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Omar Yunes is Proof that in Business Dedication Trounces Experience

Owing to the growing prominence of globalization, the global business climate is more competitive today than it has ever been before. This has driven international brands to employ a wide range of strategies in a bid to establish footholds in diverse local markets. One of these entry strategies has been to get into franchise business relationships with local entrepreneurs who understand consumer preferences and local market dynamics. This is the direction Japanese food band, Sushi Itto took when entering the Mexican market. The brand got into a franchise agreement with the young and respected entrepreneur, Omar Yunes. The relationship has served the two parties very well over the course of the last few years.


Omar Yunes became a franchisee for Sushi Itto when he was barely in his twenties. He compensated for his lack of experience with unrivaled dedication and business acumen. Since then, he has grown the business to 13 franchise units – representing about ten percent of all the units under the Sushi Itto brand. Additionally, he directly employs about 400 employees in these 13 units. Given the saturated nature of the Mexican food industry, it is highly commendable that Omar Yunes has been able to establish a foothold on a slice of the industry within only a few years and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.


Thus far, the epitome of Omar Yunes’s brilliance as a franchisee was realized when he was recently named the top franchise in the world. At the event held in Florence, Italy, Yunes was named placed highest among a large pool of franchisees from all across the world, including more developed countries such as Portugal and Italy. Judges settled on Yunes due to his commitment to simplifying business operations for the Sushi Itto brand and his Website.


The win was not just seen as a victory for Omar Yunes, but rather also for Sushi Itto and the franchise industry in Mexico. Being global, the Best Franchisee of the World competition attracts attention from all across the globe. Consequently, many of those who did not previously know of the Sushi Itto brand got to hear about it for the first time. The Sushi Itto management was no doubt happy about it and more information click here.


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Martin Lustgarten: Building an Investment Platform

As many would come to realize, the financial industry is one of the hardest markets to penetrate. The unpredictable nature of business requires life long wisdom and ample experience to achieve the desired success. With many unsuccessful stories floating around, we rarely here of the individuals who conquered financial business and investing.


One of the most notable figures in investment banking is a Florida resident by the name of Martin Lustgarten. This knowledgeable businessman and investment banker has managed to accumulate overwhelming success, which is parallel to his equally successful reputation. Specializing in security and equity trades, Martin has seemingly grown into one of the most notable investment bankers in America.


Following his natural instincts and wise investment choices, Martin Lustgarten started his very own firm. His firm, Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm, is increasingly becoming known as one of the most successful and lucrative banking firms in the nation. Under the guidance of Martin, his firm is responsible for the sucess of many businesses locally and nationally. Working selectively with a variety of businesses, corporations and sizeable organizations, the Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm excells in investment professionalism. The company maintains positive relationships with each client and organization they collaborate with.


Honing in on his talents as an advisor and natural leader, Martin Lustgarten has helped propell his company into a wide range of success. Combining business opportunities and advanced capital techniques together as a unit, Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm is regarded as one of the best and innovative in investment banking. Martin has worked tirelessly to help build and develop the best operating finacial and investment banking platform.

Way of the Future – Investment Banking

Investment banking provides the means for companies to raise funds in strategic ways to advance their business. If forward progress is what you are looking for through acquisitions and mergers, investment banking can find the creative solutions to make it happen. The broad swath that investment banking touches lends itself to any corporate or government that needs high-quality direction. If you have lofty expectations and goals, investment banking can provide the advice to ensure you are on a path to success.


Martin Lustgarten, a prominent investment banker, located in the Miami area has true experience at thinking out of the box to enable his clients to be successful. Martin has dual citizenship in Venezuela and Austria. This enables to see clients in a different perspective when compared to single citizenship investment bankers. He is quite flexible and diverse with his clients and himself. Managing risk is a huge part of trade. Martin understands this well, that risks need to be taken but also need to be considered with the long term goals and benefit of the initiative. If there is a will there is a way and Martin Lustgarten will find it.


