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OSI Food Solutions and Tweaks

OSI Food Solutions is the moniker of a company that’s on the fast track right now. It’s among the globe’s biggest food item vendors of the moment. It currently is in charge of 65 plus centers that are in 17 distinct nations everywhere. It has 20,000 plus team members on its side as well. OSI Food Solutions is classified as being among the United States’ biggest firms that are private. The business’ gives food service entities collaborators that are widely known, dependable and powerful all at the same exact time. Although OSI Food Solutions is without a doubt a powerhouse presently, things were different in the past.

The firm was established all the way back in 1909. It started out as a little meat seller that was tucked away in idyllic Oak Park in Illinois. Oak Park then was a community that was far from bustling. OSI Food Solutions operates in the Midwest to this day. Otto Kolschowsky is the individual who established OSI Food Solutions in the 1900s. It was called Otto & Sons toward the end of the twenties. OSI has a fresh sector in its primary setting in Aurora in Illinois. It put together this sector in 2011. It’s referred to as “Culinary Innovation Center.” Breakthroughs in the culinary realm are all in a day’s work for the tireless professionals who represent OSI and its actions.

People are familiar with OSI and with its work matters in all different parts of the United States. That’s not to say that the company doesn’t team up with entities in nations all throughout the globe. It has a poultry division that does a lot in East Asia in the sizable nation of China. It even takes care of poultry concepts on the European continent. OSI has done a lot to merge with all kinds of widely known businesses. It has joined forces with a company that’s called Baho Food. Baho Food hails from the Western European nation of the Netherlands. It’s a firm that puts together all sorts of options in meats that are seen in delicatessens. It puts together all kinds of treats.

Solving Food Production Issues With OSI Food Solutions

The food production industry is diverse and difficult. There are so many intricate moving parts to the food production industry. From the original concept of a food to getting it to the consumer, is a process that takes many months and sometimes years to develop. This industry is tough for business people. Many different types of businesses like supermarkets, restaurants, logistic companies, and private label brands are all apart of this diverse industry. All of these different companies work together to get food onto the consumer’s plate. OSI Food Solutions is one of these companies.

For over a century, OSI Food Solutions has created many solutions to the ever-evolving food production industry. Their mission has always been to put the customer first. Priding themselves on best customer service has allowed the company to become so successful. Understanding the needs of their customers has allowed them to develop a line of products and acquire smaller businesses that allow them to reach into other customer markets. OSI Food Solutions is all about being a successful company that creates solutions for their partners, clients, and customers. The company wants to be a model company that showcases and lives by a high standard. Today, they are focused on being sustainable. Sustainability for them means making sure their facilities do not leave a harmful impact on the earth.

Sustainability for them means having food production processes that do not pollute the environment. The company is traveling to each country where they have facilities and creating a strategy of becoming a food production company that cares about the environment. OSI Food Solutions is a leading company that is committed to making sure their customers are taken care of. They work extremely hard for their logistics partners by making sure their deliveries are to the exact destinations on time. They purchase smaller brands and add them to their family of companies. They want people to be assured they’re a company that is concerned with the environment. Additionally, they want consumers to enjoy the food they produce. Overall, their mission is to create new food solutions for everyone involved in the food production industry.

David McDonald Exemplifies OSI Group Resilience and Success

It is now over 100 years since OSI Group started and it is 30 years since David McDonald stepped his foot at the company as a junior employee.

Today, OSI is a multinational conglomerate that has over 65 operational plants. Their once staple product, meat, is now diversified. They are in India, China, Europe, and virtually in every continent.

As for David McDonald, he is the power man behind the wheels. He is the chief operating officer and the president in charge of over 20,000 global employees of the meat and food processor.

What a journey it has been!

David is a graduate of Iowa State University. He graduated with honors. Shortly after graduation, OSI Group picked him to join their new growth strategy. The company had just initiated contact with the McDonald, the globally renowned hamburger franchising company.

The relationship was blossoming quietly away from the public limelight. The company was acquiring strategic partners along the way with the hope of continuing its growth strategy. At the center of it all, there was Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and chair. He is still there. At the back of the screens, a shrewd operator was quietly rising to become who he is today.

