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Dr. Dov Rand Uses Hormone Therapy For Innovative Aging Solutions

Dr. Dov Rand is a doctor at the Healthy Medical Center where he provides innovative solutions to symptoms of aging. Particularly, Dr. Dov focuses on using regenerative medicine options to women suffering from issues of menopause like depression, mood swings, mental fogginess, and high blood pressure. He also offers innovative aging solutions for men as well, helping those with symptoms like low libido, memory loss, insomnia, and erectile dysfunction. For the men, he uses andropause treatment so men can use male hormone optimization therapy.


Hormone Therapy

He trained at the Albert Einstein Medical Center where he learned about nutrient therapy and other alternative health practices. He developed the HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, diet program which incorporates hormone therapy.

The hormone present when women are pregnant, a hormone designed to create nourishment for the embryo, can also help prevent the loss of muscle in those who are trying to lose weight. HCG was created to help people who need fast results, helping them lose up to a pound of weight per day.

The solution is in the reaction of the body to the hormone. It allows patients to eat a low-calorie diet without starving. It is particularly useful because of the current state of the food industry in America. With an over-abundance of food, particularly processed food, most people are either on a diet or know someone on a diet.

However, with Dr. Dov Rand’s support, a person can use the body’s resistance to weight loss as a part of the program. Alongside the HCG diet, patients begin to change the structure of their eating habits while resetting their metabolism and improving their health.


IV Nutrient Therapy

The IV Nutrient Therapy, a specialty of Dr. Dov Rand. It helps patients improve their health and wellness. The vitamin treatments are administered through IV which allows the vitamin deficiencies of each patient to be addressed.

Dr. Dov Rand studied at the Howard University College of Medicine. He completed his residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Dov is currently practicing in New Jersey and works with the Chilton Medical Center. He has also been certified in Anti-Aging Medicine by the Antiaging Medical Board.