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Indiana Residents to Be Known as Hoosiers

It has been made official. Residents of Indiana will be called “Hoosiers.” They have dropped their previous nicknames of “Indianians” or “Indianans.”The federal government announced the confirmation and updated it on the U.S. Government Publishing Office on Thursday. Senator Joe Donnelly had requested for the name change. Former Senator Dan Coats backed him. He said that Indiana residents had been calling themselves Hoosiers for more than 180 years. Coats stated that the term was coined a long time ago. However, he could not explain its origin.


Donnelly and Coats wrote in a letter that non-Hoosiers mainly used the term “Indianian.” They stated that they found it shocking to be called “Indianian.” The senators made their request at the 31st edition of the GPO manual. The document has been the official style guide for federal records for more than a century. Other private editorial guides also use the manual.


In the new handbook, “Hoosier” is described as a term that refers to a native from Indiana. The list contains all the resident names of people in all the states from Alabamian to Wyomingite. Donnely was happy that the federal government would finally call them by their real name. He took the opportunity to thank all the guests and welcomed the change of names. Senator Todd Young also expressed his delight at the change of names.


Young stated that it was a remarkable day for the people of Indiana to be recognized rightfully by the federal government as Hoosiers. Coats and Donnelly had earlier made a shocking revelation that the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Hoosier as an Indiana native. The word can be traced back to an Indiana newspaper of 1826. The term gained popularity through the poem “The Hoosier’s Nest” by John Finley.



Where Do the Hoosiers Go From Here?

At the beginning of December, everything seemed rosy for the IU men’s basketball team after they dissembled the North Carolina University Tar Heels for their second win against a top-ranked team early in the year. The talent that had lead many to pick the Hoosiers to win the Ben Ten title was on display and was living up to its billing. A little more than a month later we find the Hoosiers have lost three of their first four Big Ten games along with a humiliation at the hands of Louisville on New Year’s Eve and looking for some semblance of a team that will dominate the Big Ten. Tuesday night, Indiana lost their first Big Ten road game to Maryland 75-72 when Robert Johnson’s potential tying three banged off the back of the rim as time expired. The Hoosiers had several five-point leads late in the second half and lead by two with less than two minutes to play. But the team was outscored 7-2 from there on out to drop to 1-3 in Big Ten play, and looking for a winning formula.


The Hoosiers had hoped they had righted the ship last weekend when the teams overpowered Illinois by a score of 96-80, after losing their first two games at home to Nebraska and Wisconsin. But while the Hoosiers made spectacular plays, they still seem to be unable to stop opposing teams down the stretch of games and hold on for a victory again against Maryland. IU was lead by Blackmon’s twenty-two points. The Hoosiers will again try to find answers to a season spiraling out of control when they return home to Assembly Hall to play Rutgers on Sunday.



Hoosiers Fall to No. 10 Penn State:

On a day that saw major upsets in college football, like Number Two Clemson falling to Pitt 43-42 and Number Three Michigan losing to Iowa 14-13, Indiana looked to pull off its own magic on the gridiron. The Hossiers hosted Number 10 Penn State, and put up a major defensive stand against them. They limited the Nittany Lions to seven points in the first quarter, and 14 for the entire first half. Indiana tied Penn State twice in the second quarter, including with one minute left to go when Devine Redding ran it into the end zone from 12 yards out.


The Hoosiers took control in the third quarter as Griffin Oakes’s 47-yard field goal and another rushing touchdown by Redding gave them a ten point lead, 24-14. The Nittany Lions rallied to go up 28-24 early in the fourth quarter, but the Hoosiers responded with a 40-yard TD pass fro Nick Westbrook to Richard Lagow. The score was 31-28 with 11:06 remaining in the fourth, and Indiana still had a good shot for another huge college football upset.


Then came the final four minutes of the game, and it all unraveled. Saquon Barkley’s TD run and Tyler Davis’s field goal put Penn State up 38-31. A fumble recovery by Torrance Brown, which he returned for a touchdown, sealed the victory for the Nittany Lions 45-31. Your text to link…


The loss drops the Hoosiers to 5-5 on the season.