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Phoenix-Based Goettl Air Conditioning Say Most Problems Can Be Avoided

Goettl Air Conditioning, AC service experts in Phoenix, Arizona says the most common AC problems most homeowners face has more to do with AC maintenance. Low refrigerant, frozen coils, lubricating bearings, or perhaps compressor problems are typically compounded because homeowners skip general ac checkups.

“Filters and coils, electrical contacts, refrigerant gas charging and drains in air conditioning systems require regular maintenance so that the units work efficiently,” and “Inadequate maintenance results in health problems, poor equipment performance and an increase in electricity costs,” says a Goettl air conditioning technician. Goettl recommends standard preventive and corrective maintenance according to the standards of air conditioning manufacturers.

Unfortunately, a very large number of homeowners look to save money, which is completely understandable, but it’s also at the cost of comfort. “Individuals mistakenly believe if a unit still produces cool air, the unit isn’t defective so it doesn’t require service,” says Ken Goodrich, owner of Goettl. Take a look at the benefits of an air conditioning system under periodic preventive maintenance:

Lower energy consumption costs by 37%
Equipment replacements reduced by 90%
Costs in repairs and parts decreased
Prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in the home

The lack of maintenance decreases the life of the unit. It’s also been proven that prolonged maintenance causes bacteria to disperse in the air, aggravating certain health conditions. When the appliances become dirty, they act like a fan that spreads bacteria and fungi throughout the environment. Even worse, the air conditioning circuits do not remain moist, because over time heat exchangers can generate condensation from the water, which causes the propagation of bacteria.

It’s advisable to schedule professional maintenance service from a service technician at least once a year. These professional technicians check and clean external cooling coils, refrigerant levels, and make sure the compressor isn’t faulty. Additionally, homeowners should never try to service a unit on their own, and having a professional perform maintenance helps avoid internal damage by an inexperienced amateur.

Goetll ac technicians say the best DIY maintenance tip is to ensure you periodically clean the filters. Air circulation is reduced when you have dirty filters and this can decrease the amount of indoor air circulation, thus causing the device to malfunction. Basically, the unit becomes clogged, overwhelming the condensor and eventually it costs the homeowner more in repairs.

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