s forests may flourish and have more intense growth. The silver maple and the sycamore trees would benefit most from rising temperatures. However, the American basswood and the white pine might actually be damaged by too much warmth.


Scientists warn that any gains for the forests have to be measured against the fact that an increase in temperatures would also cause an increase in the insect levels in the state. These insects could invade trees causing considerable damage.


Flooding and more intense storms are also a concern. The state is already experiencing more flooding than in past years, and this flooding can be expected to continue and intensify as temperatures in the state continue to soar.