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“You Get A Fish! You Get A Fish!! Look Under Your Seats, Everyone Gets A Fish!”

In the fleeting, easily distracted scope of the national public eye, sometimes states like Indiana get overlooked. The Midwest state may lack the iconic landmarks of New York and California, but Indiana comes through in the clutch with enjoyably practical events on a steady basis. One of these days is finally upon us, one of only four in a year.


Free Fishing Day has finally arrived.


On May 19th, 2018, fisher-persons from all around the globe (but actually only residents of Indiana) will have the opportunity to take their bounty of the sea, their just due in maritime form. This particular Free Fishing Day is particularly convenient, being that the affable conditions of summer will facilitate a wealth of boat-to-barbecue cookouts. Fishing licenses and trout stamps will become moot point on the 19th, and authorities anticipate the air along riverbanks statewide to sing with the sounds of game being wrangled. Always careful to keep the celebrations from getting excessively exuberant, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources released this statement to the public:


“People interested in attending a Free Fishing Day event should contact the host property in advance because some activities require registration.”


As with any Free Fishing Day, adventure seekers on the 19th are expected to fish with gusto but also caution and respect. And as with any day in general, children aged 17 and under are fishing for free.