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Louis Chenevert’s Tips on How to Grow a Business

The one thing that drives any corporation or business is the teamwork between employees and their employer. Without collaboration, it does not matter how many people you employ in a month; your business will never grow. So, how do you guarantee that you improve yoes. One of the reasons why this is the best way to grow your business is; for staur business? The best way to do this is through investing in your employerters, you already know the people who work for you quite well. You know what they can and cannot handle. This makes it easy for you to bump up employees to the next level.


However, knowing their strengths and weakness requires you to take an interest in their lives and them individually. Secondly, investing in your employees guarantees that they acquire the best training that will enable them to work better. It also makes it easier for you to promote the employees without having to worry about training them. According to Louis Chenevert, here are some of the ways you can invest in your employees.

Optimal workplace: One of the ways you can invest in your employees is by making the workplace, somewhere they can enjoy spending time. No business owner wants to have employees who are continually looking at their watches and hoping that time would quickly fly by. Most companies have too much drama, and this ends up ruining everything for the employees. Therefore, your first step is to ensure that there are no “Debbie Downers” or “Negative Nancys” poisoning the work environment.

The second step is to make sure that you do not play any office politics, as this can quickly put people against each other. Also, make sure that you create places where your employees can have fun rather than spend the eight hours inside a cubicle.


Reward your employees: Most companies criticize the employee of the month award, but this reward has not only helped businesses recognize hard-working employees; but also motivate them to be the best. Choosing to reward your employees is an indication that you appreciate their efforts in helping you grow your business.


Remember, investing in those who work for you is not a waste of time; it is instead your best solution to grow your business.


Louis Chenevert: The Business Giant Who Took to the Sea

Louis Chenevert is passionate about building yachts, and this isn’t a surprise. He is a semi-retired from the operation of some prominent corporations such as UTC (United Technologies Corporation) as well as General Motor. He has gained massive experience in this industry. This experience makes him suitable and fit for his task of yacht building. In a recent interview, he stated that in everything he get in touch with, he is passionate about it. He declared that he loves technology and he is ever ready to try building a boat with the current advanced technology which stands to be a great challenge.

Louis Chenevert also highlighted that it is not easy to build a yacht. Building yacht takes passion and the will to dig deeper into more details on the construction process. As we speak, he has just managed to construct three yachts. These yachts include a Horizon P105, a Horizon 85 and a Hatteras 63. A Horizon P105 is the latest vessel that Chenevert has built. He named this yacht the Debbie Lou. This yacht is highly modified with electronics and commercial-grade equipment as well as a helm station that would impress any captain.

To make this construction a success, he worked with Horizon which stands to be the famous yacht company. Since the yacht builder was conversant with his previous requirements, he was able to work with them to make sure that Debbie Lou acknowledges his explicit specifications. He visited various companies based in Taiwan severally within three years. Louis Chenevert was present for a couple of months during the yacht construction as his marine surveyor intensively supervised on some of the boats structural and fiberglass work. Apart from these procedures, he comprehensively explained about the yacht in the conference calls with Horizon.

Louis Chenevert is 6 feet 6 inches in height. This height factor led him to contract this particular yacht with the proper command ergonomics and viewing angles. Louis Chenevert decided to trade notes with his captain via a mutual Dropbox account to get the best equipment specifications for safety. He Transacted CAD drawings to his captain so that he could hold virtual meetings regarding specific design detailed information that was so crucial to him.


Sheldon Lavin Achievements in the Meat and Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin is currently working for OSI Group as the chief executive officer. OSI Group offers both food and meat products. Sheldon Lavin was not part of the company when it was starting, in fact by the time he was joining it was known as Otto & Sons Company. In the 1970s is when he got involved in the company’s operations.

By the time that Sheldon Lavin joined the Otto & Sons Company it had expanded from a retail level, and it was offering wholesale services. Additionally, Otto & Sons had agreed with McDonald’s Corporations to supply meat. Also, the company was on the path of becoming the top supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s restaurants. Unfortunately, Otto & Sons were having financial difficulties, and the inadequate funds couldn’t match the demand. Luckily, Sheldon Lavin, an experienced financial advisor stepped in and filled in what was lacking in the company by giving the financial advice to the company. He secured funds for the company and his requisite knowledge poised the company for success.

