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Madison Street Capital Awarded for Its Role in RMG Networks Transaction

The M&A Advisor recently announced that Madison Street Capital is the winner of its prestigious 13th Annual Turnaround Awards. The Chicago-based firm won the “Distressed M&A Deal of the Year” (over $25MM to $50MM) in recognition of the role it played as an exclusive advisor to Sachs Capital Group on its RMG Networks transaction. Sachs Capital Group and Virgo Capital invested in the wake of the take private transaction. Merion Investment Partners was tasked with the provision of debt financing in the wake of the closing of the transaction. Barry Peterson led the Madison Street team.



Mr. Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital Founder and CEO, said in a statement that they were honored to be recognized for their efforts to make the transaction successful. He also added that he was thankful to all the team members who were involved with the transaction for their hard work and efforts. The award affirms the international firm’s ability to help its clients to close complex transactions successfully.



M&A Advisors names annual winners of their awards in the categories of Refinancing of the Year, Professional of the Year, Restructuring of the Year, Turnaround Product/Service of the Year, Firm of the Year, Transaction of the Year, and Sector Deal of the Year. Over 275 companies were nominated and industry experts shortlisted the candidates following a special criteria.



The Founder of The M&A Advisor, Roger Aguinaldo, said that the winners of the awards represents the best candidates in a pool of impressive participants. The organization has been able to recognize leading firms, individuals, and transactions that exhibits highest levels of performance in an environment that is becoming increasingly demanding of its professionals.



The winners of the 13th Annual Turnaround Awards are scheduled to receive their well-deserved awards at a black-tie gala on March 28th during M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit in Palm Beach, Florida.



About Madison Street Capital



Madison Street is an internationally-recognized investment banking firm based out of Chicago. It is committed to delivering merger and acquisition expertise, corporate financial advisory services, valuation services, and financial opinions to businesses. The firm leverages the experience they have garnered over the last fourteen years it has been in operation to provide services that position its clients to succeed in the global market.



Madison Street Capital treats its each client’s goals and objectives as its own in order to work towards the goals with a focus on excellence and integrity. Whether it is a merger and acquisition, transfers or ownership or successful capital raises, Madison Street strives to provide unparalleled services in the market. Moreover, it focuses assets and other resources on emerging markets because they drive the global growth of their clients. As a result, Madison Street Capital reputation has grown tremendously over the years it has been in operation.



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Agora Financial Keeps Investors in the Loop for Many Different Industries

Agora Financial is definitely helping people that have a desire to improve their financial portfolio for a long-term measures. Agora Financial has zealous specialists in place that know about intelligent analysis and portfolio strategies that optimize investor accounts.It is great for investors to have a source that can help them maximize returns, but it is vital to have information that is understandable. This is what Agora Financial brings to the table for the investor that may be wondering why they even need economic literature. Agora Financial has those investors that have taken time to do historical examinations and become experts in the areas that they provide statistics in. There are experts from Agora that handle technology and give Agora Financial site users access to the findings that they have collected over the years.

Agora also has experts that have written books and presented publications on the housing industry. There are experts that also know about healthcare and specialized IT healthcare knowledge. There are so many fields for investors to put their money in, and Agora Financial is a company that handles data and research in all of these different areas.It is pertinent to have a sound field of expert consultation when it comes to making investments for your retirement years. It’s difficult to retire successfully if you do not have the right information to make the right decisions. It is a chain reaction or a domino effect that can have dire consequences if you do not plan well in the beginning. This is why getting information about investing from Agora Financial is going to be helpful now and even more helpful for the long run.

The new investor that is just getting started is going to need a lot of information. This is where the financial information may be the most valuable. The investor that may be scared to invest is going to need substantial guidance early on just to get started with the building of their portfolio. As time progresses, however, investors may find that they are more comfortable with the investments that they make, but they are still going to need real-time data analysis to continue making prompt decisions on their investments. They may not have a need for as many Agora Publications down the line, but there will still be a great need for some of the online seminars and general guidance about upcoming start-ups.

A Recent Event of Highland Capital Management

Jim Dondero has been greatly impressed by the Bush Center. This particularly in the community for the national impact and influence. Also, Dondero will be joining Kenneth Hersh for his executive advisory council. Hersh is the CEO and president for the Bush Center.

This will give information about an event James Dondero was a part of in Dallas, Texas. In the start of this year promising things were happening at the George W. Bush Presidential Center and the George W. Bush Institute that’s connected to it. Dondero’s company that he co-founded Highland Capital has been a Bush Center founding patron. Since the year 2012 $5 million has been donated. Also, in Boeing the gift will help the after 9/11 veterans go in a transition to civilian life. Read this article at

Highland capital in the coming weeks will host a program called Engage, it’s a type of public program series. The Boeing corporation have also helped in the $10 million commitment. This money will go in support of the Military Service Initiative for the institute, this will help the post 9/11 veterans. There will be a program in two parts that was formed with the National Constitution Center. This is free to the public; the date of the event is Monday February 5th at 6:30 in the evening.


There is a lot of activity for this event. First, the child of the late U.S Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will be interviewed. Recently, he wrote a book of a mix of favorite speeches of his father, it’s called “Scalia Speaks” Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived.” Then, there will be a panel discussion. This will be about the media landscape featured today, it will also be based on what James Madison the First Amendment author would think about it.

There will be four individuals who will be showing participation in the panel. The moderator will be the Director of Global Initiatives from the Bush Institute Amanda Schnetzer. One of the panelists is CEO and President of the National Constitution Center Jeffrey Rosen. Also, it will include Mike Wilson the Editor for “Dallas Morning News”. Finally, media researcher Amy Mitchell. She is the co-author of the “State of the News Media” report which is the annual issue for the Pew Research Center. Visit to know more.