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How James River Capital has Redefined Funding Process in the Business World

Did you know that lack of funding is one of the reasons why many companies fail? James River Capital, as a company has been instrumental in helping companies to find the best funding options. According to the executives from the venture company, there is a huge need for better funding options. The company, however, acknowledges that potential investors do not always accept a brilliant business idea or a funding pitch on the first attempt.


Fortunately, through the company, the executives help the business owners and executives in preparing proposals that are not only convincing but also truthful. Paul Saunders points out that helping companies in this important area defined the reason why they are in existence as a company. 


For the last two and a half decades, the company has worked with dozens of companies in designing and restructuring funding proposals. Due to James River Capital’s commitment in this area, the company is fortunate to be the first-ever entity in the world of investment management to serve both mid-sized companies and start-ups.


Paul Saunders believes that the diversity the company has adapted to helping companies has enabled them to work with all types of businesses and business professionals. In multiple reports on investment management, James River Capital has illustrated the importance of consistency in this unique market. 


In addition to the company’s consistency in this market, there are other reasons why thousands of businesses trust James River Capital. The first reason why the company is one of the most trusted companies in the venture markets is its philosophy towards work. Over the years, the company has illustrated its commitment to creating programs that are not only efficient but also client-centered. 

Paul Saunders points out that creating programs that their clients can associate with was one of the reasons why he acquired the company. The process of creating client-centered programs is detailed, and more importantly, it is a research-based approach. Currently, James River Capital has tens of different programs for different types of clients.


James River Capital is also home to some of the best professionals, who apart from being qualified on different niches, are passionate about problem-solving. Paul Saunders, one of the executive members, believes that having the right professionals have worked for the company in the following ways. The company, for example, have a better understanding of different trends in the world of investment. Learn more:


Trends such as global geopolitics have affected the business space on the global scene. Thanks to a knowledgeable management team, the company has protected its clients from uncertainty. Second, thanks to experience, the professionals at this company know what is doable and what is not and therefore eliminating a grey area for experimentation. Finally, Saunders believes that working in a space where employees are passionate about finding solutions explains the reasons why the company is making huge progress in investment management. 

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The Interesting Interview With Mark Beer

The field of medical science is a new and exciting place to be in the 21st century. With medical advances, once deadly diseases such as Breast Cancer and late-stage Coronary Artery Diseases can be managed and even fully treated. One person that has been at the forefront of this advancement is Mark Beer. Currently, Mark Beer is the CEO and Co-Founder of Renovia, a new startup company aimed at helping women with pelvic floor health issues. 

Before starting Renovia, Beer was already in the medical science industry in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology branches. He recently did an interview with to talk about some of his experiences in the medical science field. Learn more:

The interviewer first asks Mark Beer is what inspired him to start in the medical science field and his new company Renovia. He answers by telling the interviewer that he was always fascinated by the fact that medicine could heal a person growing up, and wanted to be apart of something so life-changing for everyone involved. When it comes to Renovia, he says that a doctor named Dr. Sam Pulliam approached him about the idea and how it could be life-changing for over 13 million women. Beer, Dr. Pulliam, and another, Dr. Jose Bohorquez worked on research and securing funding for this new project once they realized the potential that Renovia could have not only for the business market but for women’s health.

While owning a business can be rewarding, the interviewer asks Beer a very important question about how he makes money and when was Renovia profitable. The first part of the question is answered by Beer saying that Renovia is not profitable at the moment so he and his Co-Founders do not make money off of the company at this point. It is in the early startup phase and gets most of its money from venture funding. While this may seem discouraging, Beer states that it takes time for a medical science company to make money because they can not cut corners like other businesses. Even though Renovia is not profitable, Beer says that it may take up to 10 years for a company to see a profit. 

Running a business can be rewarding. However, there are some things that Mark Beer does not enjoy about the business sector. He says that the hardest thing he had to do when asked by the interviewer is firing people. While he understands that this is necessary for a company to run functionally, it is heartbreaking because people depend on their jobs.