Five years later Mr. Lavin started engaging in other company’s activities apart from financial advice. For example, he spearheaded the company in investing in abroad. Also, When Mr. Otto stepped down from the business activities, Mr. Lavin agreed to become an active partner of the company by partnering with Otto’s Sons. His partnering led to the rebranding of the company from Otto & Sons to OSI Group. Partnering with Lavin was a big boost to the company because his determination and experience helped the business to become one of the largest suppliers of food in the world.

After OSI Group started operating in the rest of world, Sheldon took over the company leadership, and as a result of his skills and experience, he revolutionized the food industry. His area of specializations is large-scale operations that allow the company to run heavy supply chains.

Shalom works with other like-minded, passionate people who have helped him in amassing a wealth of experience in the meat and food processing industry. He believes in teamwork, and he has made other employees of his company understand so, he is a brilliant businessman who understands the needs of customers.

Highland Capital Management Inaugurates Healthcare Fund in Asia

Highland Capital Management’s alternative investment management firm, Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd finalized a healthcare private equity fund with a whopping $147 million in total capital commitments. The private equity fund that focuses on the healthcare sector is the first project between Highland and Asia.

National Pension Service (NPS) of South Korea was the main investor in the private equity fund. The investors involved in the private equity fund proposed their specific objectives apart from the investment revenues. They wanted easier access to opportunities for co-investment to enable them to facilitate their objectives in the U.S, Korea, and China. Read more about Highland Capital at

Highland Capital will collaborate with Stonebridge Capital to co-manage the funds. Stonebridge Capital is a well-known private equity fund and venture capital firm of Korea. Highland will benefit from the partnership because the strategy of the fund is associated with the firm’s capabilities. Additionally, Highland Capital has a track record of over 15 years that is associated with healthcare companies.

The middle market healthcare sectors in both Asia and North America will be the target of the fund. Even though the healthcare sector faces difficulty that often affects the middle market companies, an evolution in reimbursement models will benefit the healthcare sector significantly.


Insights of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital is a famed SEC-registered investment adviser located in Dallas. The firm has offices in Singapore, Seoul, and New York. It has a broad client base including high net-worth individuals, corporations, endowments, financial institutions, and public pension plans. James Dandero and Mark Okada established Highland in 1993.The firm has expanded to become the best global alternative credit managers. Highland is valued at approximately $15.4 billion of assets under management together with its associates.

The Services of Highland Capital

Highland specializes in providing credit services like credit hedge funds, and collateralized loan obligation (CLO as well as long-only funds and separate accounts. Besides financial markets, the firm invests in the communities that its employees work and life. Highland is dedicated to improving their lives by encouraging volunteer programs, donating money to community organizations and the state non-profit organizations. Highland and its affiliates have contributed over $10 million to organizations globally since 2005. Visit to know more.

Paul Mampilly Giving Insights To Investors In The Food And Medical Industry

Paul Mampilly is one of the most successful investments advisers in the US and runs Profits Unlimited which is the biggest newsletter in the investment industry. Paul has previously managed multi-million dollar accounts as a hedge fund manager and has won many investment awards.

Paul has a proven track record, and all the investment advice he gives in his newsletters have very high chances of success. Mampilly can see an investment opportunity where no one else can, and according to him there is an amazing opportunity for food companies and precision medicine providers.

According to Mampilly the Millenial generations have now reached adulthood and have no skills of cooking. The reason for their lack of skills is that they were raised at a time when both their parents were working thus relied on food that were cooked elsewhere. The millennial generation based on research has an eating habit where they spend most of their time and money having dinners out more than any other generation. It is estimated that they spend over 50 dollars a week on these dinners. These categories of people are beginning to have kids and face the challenge of cooking and feeding their families. Millennials are currently purchasing foods that have recipes for homemade cooking and are healthy. One thing that investors in this industry must realize is that the millennial generations is highly educated and are aware of the market trends. They also research their food, and during their lifetime they have witnessed a rise in lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and food allergies. Food delivery companies have been thriving in the food industry not only because they provide convenience but also because they provide a healthy and nutritious meal. For this reason, Mampilly recommends that investors do purchase stocks in this type of companies.

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Another key sector that investors should be keenly interested in investing in is the medical industry and specifically on precision medicine. Precision medicine is a process where a medical doctor uses an individual’s genetic information and medical history to diagnose and treat a medical condition. Precision medicine helps improve the level of accuracy in treatment and diagnosis and allows for personalized treatment. Also using precision medicine a doctor a doctor can match ones symptoms against a large database hence it makes it easier to target an illness. This is an investment opportunity that everyday investor in the medical industry should consider buying.

