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The HGGC Difference

Built on a solid foundation of integrity, collaboration, and ingenuity, HGGC is a structurally sound private equity firm striving to empower brands through generous fundraising. Developed by Lance Taylor, Richard Lawson, and Steve Young, HGGC is as diverse and dynamic as the entrepreneurs who conceived it. Some of their areas of expertise include restructuring, recapitalizations, growth equity, corporate carve-outs, advantaged investing, and platform investing. Young, Lawson, and Taylor hope to use their extensive know-how to furnish burgeoning brands with the tools they need to thrive in their niche.

No doubt a noble aim, Young, Lawson, and Taylor share the same desire to uplift companies that show great potential but lack the wherewithal to expand. One company they’ve recently endorsed is FPX. A household name in the CPQ solutions industry, FPX offers a robust line of services with industry proficiency to boot. Lawson was particularly impressed by the company’s vision. He felt so confident in their business model that he invested an undisclosed amount in hopes of expediting their expansion process. Since HGGC’s generous contribution, FPX has exponentially grown. Dave Batt, FPX’s CEO, continually expresses his gratitude for the game-changing endorsement.

Since coming to fruition, HGGC’s amassed a sizable clientele with considerable achievements to boot. In fact, they’ve created 116 portfolio investments, reached $19 billion in transaction values, and accumulated $4.3 billion in cumulative capital commitments. When they’re not creating record statistics, HGGC seeks to forge relations with sponsors, founder-owners, and management teams. More specifically, the firm hopes to collaborate with organizations that are booming in one of the following industries: information technology, infrastructure, manufacturing, consumerism, retail, healthcare, software, and industrial services. As HGGC continues to cement their eminence in the financial domain, Young, Taylor, and Lawson are working diligently to establish business relations with foreign clients.

Nick Vertucci: Attend The Rel Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate investor. He originally grew up with a loving family who is struck by financial difficulties with because mom to work long hours in order to support his family. By the age of 18, Nick Vertucci was forced to live out of his own vehicle in order to survive. Prior to the economic crash of 2000, he made a living by selling computer parts. This all came to change when the economy crashed in the year 2000.

He was able to turn his fortunes around by attending a real estate investment seminar that was invited to buy a close friend. At this seminar, he learned all that he needed to know in order to begin a successful career investing in real estate. It made a promise to himself that if you were ever to become incredibly successful that he would teach others the message that he was taught himself. In 2014 he launched a real estate investment Academy called the Nick Vertucci real estate investment Academy. This is a free seminar which advertises using varying mediums as a way for individuals to increase their knowledge of the real estate investment market. By attending this seminar, you will be able to learn all that you need to know in order to launch your own successful real estate investments.

He has had numerous success stories that have all been able to create profitable income streams through the investment of real estate. It is important that an individual understands that these events are free all that you must do is register for them and attend the events. It may be difficult to attend them, but it is important that you find the time to make it to them. At these events, you will have Nick Vertucci, and a team of experts will be willing to answer all of your potential questions about investment in the real estate markets. By the end of the seminars, you will understand every aspect of real estate investment including how to improve property investments and create positive cash flow through your real estate investments.

Financial Planning with Wealth Solutions

Financial planning and retirement services call for an organized, well planned approach. Just ask Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, based in Austin, TX.


Starting back in 1994, Mr. Blair used his background in finance combined with his family’s teaching experience to form the structure for what would become Wealth Solutions. Using a focus on unbiased and objectivity whenever advice was to be given to clients as a touchstone, Wealth Management soon developed the Three Pillar approach to wealth manangement.


Pillar 1 is to identify strengths, goals, risk tolerance and growth opportunities tailored for a specific client. This will lay the groundwork for a clear financial roadmap for wealth management and retirement planning.


Pillar 2 focuses on the longer term strategy. This takes into account a clients liquidity needs and investment goals. Wealth Solutions moves all the pieces around the board to achieve the utmost performance with all their clients’ portfolios’. The magic is doing this in up markets, as well as down markets, and that’s when the experience of Richard and his team shine.


Pilar 3 is the all important insurance aspect of retirement planning. Richard and Wealth Solutions offer and manage life insurance, long-term care, as well as annuities.


These pillars designed by Wealth Solutions ensure that clients can grow, protect and feel confident that a trusted partner is protecting their assets. That’s what Wealth solutions is all about, a partner that provides all the tenets of wealth management, retirement planning and insurance needs all in one place.


It’s all about the clients. Having the right information, at the right time and always remembering that it’s more than money, it’s about families and their futures. Mr. Blair comes from a family of teachers, including his wife of many years. Teaching is often about listening, and Wealth Solutions strives to be the best at both.