The last question that the interviewer asks Beer is about what inspires him. He answers the question by telling the interviewer that books written by or about Warren Buffet really help him to keep going with his business. 


OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions may not be listed among large American Food firms like Ford Motor Company, The Home Depot, Coca-Cola or Walmart, but they’ve been around for over 100 years. Indeed, OSI Food Solutions has received many kudos and industry awards over the years for its impressive achievements. Whether it is tackling sustainability or energy efficiency issues at their factories and processing plants, OSI has been in the prominent food business since the early 20th century. In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky started a meat shop that served many locals in Oak Park, Illinois. Kolschowsky was a German immigrant. Indeed, OSI Food Solutions and its CEO, Sheldon Levin had worked hard to uphold Otto’s excellent business reputation since Lavin took hold of the reigns in the ’70s, when the company was called Otto and Sons.

For Otto Kolschowsky, he left a legacy of a food company in place. In the early 1900-s, Kolschowsky’s meat shop began to increase in the family size and with sales. Otto decided to rename his shop to Otto & Sons in 1928. Sheldon Lavin became a crucial part of Otto & Sons in the mid-70s after hatching some important business dealing with the Kolschowsky family. At the time, the meat company’s name changed to OSI Food Solutions from Otto & Sons around the same time Sheldon Lavin took over the company. Otto Kolschowsky’s family had also been able to become one of the big food suppliers as well, which allowed the meat company to grow along with McDonald’s.

When OSI Food Industries name changed, Sheldon Lavin was part of this component as well. Fast forward to today and OSI is a billion dollar international food firm that sells OSI sells foods like poultry, fish, condiments, specialty-dough, mayonnaise, vegetables, vegetable based products, and also pork. OSI also serves customers and stakeholders on a global scale. They have also purchased European food companies not long ago like BAHO Foods. They also acquired Flagship Europe. Indeed, Flagship Europe, a subsidiary of Flagship Food Group, is a food service firm situated in the UK. Flagship is involved with foodstuffs like pies, dressings, mayonnaise, frozen poultry, and more. Click here.

U.S. Money Reserve: How Much Longer Will The Penny Be Around

U.S. Reserve is a creator of precious metals, coins and legal tender. The company standouts amongst other mint producers in the United States. They can be found in Austin, Texas. Numerous individuals seeking their products visit this mint maker every year. A knowledgeable and reliable mint producer U.S. Money Reserve is but their services extend beyond that. An economic expert is what this mint maker has evolved into. Subjects about money, especially currency, is something this company can speak on well.

Out of all the coins the penny is perhaps the most well known. It’s brown color makes it different from the other coins in the U.S. currency. Truth be told, the penny was one of the main coins of our country’s currency system. The penny is recognizable in different nations. For a considerable length of time, the penny has been a staple of economies. Read more:  US Money Reserve INC | BBB and US Money Reserve President Discusses The Elimination of Penny

Digital and computerization is the way the world is functioning. Cash money is not being used as much as it used to be. Thus, some question what will become of cash money and coins like the penny. How much longer will the penny be around?

Those that believe the need and want for the penny is no longer in existence are stating how the world is advancing and does not need this coin anymore. Some feel as though eliminating the penny would be a smart move. Other forms of digital payments is becoming more common, is very efficient, is convenient and sometimes easier to use than cash.

Other people who want the penny to stay feel strongly about the disposal of the penny. These same individuals see that the penny may not be as common as it use to be. But they believe the penny is still a utilized coin.

Pennies are still apart of the economy and are used throughout the day each day. Pennies are especially utilized for giving to charity through small donations. This is the most common type of coin donated. Removal of the penny could cut back on the amount of money that is donated to people in need.

U.S. Reserve offers great advice to people seeking information about money, the economy and investing. They understand the issue of the elimination of the penny.