On a personal not he enjoys history and collectibles. His favorite hobby is collecting vintage watches. Other items he enjoys is spending time in the Alps and skiing. Martin likes to work hard and play hard which keeps him grounded. Looking for Martin either in the office or on the slopes. Either way, he will put you on the path for the future.


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George Soros Explains why China is Headed for Economic Trouble

George Soros has been in business for a very long time. His experience has taught him how to study a nation’s economy on to discover weaknesses in its financial system. Soros has been using this principle all of his life and it has made him one of the richest people that has ever existed. So, when a billionaire of George Soros’s magnitude says that an economy is in trouble; people should take the time to listen to his reasons for saying these things.

George Soros is an investor by trade and a businessman. He has been eyeing China’s economy for years. China has the world’s second largest economy and in the not so distant past, it was a growing and productive economic power house. Now, China is in dark territory. While the country is not going to financially collapse and literally come to an end; the nation is headed toward a recession. This recession on will not only impact China it will also harm other nations that are dependent on this economic giant.

China’s problems are many and some of the biggest issues that the nation faces has to do with their housing market, the transition to a consumer driven economy and a huge amount of unpaid debt. The housing market in China on accounts for nearly 20% of the nation’s economy. With housing prices up and fewer people having the means to pay; this puts a strain on the housing industry. Businesses related to the housing industry are suffering as well. As a result more jobs are being loss and financial growth has been slowed down.

A consumer driven economy is something that China wants and needs. For years, China has relied on its manufacturing sector to carry it though. They produce millions of products for different markets all over the world and this had helped to create monetary strength for this nation in the past. Now, China’s factories and manufacturing industries are in serious decline. Millions of workers are being laid off and many of these people no longer have jobs. Since they do not have the money to pay for housing, cars and other goods; it is also having a huge impact on the economy.

China’s debt is also significant. The banks are issuing more loans and they are taking in fewer deposits. This simply means that too many organizations and individuals are defaulting on their loans and as a result there is less money to be used to help fuel China’s economy. George Soros points out that other factors such as capital controls, the Yuan’s valuation and the withdrawal of certain businesses are also negatively impacting the Chinese. George Soros wants people to know that China can turn things around. They are taking the necessary steps to do this right now. However, if the nation does not continue to correct this problem; recession will probably impact the country within a short amount of time.

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George Soros Predicts a 2008 Déjà Vu

Stock markets have been anything but stable for the first week of 2016. The Dow has lost over 1000 points from its recent highs. Billionaire investor George Soros is predicting a 2008 Déjà vu. The only difference is that it is China’s economic decline that is causing this one. China’s stock market was screaming to new highs as recent as June of last year. Suddenly, there was talk of an economic slowdown.

He points out on Bloomberg that China’s economic growth had been taking place at double digit levels. In 2014 their growth rate fell to only 7.5 percent. Though that is still positive, many were riding high on the gravy train of a booming marketplace. The announcement of a slowdown hit global markets severely. In a state of panic, the Chinese government rapidly starting devaluing the yuan. (Chines currency). Soros claims that this devaluation is putting China’s problems they are experiencing into the rest of the world.

Chinese Housing Market

Soros comments bring back the fear that hit the U.S. markets in 2008, when it was realized that that the banking industry had been too lenient with giving mortgages, to people who could not really afford to pay them. At the time, most people thought that housing prices would never drop. They were wrong and it created a major panic. This appears to be happening now in China.

China is facing a housing market bubble, similar to the one in the U.S. in 2008. It has been reported that there are “ghost cities” in China, where investors have built huge skyscraper apartment buildings, that to this day, stand empty.

How China Effects the World

Many countries buy and sell products to China. Those who sell products to China, are being hit by a downturn in demand for goods and services. In this respect, China is effecting the whole world. As economic growth cools in China, it eventually drifts to other countries who do business with them.

