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The War to Save the World from Global Warming

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing a lot of concern among environmentalists and researchers. The researchers have argued that if the emission of carbon dioxide in the world continues at the current pace, it is certainly imminent that countries will be faced with life-threatening climate changes or even high expenditure on climate control measures.

Jim Hansen, a former climate science chief with NASA, led a team of researchers in the study. Jim Hansen noted that although the world had already put many measures to combat climate change, these actions are not enough. Actual efforts to curb the climate change should be seen being implemented.

At the current levels of global warming, levels of carbon dioxide in the air should be cut down by about 12.5% to be on the safe side. There are various methods through which this suggestion can be realized. The cheapest ones border on increasing the level of forest cover in the world as well as increasing soil fertility.

However, if these measures are not taken as soon as possible, then more expensive measures will have to be put in place. Carbon-capture-and-storage devices will have to be fitted into power plants that burn biomass.

Earth System Dynamics published a paper that put the estimated cost of such measures to be around $535 trillion. Still, with such high spending, such methods do not have a good probability to work. The study came in the wake of a lawsuit that had been filed by twenty-one children. The children are suing the government on account that the federal policies that are in place are infringing on their right to a clean environment.

Professor Hansen, however, said the confidence that came about the Paris Agreement was erroneous. The research paper had noted that global temperatures have not been this high since the Eemian period and that then the sea levels stood around nine meters higher than the current levels.