They understand how it would affect economies around the world. There is no definite answer on how long the penny will be around but for now, it still exists.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Marc Beers Expertise To Push LumeNXT To Greater Heights

LumeNXT, Inc announced that seasoned business leader Marc Beer will be its new Chairman of the Board. The firm specializes in the research and development of exclusive and natively patented surgical illumination products for minimally invasive procedures. Marc will bring with him almost three decades of solid experience and expertise in business development and commercialization in the fields of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and diagnostics with his latest leadership function.


Paul Rhyne, one of the founders of LumeNXT believes that Marc Beer has high levels of success in various startup companies that he has led through various growth stages. Rhyne values Beer’s vast experience in building companies and gearing those companies through international commercial releases and to the road of profitability. Marc Beer is also excited to be working with LumeNXT.


He said that he is proud that he will be working side by side with a team of committed and accomplished experts composed of engineers and surgeons. This is the team who has developed the proprietary product line that brought innovation and advancement in the field of surgical illumination through the company’s very own technology. Marc believes that the advances introduced by LumeNXT are crucial in the safety of the patients and professionals in conduction surgeries.


Marc is in line with the company and its perspective on the crucial role of its technology. He said that with LumeNXT’s technology, more surgeries performed using minimally invasive techniques will be carried out in the future. Surgeons that utilize targeted and guided illumination discovered that the technology helps them improve visualization and precision.


It also helps them to be flexible during the procedure compared to the customary and old school surgical procedures. LumeNXT, through its proprietary technology, provides an advanced illumination platform utilized as a heat-reduction tool to enhance surgical precision, more affordable and disposable alternatives, and safety through improved visualization.


Marc Beer is the founder and chief executive officer of Renovia Incorporated. He established the company with the objective of discovering and developing the first line of digital diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices for women who are suffering from PFD or pelvic floor disorder. Marc also founded and served as the chairman and driving force behind Minerva Neurosciences Inc. the company specializes in the development of a line of product candidates to find a cure for CNS or central nervous system diseases.


The company also conducts several late-stage clinical trials and develops advanced and innovative powerful compounds for various CNS diseases. This includes mood disorders, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, major depressive disorders, and insomnia among others.


Marc Beer also held several leadership roles in the biopharmaceutical industry before Minerva Neurosciences Inc. His leadership was instrumental for the commercial launches responding to rare diseases on a massive and global level, acquisitions, international growth, and IPOs. Learn more:

LumeN XT announces Marc Beer Chairman of the Board

LumeN XT has named Mr. Marc as the new chairperson of this entity. In its basic operations, this firm deal with the development of the surgical illumination items that are used in the slight invasive surgical operations. Marc has a wide-ranging experience that extends for more than 25 years in the field of biotechnology. To this end, he is well versed when it comes to commercialization and development of surgical tools.


According to a proxy statement that was released by Mr. Marc, he expressed his gratitude to the team lumeNTX following its commitment to the provision of incomparable services in the market. However, he is positive that this success would not be attained without the devotion and willingness of the other engineers and other medical practitioners. Boiled down, these stakeholders have worked tirelessly to ensure that the surgical devices are advanced to reach greater heights while on the same note, ensuring that they are safe than anything else that was in use before. This implies that the development and improvement of illumination tools will continue to develop, and the performance of the lesser invasive surgical processes will be at its best.


His Experiences


Before he established lumeNTX, Mr. Beer served as the co-founder of the chairperson of the Minerva, which is a neuroscience Inc. In its primary operation, this firm deals with the development of neurosurgical devices. That are used to handle the central nervous system issues. He has also worked with other firms where he was responsible for the control and management of chronic diseases. To this end, he has been able to establish and support various medical institutions dealing with such issues. For instance, during his 11th year of work, Beer was able to guide the establishment of surgical tools that can help to establish issues affecting the women in their pelvic floor. During his last tenure with the Canadian Coloplast, he basically focused on the cross-functional synergies, custom integrated measures and the general strategies of this unit.