Paul Mampilly is an American investor and a former hedge fund manager who has for a very long time been offering investment advice to investors in America and globally. Mampilly attended Montclair State University where he pursued a degree in BBA finance and accounting. Mampilly also holds an MBA Finance from Fordham School of Business.

Mampilly in his long, rich career has worked for several financial institutions such as the Swiss Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Asset Management.

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Vincent Parascandola: The financial leader

Senior Executive Vice President at AXA US, Vincent Parascandola is well known in the financial world. His main focus is recruiting high-value people for top positions, retention and managing of all sales developments and, producing and developing financial professionals.

Mr. Vincent Parascandola graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science from Pace University. He has more than 20 years’ worth of experience which explains why he was the person chosen to head the AXA Advisors. He has all the right skills that are required to fill up the role.

Vincent’s career started in 1987 as he was working as an agent for Prudential. While there he was prized as the National Rookie of the year. This gesture pushed him to work even harder. In 1990, Vincent went on to join MONY Life Insurance Company. He had different management and regional positions. He worked with MONY until 2004 when he took the next step and joined AXA Advisors. Vincent was the chairperson of the Advantage Group, a unit of AXA Equitable. He was then appointed as the divisional president.

Mr. Parascandola is well known for his leadership skills which have earned him numerous management awards throughout his career. Some of the awards he has received are GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. According to, he is also a public speaker who is well sought after, having spoken at numerous company and industry conferences, including LIMRA’s distribution conferences and GAMA’s National LAMP Meeting. He was once a president of the Florida chapter of GAMA and is currently a member. He also once chaired LIMRA’s distribution conferences.

AXA Advisors are in business to offer financial services such as global insurance and investment managements operating in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and North America. The company is also known for having artistic and social philanthropic initiatives whose main objective is to assist research done in bringing an end to human suffering. The AXA research fund was founded in 2008. It supports research that is focused on having a clear understanding of risks that affect the environment and human life, as well as getting solutions to these risks. To learn more about finance, subscribe to Vincent’s Vimeo channel.

David Giertz: Why You Need To Speak To Your Clients about Social Security – Advisers Need To Speak To Their Clients about Social Security

Budgetary customers incline toward the guidance of their investment in myriad ways – principally for taxes, retirement, and estate planning issues on However, one field where customers truly rely upon their financial consultants is Social Security – particularly, Social Security withdrawal needs. The accessible information exhibits the requirement for good Social Security withdrawal counsel – despite the fact that numerous Americans appear to not to be taking it seriously. Social Security may represent up to 40 percent of the whole income an average worker gets all through retirement 1. How and when to record are probably the most essential money related choices they make in their lifetimes as said by David Giertz, the Distribution and Sales for Nationwide Financial President.

With over 2,700 principles in the Social Security handbook, it is simple to perceive the reason why majority of people aren’t mindful of the options and benefits accessible to them. About three in four Americans say Social Security is their top wellspring of expected retirement wage for out-of-pocket medicinal services costs at Of those retirees overviewed, health costs keep more than 25% from their normal retirement. What’s more, the issue is deteriorating. Medicinal services costs for a an average-income healthy couple resigning one year from now where the full retirement age will take up 69 percent of their Social Security benefits on Facebook. Nevertheless, a long time from now it will hop to 98 percent, and in 20 years they would require 127 percent of their Social Security advantages to take care of their human services costs in retirement. Individuals need to examine their Social Security alternatives with a financial counselor in light of the fact that the individuals who don’t optimize their advantages can miss a great opportunity for many dollars of retirement salary.

Mr. David Giertz, likewise refereed as Dave, has been the Vice President of Nationwide Life Insurance Company and Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales from April 3, 2013. Mr. Giertz has been President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. since March 2013. Mr. Giertz additionally is the President, Senior Vice President and Director for a few other nationwide organizations.

WSJ Wealth Adviser’s Columnist Interviews David Giertz

David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. has nearly 29 years of expertise as a licensed broker and financial advisor. His career in the investment and banking industry began in 1988 while working for Skokie Federal Savings, Money Securities Corporation, and The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. He also worked for Financial Horizons Securities, Citicorp Investment Services, FI/WH, and Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Throughout his career on, he has helped thousands of consumers with financial planning for future retirement, investing, and other services.

