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WEN Helping you Keep Hair Supple All Day Long

Wen Hair Care by Chaz DeanKeeping hair looking supple and all vibrant can be an ordeal for some women. The market is flooded with hair products, all claiming to be the best. But, the truth is, only a few of them can match their claims.

WEN hair care is one of the most reputable brands in the industry. Emily McClure, a hair care fanatic used WEN cleansing conditioner for about a week. Here is a firsthand review on their cleansing conditioner.

The first day of using WEN cleansing conditioner was magic. Although, using a large amount was recommended, it did not weigh the hair down. Instead, an increase in volume was immediately noticed. Also, a decrease in hair shed was noticed. Things became even better when McClure blow dried her hair. She observed that it was shinier than normally was after using other conditioners.

The following day, she observed that her hair was all greasy. Perhaps, because she did not get the chance to run a shower in the morning. However, she did shower in the evening and used the cleansing conditioner once again. The results were same as day one- more volume and shinier hair.

On the third, she used the conditioner in the morning. She even tried using WEN’s styling products. They matched perfectly well as she noticed that at the end of the day, her hair had not lost its shine and suppleness. The routine went on, sometimes she would shower in the morning, other times at night. What she noticed was that, using WEN in the morning, gave her a beautiful hair day, rid of greasiness- something that even her friends were keen to comment on.

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About WEN

WEN is a leading hair care brand. They are most popular for their cleansing conditioner, an innovative product that gives you the benefit of five different hair care products.

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