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Agora Financial Keeps Investors in the Loop for Many Different Industries

Agora Financial is definitely helping people that have a desire to improve their financial portfolio for a long-term measures. Agora Financial has zealous specialists in place that know about intelligent analysis and portfolio strategies that optimize investor accounts.It is great for investors to have a source that can help them maximize returns, but it is vital to have information that is understandable. This is what Agora Financial brings to the table for the investor that may be wondering why they even need economic literature. Agora Financial has those investors that have taken time to do historical examinations and become experts in the areas that they provide statistics in. There are experts from Agora that handle technology and give Agora Financial site users access to the findings that they have collected over the years.

Agora also has experts that have written books and presented publications on the housing industry. There are experts that also know about healthcare and specialized IT healthcare knowledge. There are so many fields for investors to put their money in, and Agora Financial is a company that handles data and research in all of these different areas.It is pertinent to have a sound field of expert consultation when it comes to making investments for your retirement years. It’s difficult to retire successfully if you do not have the right information to make the right decisions. It is a chain reaction or a domino effect that can have dire consequences if you do not plan well in the beginning. This is why getting information about investing from Agora Financial is going to be helpful now and even more helpful for the long run.

The new investor that is just getting started is going to need a lot of information. This is where the financial information may be the most valuable. The investor that may be scared to invest is going to need substantial guidance early on just to get started with the building of their portfolio. As time progresses, however, investors may find that they are more comfortable with the investments that they make, but they are still going to need real-time data analysis to continue making prompt decisions on their investments. They may not have a need for as many Agora Publications down the line, but there will still be a great need for some of the online seminars and general guidance about upcoming start-ups.

How Agora Financial Can Help Grow and Protect Your Wealth

Agora Financial is not your typical investment services company. Unlike analysts at some companies that only want your money, their analysts really care about growing and protecting your wealth. Agora Financial uses free newsletters, online publications, books, seminars, and documentaries to inform and educate its more than one million users.

Investing early in a new idea before it becomes mainstream is the best way to grow your wealth. Agora Financial spends $1 million each year on research into new investment ideas. Their analysts travel to investment sites to ensure they will be profitable for you and more information click here.

Agora Financial’s team of analysts include:

  • Harvard Trained Geologist
  • Self-made Billionaire and Philanthropist
  • World’s Leading Bond Experts
  • Pulitzer Prize Nominated Journalists
  • 3-Time NYT Best-Selling Author
  • Award Winning Filmmaker
  • Ex-Hedge Fund Manager
  • Ex-Banker To The Presidents


Agora Financial also has a very good track record of predicting trends. In 1999 they predicted the rise of gold, which at the time was trading for just $256/ounce. It has since risen to highs of $1900/ounce. In 2004 they predicted the mortgage crisis of 2008, four years before it actually occurred. In 2007 they predicted an increase in oil prices and a year later in 2007 prices increased $92/barrel and learn more about Agora Financial.

Since 2001, Agora Financial’s primary headquarters have been located in the Mount Vernon district of Baltimore at 808 St.Paul St. The location was originally built in the 1850’s as two separate homes and was later merged into one building and its LinkedIn.

Agora Financial is a subsidiary of The Agora, INC., the “marketplace of ideas” since 1979.

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Equities First Holdings: Focusing in Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings gives stock-based loans and is perceived all through the world for its widespread lending services and multiple product packages. The affiliation has over 14 years of functioning and provides clients with alternative lending products which enable them to cater their capital targets. Equities First is a global pioneer & finance shareholder having work facilities in United States, Hong Kong, London, Bangkok, and Sydney.

Equities First has its base camp situated in Indianapolis, Indiana. From 2002, the organization has traded over forty million in assets. EFH understands that startups require a way to deal with innovative alternatives, acquire capital for new projects and have the capacity to carry out trade in various monetary environments. With EFH, any new business can truly secure some brisk money without going through tiresome verification and read full article.

Equities First specializes in stock loans which is a modern way of lending. With this sort of credit, there are fewer constraints; subsequently the money can be used for various reasons. With a stock-based advance, a borrower will have the chance to pay an extraordinarily decreased & settled financing cost which is 4% and below. Even though every credit comes with some sort of risks; some borrowers choose to part with EFH stock loan while the company keeps their stock.