Wealth Solutions has been serving clients for over 23 years in the Austin area. Mr. Blair uses his deep experience, as well as certifications including CAS, CES, CFS and RICP to ensure that the most up-to-date information is available to pass on to clients. Wealth Solutions operates as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. Learn more:


Agora Financial – Leading Independing Investment Company

If you’re looking for an investment company that you need to help secure your funds, you will want to look into the educational benefits of Agora Financial. Agora Financial works besides clients to offer financial information through online publications, videos, online literature, phone calls and many other alternative options. They work to guarantee that they can offer a fair market to help those find money related independence. Agora Financial is proud to advertise that they are 100% independent, which proves that they never accept funds from investors and learn more about Agora Financial.

Agora Financial and its employees have been producing viable financial education for decades. They originally started the company in 1979. US History has brought many financial difficulties such as the financial housing market crash and the bankruptcies that occurred with many prestigious companies. Their years of expertise and knowledge within the market allowed Agora and their investors to thrive through the difficult financial times while many others suffered and Agora’s lacrosse camp.

Agora Financial is headquartered in Mount Vernon. They have worked to build over a dozen offices within the area and have provided the most exceptional financial services for many. Bill Bonner is the proud founder of Agora Financial and has placed much of his work and dedication into the financial productivity of the business along with the placement of locations. Agora Financial and their highly experienced analysts are trained to ensure that you get the tools and education necessary to make highly engaged decisions concerning your future, funds, and security. They are dedicated to working with each client to ensure that they understand the procedures, transactions and all efforts that take place. They cover many different topics concerning investments and funds. Some of the topics include but are not limited to finding ways to earn the largest profit available from metals, funds and profitable stocks along with educating yourself in learning ways to boost your financial security by learning strategies to protect it and their Facebook.

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Business Opportunities with Market America Inc.

It is a new world of business opportunities with Market America Inc. and you can be a part of it. What would you give to be the owner of an online business? Is this something you have thought about, but didn’t think was possible. Well now you can have it all and make a living doing what you love. Owning your own business is easy, if you have the right people supporting your goals. That means making a commitment to excellence and joining the fast moving world of Market America, where business opportunities happeneveryday.

At Market America, we believe in giving people choices and options that make their lives better. Making money is easy, if you are willing to work for it. Making a living is even easier, if you are willing to do what you are told. How about making money, but earning more than you ever imagined was possible? What would that be worth to you? Well take a chance and see what your dreams are like, when they become a reality. Market America is waiting to show you a new way of doing business, with online tools and skills that we will show you. Because it is a new world of business opportunities with Market America Inc.


Marc Sparks and the Advice to Plunge Into the Deep End

Starting a business is no easy venture. Many people think about starting their own company, but they don’t always see through to it. Marc Sparks decided that becoming an entrepreneur is the way to go and he was not afraid of taking that leap over the edge of the cliff that is going into the world of business. It is now more competitive than ever and requires people to be resilient, patient but not afraid take necessary risks to succeed.


Starting a business first means to establish a model for the firm. Then finding and distributing the resources across departments to ensure the business takes off and succeeds. Timber Creek Capital, LP is a company Marc Sparks started and is now able to share the building with other firms. It allows new businesses to have a substantial incubation period and grow. After gathering experience and being a serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks is sure that there are several important things each business and entrepreneur needs to remember. Learn more:


Collaborating with others, quality goods, and services, as well as constant learning and evolution of the firm, should all be part of the package. Once there is no more evolution and improvement, the business can become stagnant, and that doesn’t lead to success. More clients leave inactive companies than approaching them.


Companies need to keep their standards high no matter where the location is and how big it is in size. Whether you do the business on the High Street in a big city or a small town or from home, the quality and customer service are some of the most important things to remember.


First impressions are also critical. The modern consumer is sophisticated and educated. People know what they want, and they will hold businesses to the standard they expect. And, if the competition is fierce, the companies and business owners will be motivated to work to the highest possible standard.


Marc Sparks also thinks that people need to stay passionate about their business. Determination and drive to succeed are helpful when trying to become better. It is important to be open to modern technology because that can make life easier and attract a new wave of customers. People nowadays live in the digital age, and they are very open to discoveries in the business world. A good website, a smart marketing campaign and good customer service can help on that level.


Marc Sparks is from Texas, and after he graduated from high school, he can name several start-ups under his name. Some were successful and some not so much but he learned from all of the experience it offered. He doesn’t have any formal training in business but everything he learned, he learned from his personal experience. He encourages other people not to give up, but give it an honest try.