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Lacrosse is the New Team Sport

Lacrosse is becoming one of the most popular team sports in the United States yet it has existed throughout the world for centuries. The traditional style of Lacrosse is the aboriginal Canadian version that required many men to play the sport for days in a row. These traditional teams were composed of approximately 100 men who would play the game for two to three days in a row from sun rise until sunset. At the time playing Lacrosse was part of a ceremonial ritual that was in place to give thanks to their Creator.

With all of this in mind it is obvious that Lacrosse was a major sport and a major part of those people’s lives. The goal of the game not only became to win, but to bring honor and glory to the Creator. It had an incredible role throughout the community as well as the religious sect of many within the community. Then in 1904 the goal of Lacrosse was not only to bring honor and glory to the Creator, but to one’s country as well. In 1904 Lacrosse became part of the Olympics, but at the time only the United States, Canada, and Great Britain participated in the sport. This boosted Lacrosse’s popularity all over the world.

In the later 1900’s the sport became very popular in the Eastern United States. The majority of colleges and universities on the east coast have Lacrosse as a divisional sport. In 1971 the very first Men’s Lacrosse Championship was held and was sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. And with increased popularity among colleges and universities along with recognition from the NCAA, scholarships began to be offered for individuals who exceled at Lacrosse.

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As is true with the great majority of popular athletics, colleges and universities began to seek the very best Lacrosse players to attend their school. More recently, excellent players such as Matthew Landis have been offered athletic scholarships to excellent schools. Landis was offered an athletic scholarship to the University of Notre Dame in 2010 when he was only a sophomore in high school. While he considered several other prestigious schools he ultimately decided on Notre Dame. During his freshman year at the university he ranked number 66 in the United States on the Inside Lacrosse Power 100 List and 18th best defensemen in the class of 2012 by Inside Lacrosse.

Matthew Landis attended Pelham Memorial High School in the state of New York where he was heavily involved in sports, academics, and throughout the community. Along with playing Lacrosse all four seasons of high school he played football and hockey. He was awarded awards for every sport he participated in and served as the Lacrosse team captain twice. Landis is an excellent student and athlete and an excellent representation of the game of Lacrosse.

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Lacrosse is for upstanding young men.