Recent indicators that measure fear in the equity markets, like the Chicago Board of Options (CBOE) VIX index, recently as high as 27 (a high reading) show that many people are fearful and are exiting the markets. With many countries looking at lowering their interest rates in an effort to stem the blood bath, the U.S. Fed has now started the process of raising rates. Will this lead to another recession in the U.S.?
George Soros comments only push the numbers farther and faster. His recent comments in Sri Lanka, are confirmation of most investors’ fears. China is not in negative growth yet. Many wonder how hard the U.S. equities markets will be hit when they are.


Finance, Media and Entertainment. The Brian Mulligan Way

Brian Mulligan aged 55 is the current Chief Executive Officer of Media, Sports Advisory and Entertainment Company Brooknol Advisors. In the duration of his illustrious 30 year career, Brian has served as CEO, COO, Chairman, or CFO of virtually all verticals of media and entertainment including at Universal Pictures as Co-Chairman and Fox Broadcasting as Chairman where he was in charge of the Fox TV stations group, the Fox Cable Networks, Fox sports and the business dealings of the entire Fox Network. He also held the CEO docket at Universal Television between 2002 and 2004 and served at a Fortune 50company as EVP/CFO and as SVP at MCA INC. At Strategic planning and Corporate Development Universal, Brian served as EVP while at Boston Consulting, he was Executive Advisor. Mulligan also held the Vice President slot for a Money Centre Bank in the past. As a result, Brian was key in many transactions involving media and entertainment worth more than $175 billion.

Brian has wide expertise in different fields that include recording and publishing music, Cable and cable channels, TV, sports, media, theme parks, video games and international entertainment. Brian is also a veteran in DBS and in the proper structuring of companies’ long term existence. Brian holds membership in the digital roundtable based in Los Angeles, the Institute of Sports Business, the Media Roundtable and International Entertainment. Mr. Mulligan is a reserved speaker for the entertainment and sports industry including the Aspen Sports Institute and upcoming businesses. Among the honors bestowed upon Brian is his recent inclusion in the 50 most powerful people in Hollywood by the Premier Magazine. He was also mentioned among the top 10 most prominent Hollywood Bankers in an article released by the LA business journal while Law 360 regarded him among the top investment bankers on upcoming business trends.

Brian attended the University of Southern California from where he graduated with his Business Administration degree. He proceeded to attain his Business Administration Masters from the John Anderson Management School. Brian is a known and highly rated sports writer partly because of his Brooknol Advisors sports advisory brand. Among Brian’s sports publications include the Deflategate case, Roger Goodell and his connection to cases of domestic violence in the NFL among others.
Mulligan is involved in political and charity projects such as “A Better LA” among others. He is also involved in youth sports projects development.

Sultan Alhokair A Wise Business Man

Sultan Alhokair is a Boston based financial analyst and angel investor that has accomplished much in his career, and he has a lot more yet to accomplish in his life. Sultan Alhokair went the Northeastern University to study financial accounting and business management. He knew that he wanted to make finance a part of his life career, and for that reason he focused the majority of his study on the financial sector. He later went on to graduate from Northeastern in 2009. Unlike other financial analyst and investors Sultan Alhokair has a true interest in people. He wants to help businesses and he wants to see them succeed. That is why he also studied family business management as well. Later Sultan Alhokair decided to begin to do angel investing. An angel investor is a person that gives capital for a start up business. This angel investor is truly interested in the growth of that business, and they want to help a business to be able to start off well financially.

Sultan Alhokair first begin to work at The Retail Group of America as a project manager in 2014. He is able to give his services to the fashion industry and he also gives business advice to companies that work in branding and in sales. Apart from working in retail services, Sultan Alhokair continues to work to help up start up businesses. According to CrunchBase he aims to search out and to find the best receivers of his services. He tries to look for businesses that have feasible business models, and also businesses that are going to be able to gain profits and also going to be able to sustain themselves over time.

Even though Sultan Alhokai is still a relatively young businessman, he has accomplished a lot in his career. He has enabled many business owners to start up very successful businesses, and he has also been an integral member of the retail group of America.