In 2014, Mr. David Giertz focused his attention on the importance of financial advisers to discuss social security with their clients; and shares his viewpoint in an WSJ Wealth Adviser interview with Columnist Veronica Dagher. During the interview, David Giertz discussed the necessity of financial planners to talk to their clients about social security. In a study conducted by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, 900 consumers the age of 50 or older were surveyed and stated they were not told about social security by their advisor at Mr. Giertz said that from the prospective of an advisor, it’s very significant from a retention prospective after the survey revealed that four out of five consumers said they would change advisors if their financial advisor didn’t discuss social security.

The reasoning behind David Giertz assessment about social security counselling is the complexity of its handbook, which has 2700 rules. He says it’s a lot to comprehend and part of it is understanding and confidence around those rules. Advisors need to take interest into the situation, he said, because they are part of the retirement planning process. Giertz also emphasized on the survey finding that retirees who withdrew social security too soon could possibly loss up to $300,000 over a 25-year timeframe. He ended the interview by saying social security must be discussed with clients to optimize their retirement income.

Amicable Stock-Based Loans from the Equities First Holdings

Equities first Holdings based in the United States, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, and London is the foremost finance shareholder and global lender. ETH is a provider of loans that is well known all over the world from its diverse and international lending and financial solutions. ETH has been in operation for the last fourteen years. Clients from the Equities First Holdings are provided with countless alternative solutions to their financial problems, and this helps them in meeting their capital goals.

ETH is known to specialize in loans based on stocks. There are minimal restrictions associated with this type of loan, the stock-based loans. And thus the money can be used for various reasons. Borrows from the Stock based loans are expected to pay exceptionally low fixed interests rates that go below four percentage. However, the risks associated with all types of loans, with ETH borrowers can undertake transactions and walk away free from commitments.

The EFH whose headquarters are based in Indiana and Indianapolis and established in 2002 has been able to assets worth over forty million dollars.

The ETH has offered extensive benefits to startups exploring alternatives for innovation. The organization helps them in different ways of interchanging with economic climates as well as securing loans for the newly formed business ventures. EFH provides fast cash with minimum approval hassles. Business owners have unlimited choices to acquire loans from EFH with their business stock as their collaterals. Equities First Holding is committed to its prime mission to provide clients with maximum benefits with the least amount of risk possible in their effort to help their customers meet their personal and financial goals. Equities First Holdings depends on guidance from the institutions of trading. The organization counts on integrity as their code.

The amicable loan services from Equities First Holdings as a lender have played a significant role in their consistent growing trend for borrowers using stock as their Loan collaterals for the security of their working capital.

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The International Trust Law Firm, Cone Marshall

Law firms can be found anywhere, but you must hire the right law firm at the right time for your specific needs. Cone Marshall does an amazing job at dealing with a wide array of legal issues. If you have issues with your tax or trust, Cone Marshall can help you out.

Leading Law Firm

Cone Marshall is a leading law firm founded by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall in New Zealand. Cone Marshall is an international trust law and tax law firm. Karen Marshall worked in the law field in London for ten years before founding Cone Marshall. She worked for a Commercial Litigation department in London as well. Since 2006, Geoff Cone and Karen Marshall have been the principal of Cone Marshall. Karen Marshall has a lot of experience dealing with trusts in general.

Experienced Founders

Geoffrey Cone has been giving advice on trust management services since 1980. He has also worked in the international tax and trust planning field for decades. Cone Marshall was created to assist their clients in establishing trusts, companies, partnerships in New Zealand. The firm also provides global tax and wealth planning advice. Mr. Cone has received important recognition in the field of law as well.

Global Reach

This law company is a company with global reach, which means stability and power. These things are important for any legal firm out there. Cone Marshall does not seek any private clients, rather, this company provides services to family advisers, attorneys, private banks, and many other institutions located outside of New Zealand so that they can get aid in planning for their very own clients as well. Your inquiries will be considered confidential. These inquiries will also be protected by a legal professional privilege as well. Cone Marshall has around 50 employees, and it also has private capital.

As you can see, this amazing law firm is here to stay for a long time. Remember that Cone Marshall can help you out if you have problems related to taxes and trusts. The people behind this firm have extensive experience in the fields of law, taxes, and trusts, and you will be in good hands at all times. With experienced founders and an outstanding record of success, Cone Marshall can give you what you need when you need it most. The global business landscape is tougher than ever, but Cone Marshall will help you deal with this quickly and easily.