With stock, you can use it has security, giving the business person an option of acquiring loan that they can spend according to their yearning. However, with a margin credit, the client is taken via certain stages to determine if they qualify or not. Subsequently, margin loans are much difficult to get and may even compel borrowers to utilize their acquired cash for particular tasks.

Equities First stock loans are distinctive. The company submits to convey the ideal advantages to their clients with negligible measure of risks; subsequently majority of people can meet their financial goals. The supportive team members are equipped with skills and trained to the code of dependability hence making EFH a great company worldwide.

Small Enterprises Benefit From Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holdings is one of the leading investment institutions in the world. As a matter of fact, the company works to develop fast working capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For the company, they always want to become part of the solutions to your financial problems through the issuance of fast working capital using stocks as collateral. For this reason, you might consider the use of the money to develop fast working capital. During an economic crisis, there is always market fluctuation in stocks and any other bonds in the securities. However, you always have the upper hand on the development of fast working capital in a manner that depicts the true leadership in this industry. For this reason, people end up working for better business development in this criterion.

Equity First Holdings has always sought a better chance to provide solutions to those who need fast working capital to take care of their projects. For startup companies, capitalization is one of the most paramount things that determine the continuity and profitability of business. Or this reason, they end up working for better business capabilities in a manner that depicts the true leadership in this business. Equity First Holdings has developed the most influential development capability that has seen most people secure fast working capital using stocks as collateral. For this reason, you might consider using the loans using the structuring issues that help the financial capabilities.

For those who are seeking fast working capital, stock-based loans are the best alternative during the harsh economic crisis. For this reason, you might also consider the use of stocks as collateral to secure fast working capital. During an economic crisis, banks and other credit-based companies have their lending capabilities cut down. Moreover, few people have the access to credit-based loans.

Amicable Stock-Based Loans from the Equities First Holdings

Equities first Holdings based in the United States, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, and London is the foremost finance shareholder and global lender. ETH is a provider of loans that is well known all over the world from its diverse and international lending and financial solutions. ETH has been in operation for the last fourteen years. Clients from the Equities First Holdings are provided with countless alternative solutions to their financial problems, and this helps them in meeting their capital goals.

ETH is known to specialize in loans based on stocks. There are minimal restrictions associated with this type of loan, the stock-based loans. And thus the money can be used for various reasons. Borrows from the Stock based loans are expected to pay exceptionally low fixed interests rates that go below four percentage. However, the risks associated with all types of loans, with ETH borrowers can undertake transactions and walk away free from commitments.

The EFH whose headquarters are based in Indiana and Indianapolis and established in 2002 has been able to assets worth over forty million dollars.

The ETH has offered extensive benefits to startups exploring alternatives for innovation. The organization helps them in different ways of interchanging with economic climates as well as securing loans for the newly formed business ventures. EFH provides fast cash with minimum approval hassles. Business owners have unlimited choices to acquire loans from EFH with their business stock as their collaterals. Equities First Holding is committed to its prime mission to provide clients with maximum benefits with the least amount of risk possible in their effort to help their customers meet their personal and financial goals. Equities First Holdings depends on guidance from the institutions of trading. The organization counts on integrity as their code.

The amicable loan services from Equities First Holdings as a lender have played a significant role in their consistent growing trend for borrowers using stock as their Loan collaterals for the security of their working capital.

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Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking involves provision of services such as merging and acquisition and capital sourcing. It also deals with security underwriting. Investment banking is distinguished from commercial banking.

Investment Bank

This is a private company offering financial related services to governments, individuals and corporations. These services, as above indicated, include raising capital essentially by representing a client as his/her agent in security issuance. Investment banks can also provide ancillary services such as trading equity securities, market making, and trading derivatives.

Up until 1999, there has been a separation between investment banks and commercial banks,in the US, by virtue of the Glass- Steagall Act of 1933. This separation has not been witnessed in other developed countries such as the G7 countries. In 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, through the Volcker Rule, asserted that there were institutional separations between the two banks.

Sell and Buy Side

In investment banks, the two lines are: sell side and buy side. On the sell side, securities are traded for cash or for security promotion like underwriting and research, or other securities. The buy sideentails advising of institutions that come to buy investment services. The buy side entities include hedge funds, mutual funds, unit trusts and companies in the business of life insurance.

