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OSI Food Solutions and Tweaks

OSI Food Solutions is the moniker of a company that’s on the fast track right now. It’s among the globe’s biggest food item vendors of the moment. It currently is in charge of 65 plus centers that are in 17 distinct nations everywhere. It has 20,000 plus team members on its side as well. OSI Food Solutions is classified as being among the United States’ biggest firms that are private. The business’ gives food service entities collaborators that are widely known, dependable and powerful all at the same exact time. Although OSI Food Solutions is without a doubt a powerhouse presently, things were different in the past.

The firm was established all the way back in 1909. It started out as a little meat seller that was tucked away in idyllic Oak Park in Illinois. Oak Park then was a community that was far from bustling. OSI Food Solutions operates in the Midwest to this day. Otto Kolschowsky is the individual who established OSI Food Solutions in the 1900s. It was called Otto & Sons toward the end of the twenties. OSI has a fresh sector in its primary setting in Aurora in Illinois. It put together this sector in 2011. It’s referred to as “Culinary Innovation Center.” Breakthroughs in the culinary realm are all in a day’s work for the tireless professionals who represent OSI and its actions.

People are familiar with OSI and with its work matters in all different parts of the United States. That’s not to say that the company doesn’t team up with entities in nations all throughout the globe. It has a poultry division that does a lot in East Asia in the sizable nation of China. It even takes care of poultry concepts on the European continent. OSI has done a lot to merge with all kinds of widely known businesses. It has joined forces with a company that’s called Baho Food. Baho Food hails from the Western European nation of the Netherlands. It’s a firm that puts together all sorts of options in meats that are seen in delicatessens. It puts together all kinds of treats.

Upcoming Netflix Food-Related Series

Viewers may be familiar with the hit series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy that originally debuted on Bravo in July of 2003. The show was all about gay men providing their tasteful input and opinions on music, fashion styles, home design, and food. Food-lovers will soon rejoice to learn that Netflix is rebooting the show in February with the adapted title of Queer Eye. The energetic trailer of the soon-to-come reboot shows Ted Allen’s former personal chef passionately explaining, “I want him to look at his diet and see the possibility of a different kind of life.” See the full trailer here.

Another tantalizing must-watch Netflix food series to come is called Ugly Delicious. David Chang, previously starring on Mind of a Chef, brings his expertise to this new Netflix documentary in which he travels the world and speaks with various experts and impactful people from different cultures about food and drink. Chang aims for the show to encourage more people to have honest, open conversations about their tastes.

While Chang hopes to encourage honesty in the food industry, no food documentary may do so more than Rotten. This show was introduced to Netflix in 2017 and is a must-see for food-lovers who are curious about the origin of their food as well as the ethical standards that go into its production. The series has 6 different installments that cover a wide variety of food-related issues.