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Improvements Coming to Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo:

Before the end of the decade, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo will look a little different than it does today. Zoo officials announced they are embarking on renovations to a pair of exhibits. The first involves the monkey exhibit. When completed, it will be visible from the front gates of the zoo. According to zoo officials, this will give visitors the chance to connect with the animals before they even enter the zoo proper. Some of the other features the exhibit will have are a perching tree in the center of the island, a waterfall, and a building for the monkeys to stay in during cold days.

The second renovation involves the otter exhibit. It will be expanded from its current size and include a waterfall and an otter slide leading to a pair of deep water pools. Visitors will also be able to take advantage of a new viewing cave and underwater viewing shelter.

Construction on both exhibits will begin in early November and will be finished in 2019. The total project cost is $6.4 million, the funds coming from the Heart of the Zoo fundraising campaign. Other parts of the renovation project include wider walkways and the reconfiguration of the parking lot. Your text to link…

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo opened in 1965. It has been consistently ranked as one of the top zoos in the United States. Some of its featured exhibits are the African Journey, the Australian Adventure, and the Indonesian Rain Forest.