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President Trump’s Immigration Plans Could Impact Indiana

President Donald Trump has signed executive orders following through on his campaign promise to tighten immigration on various fronts. This strict stance on immigration could actually have echoes reaching even the state of Indiana.


President Trump has signed executive orders giving the go-ahead to build his infamous border wall as well as punishing so-called sanctuary cities and increasing funding to border protection efforts. He is also slated to sign an order following through on his promise to restrict immigration to the United States from specific Muslim countries.


This could have some effects in the state of Indiana. Exodus Refugee Immigration, who were planning to set up shop in Bloomington, has now run into a wall. With the order to restrict Muslim immigration, they will be unable to accept refugees from Syria and African nations, as was originally the plan.


On the immediate effects of the Mexican immigration crack down, attorney John Broyles says there’s not much to worry about in the short term. “The immigration courts are already backlogged. These things can’t happen just like that and so it is going to take some time,” he stated.


One of the key arguments against Trump’s undocumented immigrant stance during the election was the massive amount of time and money it would take to deport them all legally. As Broyles stated, you can’t just throw out tens of millions of people overnight.