In some places, there exists a Chinese wall between the private functions and the public functions of the investment bank. Indeed, the private section of the bank deals with information that should not be disclosed as it is insider information protected by law. The public area on the other hand works on such things as stock analysis.

Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker of repute. He is a citizen of both Austria and Venezuela. As a champion of international investment, he has invested in various countries. This allows him to benefit from local investment and other opportunities from other abroad investments.

Lustgarten has a diverse portfolio expanding to other countries.He encourages clients to do the same as this is good for expanding wealth. Martin encourages investment in recovering economies as they not only offer opportunities but stability. Martin’s keen eye on the market trends allows him to get the best deals for clients.



Basics of Investment Banking

An investment bank is typically a private institution that deals in financial services to companies and individuals and certain governmental entities. Unlike commercial and retail banks, investment banks do not accept deposits. Commercial and retail banks operations also must be run separately if dealing with investments as followed in the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010.

The two principal lines of business are called the “sell side” and the “buy side.” Sell-side includes trading securities and also selling them for cash along with other related services such, facilitating security deals, and market transfers. On the other side, the buy side investment banks will act as advisors to institutions for buying securities and stocks. The most common entities utilizing buy-side services include hedge funds, life insurance companies, and private equity and mutual funds.

Investment banks can also split into private and public operations. Breaking into two operations ensures information will not cross bounds and regulations imposed by the SEC followed correctly. Private functions deal with private or proprietary information that are not used in a public light and the public operation deals with the front line dealing such as stock analysis and dealing with public information from companies or institutions.

One very prominent investment banker is Martin Lustgarten. Holding citizenship in Austria and Venezuela, Lustgarten is regarded as one of the best and brightest in the investment banking world. Leveraging his citizenships has enabled him to achieve tremendous success for himself and clients internationally for decades. Commonly known to spread the wealth earned he allows himself to take little risk while also benefiting from local growth in the given areas.

Americans are starting to take notice of the moves Lustgarten makes in the markets and are beginning to follow steps taken by him to help save their retirement portfolios and other wealth building tools. With keen eye coupled with decades of experience Martin has been able to avoid major pitfalls in the ma2016rkets by backing out or making changes at the right times. He is one figure surely we can follow.

The of Role of Helane Morrison in Policing the Complex Financial Industry

Compliance officers are playing an integral role in the corporate world. Most officers based in the United States are confident that their companies value their role. Their opinions are considered when corporate decisions are being made. Helane Morrison has managed to cement a top position in the male-dominated compliance world. She has managed to implement strategies that have helped the better performance of SEC. Morrison has policed the financial sector from her years working as a journalist to a civil servant.

High corruption rates

The international economic crises of 2007/2008 exposed widespread corruption in the financial sector. Respected and reputable financial institutions came down crumbling, and they were forced to seek bailouts from the government. These developments affected the trust that American citizens had on financial institutions. Some of the issues exposed include falsified records, underhand dealing, and high rate of fraud.

Diminishing trust

Currently, people are cautious when investing in the financial industry due to the scandal history and unrest caused by the forthcoming election. The increased inflation and the inability of salaries to support incredible retirement plan and finance higher education have led to the growing popularity of investment. Most people are making their investment decision without consulting financial institution. The institutions should be transparent in all their dealings to regain their popularity. They should organize seminars and promotional campaigns aimed at changing the perceptions of the public. The financial institutions should carry out intensive investment research and address the limited information issues.

Details on Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison has managed to penetrate the male dominated compliance and financial industrial and establish a top position. Currently, she works with Hall Capital Partners LLC as a General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Managing Director. Morrison sits on the Executive Committee and offers advisory services. Before joining the company in 2007, she worked for United State Securities and Exchange Commission as a regional head from 1999 to 2007.

In her capacity as a Regional Director, Morrison’s duties entailed enforcement of securities, handling both litigation and regulatory issues across five Northwest States and Northern California. Between 1996 and 1999, Helane was the SEC’s enforcement head, and she was operating at the San Francisco offices. Morrison used her talents and law background to represent SEC in litigation matters, business, legal issues, business, news media, government agencies, as well as financial communities. She is a graduate of Northwestern University holding a Journalism degree. Morrison’s effort at the University of California paid off after earning a J.D.

