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Who is Joseph Bismark?

On the Please Don’t Ask Alice blog, I discovered this article on Joseph Bismark that showcased a lot of different aspects about business and how your Sprituality can benefit your marketing. I found out the power of team work, prayer, and growth to one’s own self that can truly benefit your life and business if you take the right steps. If you are looking for an easy path to achieving success in your line of business, then you really need to start learning more about this guy’s techniques and how he uses his business and spirituality in similar ways.

Who Is Joseph Bismark?

Joseph is a businessman who has paved his way across the business world by simply using his own techniques on life and in his spirituality. Joseph is a professional businessman for different companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Joseph grew up as a monk in the Philippines for about eight years. He sacrificed his teenage life for an unorthodox lifestyle, and it allowed for him to grow as a person and learn about culture and people. The weirdest aspect of this is the fact that it eventually helped in his line of business for so many years because it instantly gave him the opportunities to achieve real success.

Joseph is ultimately goal oriented in how he sees his business. He uses the philosophy behind the power of team work and places that in his business. He knows that simply being an encouraging voice to somebody can make a world of difference to a person if he allows himself to be that voice. It’s amazing to witness how strong his employees can get after he speaks with them. He does not feel or act lie he is this big boss in the employee break rooms. He knows people, he knows how to treat people, and he knows how to provide every one of his employees the encouragement to improve at their craft in the office.

Building a business is more than just being a great manager. A successful business involves other people; a team. And this guy understands this simple business concept.

FreedomPop Offers Free Wireless Service

FreedomPop is a new to the scene wireless carrier that is disrupting the big carriers across the United States. They are doing this by offering wireless data, talk time and text messaging for free. Offering an alternative to pricy traditional wireless plans the folks at FreedomPop have decided to start off their offerings at the low, low price of zero dollars a month. They also offer other plans at different levels for reasonable prices. In the following article we will go over the offerings at FreedomPop and how they are disrupting the entire wireless carrier spectrum. 

This FreedomPop review says plans start at zero and go up from there. Their basic free plan starts with five hundred text messages, two hundred minutes of talk time and five hundred megabytes of data. You are entitled to reach all of these limits without paying FreedomPop a dime. Once you pass these benchmarks you will have to pay per text, minute and megabyte. If you feel that you will be using more than these amounts FreedomPop also offers some fantastically cheap plans that will allow you to have your cake and eat it too. 

If you opt for their unlimited plan which offers no limit on texts, phone talk time and data you will be allowed to try it out for a trial period and after that you will be paying 6.67 per month or 79.99 per year. Much like many other carriers once you pass a certain limit of data- in this case 1 gigabyte- your data will be throttled down from 4g speeds to 3g speeds. Unlike many other carriers, especially Verizon, you will not be charged overage fees if you manage to go over your set data allotment. 

Unfortunately you will not be able to bring your own phone to FreedomPop- you will need to order one of their in house phones but with many competitively priced offerings you should not have any trouble finding something that fits your particular tastes. Another possible issue with FreedomPop service is that they have not yet extended their service area to every part of the United States. While most major metropolitan and suburban areas have service rural areas may be spotty. However as FreedomPop grows in size and popularity this problem should solve itself.

If you are looking for a cheap or eve

Busy Moms Work Out to Improve Moods

A recent study published in Mental Health and Physical Activity, had a few interesting things to say about busy moms and their moods. We know that taking care of a family, kids, working outside of the home easily drains energy and causes a lot of women to get moody. It just seems like there is not enough time in the day to get things done. However, the study found that moms that busted a move were prone to be in a good mood and get more things done. Find out more here.

The busy working mothers were asked to keep a running journal of their daily activities. Boraie Development said that something that is probably too difficult with most busy moms. The journal followed their exercise and sleeping pattern. The researchers used the journals to complete their study. Their study findings were surprising. The researchers discovered that a bit of exercise during the day placed the women in a better mood than getting a few extra hours sleep.

According to the study, taking a leisurely stroll down the avenue was just as effective as high powered aerobics or lifting weights. It simply appeared that any type of exercise helped to enhance their mood and prepare them to get through the entire day and get a better nights sleep.