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Indiana businesses honored as top 4 places to work in the state

Some experts believe the Midwest may become the next Silicon Valley. No one expects to see this happen soon, and some areas of the state, particularly the more rural ones, have not seen factory jobs for many years. Despite the economic woes from which some more rural portions of the state have suffered, the state’s economy is booming. Fox 59 put out its report on the top four places to work in the Hoosier state on May 4.

Which places took the top four spots? Bloomington’s Hannapin marketing leads the list. E-gineering, Blue 449 and Edward Jones round out the remaining top four. Hannapin Marketing is a first-time honroee while the other companies have won the award before. The companies honored vary in size. The smallest ones have slightly under 20 employees while the larger companies honored can have up to 2000 employees.

The businesses honored have a chance of going into the state’s business hall of fame. The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and several other Chambers of Commerce sponsor the event each year.

State representatives continue to show their dedication to making sure Hoosiers have access to work opportunities, and this year’s legislative session has seen many jobs dedicated to job growth and allow adults to pursue vocational education. The state already offers its 21st Century Scholar program for younger students who seek higher education. A recent change in state law allows adults to go back to community colleges to obtain an educational certificate.