Sanjay Shah Career

When Sanjay Shahs parents migrated from Kenya to London, they had one thing in mind; to give their children the best upbringing. They settled in London, and they chose one of the best places in the area to raise their son, Sanjay Shah. He went to school in London, and he joined university there too. He studied medicine in college, but he felt that he was not ready to become a doctor. He abandoned this career, settling for accounting.

Shah felt that he could do well in accounting, but this career did not last for a long time. He was employed in several banks in London. He would, however, have to travel for a long distance to get to the office, and this made him get tired before getting to work. The millionaire would also spend too much time in the office sitting, and he felt that he was wasting his productive years in a job that was not paying him as much as he deserved. During the 2008 financial crisis that affected the banking industry, Shah left his employment.

After abandoning his accounting career, Shah changed completely, and he chose to be self-employed. Staying in the office for long hours was not what he wanted for himself. He wanted to utilize all his potential, so he started his brokerage company. The first step was to rent a small room to act as his office. He did this, and also, he looked for graduates who he employed to work in the office. Through hard work, the group managed to start Solo Capital, the company that is celebrated in London.

Solo Capital is based in Dubai and London, and reports show that it was incorporated in the year 2011. The company is very successful, and this made its founder, Sanjay Shah to get enough capital to open more than thirty-nine companies in different parts of the world. These companies are all under the management of Solo Group, and they are owned by the millionaire, Sanjay Shah. At forty-three years of age, the millionaire has been so successful that he decided to retire and concentrate on philanthropic activities in the world.

For many years, Shah would send financial help to children living in India. This was the only thing that caught his attention, and he felt that it’s the children who deserved help. His life changed completely when his son was discovered to have the autism condition. This traumatized his family as the child was going to therapy and medication, and this made him start a foundation for children suffering from the disease. He founded Autism Rock to create awareness about the disease as well as raise funds to help experts research about it too.

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Marc Sparks – Role of Money in Business

Most entrepreneurs when they start out their business dream, mess-up relationships with money. Understanding relationship with money is crucial for starting or buying a business as well as to continue to operate it. While business is running, there is a need to care for themselves and their businesses and this needs money too. For aspiring entrepreneurs, it is time take a step back and get some insight from those who know it well, when it comes to money for business, like Marc Sparks.

Marc Sparks jumped into the business arena soon after graduating from high-school in 1975 in Austin, Texas. After a few failure ventures, he gathered up courage and resources to start a few companies where each went on to become one of the highly successful firms in telecommunication industry. He has successfully owned and operated a wide range of businesses since then. His involvement is mainly in the telecommunication industry and some of the firms he dealt with include Cardinal Telecom, Splash media and Blue Jay Wireless. Marc has also worked in business solutions, real estate and venture investing. He had a great relationship, a healthy one when it came to money all the time. His businesses cost money and he was clever enough to borrow for covering a lot of start-up costs. His Dallas based Timber Creek Capital contains a portfolio of all his establishments and awards.

Marc Sparks has a lot of advice for young and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. His mantra is to not lose hope. Entrepreneurs need money obviously and the less money they have, the less they are able to start a business. When businesses are risky, placing money on the line is also risky. Investors who put less money are allowing entrepreneurs to take a big share of this risk. On the other hand, a big share of investment from these investors means less control over the business for business owners. Marc Sparks’s advice is to strike a balance in this situation. For owners who have limited cash, Marc suggests starting the business without external capital or raising capital with a working prototype. Starting small with the idea is another option. This will let the owner or entrepreneur need less money, make more money out of the business and scale it into a largest business opportunity. For those who do not have money, they need to consider making and saving as much as they can before jump into the business bandwagon.

Entrepreneurs who cannot manage their own finance should not manage business finance either, says Marc. Many entrepreneurs who want to start new have lots of debts. Getting rid of some of these debts is a no-brainer. And being financially responsible goes much deeper. It is about making good decisions and making purchase that is affordable. People who make bad decisions when it comes to personal expenditure will only amplify the situation in case of business expenditure. In essence, business is only for someone who is good at managing money – both in personal and professional level.