As with OSI Industries, it was operating over 60 plants by 2016. Forbes ranked it among the top 100 private companies in America. It continues to feature in that esteemed list.

David McDonald has guided the company through the recent wave of growth. Notable acquisitions include Baho Foods, Tyson Foods, and Flagship Europe. These companies come at a time when OSI is positioning itself as the premier meat processor in the world.

This wave of growth comes with its fair share of challenges. In the global food industry, ethical supply chain and environmental stewardship top the list of must-haves. David is firmly in control of the situation. Under his guidance, he has streamlined all the company’s operations to ensure that everything goes on unhindered.


OSI Group McDonalds Creates Healthy Hamburgers

Eating healthy food has become essential in the society because of the increase in obesity and food diseases. People are now aware of which foods to indulge in and which ones are bad for their health. The ingredients contained in food also play a big role in its consumption. People want to consume foods that contain natural ingredients and are chemical free. When buying food, people look at its preservatives, sugars, additives and chemicals. This ensures they are getting food that does not have any harmful ingredients or unnecessary preservatives. McDonalds which is a well known fast food joint is also not left out when it comes to food safety. Consumers of the McDonald’s hamburgers are concerned with what it contains.

This curiosity led one David Whipple to experiment on a McDonald’s hamburger. Whipple decided to keep a hamburger away in a locked kitchen cupboard for 14 years to see if it has preservatives. When he took out the burger after fourteen years, it did not show any signs of rotting. It looked exactly as it did 14 years ago. This sparked a lot of controversy regarding the McDonald’s hamburger and the ingredients that it contains. McDonalds came clean and said their hamburgers do not contain any preservatives. Other researchers also supported McDonalds stating that the hamburger did not rot because it was not in a suitable environment. To know more about the company click here.

A brief visit to the McDonalds factory was arranged to see how safe their hamburgers are for consumption. Their hamburgers are made in the Gunzburg factory, which is part of the OSI Group franchise. OSI Group supplies hamburgers to all McDonalds restaurants. In the factory hygiene is the number one priority. All workers on site are supposed to dress properly to avoid contaminating the meat. No one is also allowed to enter the factory if they are sick. There is a lab in the factory that is used to test the hamburgers that are made in the factory. The meat is tested to ensure it has the right amount of fat and that it is safe to consume.

The OSI Group Offers things that Others Do Not

The OSI Group ( is one of the most basic food service companies in the industry. They are able to provide their clients with the food that they need to make sure that they are able to serve their own customers and to ensure that they are getting the most out of their food business. This has been a major way in which the OSI Group has operated and it has allowed them to grow from something relatively small into something that is huge and successful. They have worked hard to see this level of success in the industry.

When OSI was first started, they were only a small market. They were for people who needed meat and they offered that to people in the form of a marketplace. This has been something that has changed over the years and they now offer other products for people who are in the food industry and this has allowed them to be as successful as what they are. They were originally a family-run company and they still try to maintain that same level of business and service even though they have grown much larger than that in the time that they have been seeing success.

While they are still family owned, they have added others to the business. They knew that their families would not be able to satisfy all of the positions that they now have and this is something that they saw as a way to improve their business. They now hire people who are not a part of their family, but who they feel will work well with them as a group. So, while they are not family only company like they used to be, the atmosphere is one that truly feels like everyone is part of the same family.

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The OSI Group has worked to make sure that they have all of the fresh products that their clients need. Sometimes, though, clients need more than fresh ingredients. They may need premade foods or foods that will be able to just be heated up when they are ready to use them. For that reason, the OSI Group provides prepared meals for their clients as well. This is not the largest part of their business, but it is a major aspect to the business and the way that they work. Clients are satisfied with the ability to purchase premade or fresh ingredients.

Since the OSI Group has been in business, they have been constantly growing. They do not want to stop growing just because of the level of extreme success that they have recently seen. They plan to grow even further than what they have and they want to make sure that they are always expanding their business. They also want to make sure that their clients are able to get exactly what they want and, for that reason, they are going to continue to get bigger as they grow into an even more successful and larger corporation in the food industry.