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New Gambling Regulations For Indiana

Several advocacy groups from a variety of industries have come together in Indiana to push for new legislation. Their interest lies primarily in making gambling terminals legal throughout the state. Built from the unusual alliance of the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association and the Indiana Amusement and Music Operators Association, this new coalition hopes to bring in much needed revenue to the state. By making video gambling terminals legal, the advocacy group estimates that the state could make as much as roughly $167 million.


Of course, the advocacy group is quick to point out that these figures estimate only the revenue gained directly from the terminals themselves. For local businesses, there could be plenty of new opportunities to draw in business and capitalize on the legislative efforts. With these additional sources of income, Indiana could see a significant boost to its tourism and attract new visitors to the state.


In fact, Indiana has already seen a significant drop in business growth and tourism, thanks largely to the efforts of Illinois, where video gambling is already legal. In order to stay competitive, Indiana has little choice but to find some means of adapting to changing legislative standards.


As of right now, the proposed legislation would allow businesses to keep a cut of the proceeds from the terminals. Based off of the successes in Illinois, businesses we’re making roughly $60,000 from their share of the terminals. Again, this is discounting the positive effects of housing the terminals in the first place. When people go to a bar to play with the gambling terminal, it goes without saying that they’re also likely to purchase other things at the bar, including beverages. It’s also largely for this reason that the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association has felt the need to step in.