His Philanthropic Initiatives


Notably, Mr. Beer is among some of the most devoted leaders when it comes to giving back to the community he serves. As such, he uses the best part of his ability and expertise to help the community. His devotion and willingness to reach out the disadvantaged in the community has placed him in the various organization where he helps to show the way as the rest of the members’ step in to support his initiatives. However, this can be said to be the tip of the iceberg. This is because he has helped many individuals to deal with some of the most challenging ailments and on the same note, he has other initiatives that are meant to reach out to a significant number of clients how are in need of health services. Learn more:

Marc Beer Joins the LumeNXT Family

Marc Beer, a renowned serial entrepreneur, and healthcare startup expert has been appointed to head the LumeNXT, Inc. Board. Beer joins the LumeNXT family as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. LumeNXT, Inc is a privately held company that deals with the development of surgical illumination devices that help enhance minimally invasive surgeries. The board of management of LumeNXT Inc saw Beer as the right candidate to fill the position since he had more than three decades worth of industry experience. Also, Beer was a specialist in device development and commercialization and had successfully helped start and grow numerous companies in the healthcare sector.

Marc Beer, while commenting on his appointment, said that he was very proud to have joined the LumeNXT dedicated and committed family. The family comprises of surgeons and engineers who work tirelessly to invent new technologies in the field of surgical illumination. Beer added that LumeNXT proprietary technology is of considerable significance as it has made surgeries safer. The firm relevance is going to be seen as more and more operations are performed with the minimally invasive technique that the firm prides itself in said Beer.

The targeted illumination technique that the firm has developed has helped enhance visualization, accuracy, and flexibility of surgeries as opposed to the traditional methods that were more difficult to achieve. The lumeNXT technology uses an advanced illumination technique known as the heat reduction mechanism. The mechanism helps improve surgical accuracy allows for low disposable cost options as well as enhances safety by boosting the visualization.

Paul Rhyne, the Co-founder of LumeNXT, Inc also made a statement in regards to Beer appointment. Rhyne said that Beer track record speaks for itself. He has been able to establish multiple companies successfully and has helped steer them to greater heights. Beer vast experience and in-depth knowledge in the industry will go a long way in ensuring that LumeNXT grows and becomes a profitable enterprise with global recognition.

About LumeNXT, Inc

LumeNXT, Inc is a private for-profit surgical device development company that utilizes highly innovative lighting technique and heat mechanism on its products. The firm creative innovations have gone a long way in ensuring that minimally invasive surgeries are more precise, efficient, and safe. Paul Rhyne serves at the helm of the company as the CEO and Co-founder.

About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is a seasoned businessman who has earned a reputation in the healthcare sector by successfully establishing multiple companies. Beer currently serves at the helm of Renovia Inc as the co-founder and CEO. Renovia Inc is a healthcare startup company that focuses on the development of diagnostic and therapeutic products for the care and treatment of pelvic floor disorders that affects millions of women worldwide. Besides Renovia Beer is the founder of ViaCell a biotechnology firm that he founded in 2000 and later sold it to Perkin Elmer in 2007. Beer has also served in senior capacities at Genzyme and Abbott Laboratories among others.

The Era of Marc Beer

Marc Beer is one of the better executives in healthcare. Recently, he has been appointed by LumeNXT Inc as the chairman of the board. The company specializes in development of surgical illumination for minimal invasive surgeries. With more than two decades as an executive in different capacities, Mark knows what it takes to get the job done. He also understands the value of good healthcare and how to make the lives of people easier. Target illumination is really great for surgeons because they need to be accurate in everything they do concerning the human body. As a surgeon, target illumination makes everything easier because it allows flexibility, increases visualisation and more. This is not his first rodeo, he has guided companies Like ViaCell, Renovia and multiple other startups to a successful state. As a result of his previous successes, there was no question how much value he could add to LumeNXT. Before Renovia and LumeNXT, he was the chair executive of Minerva, a company specialized in curing central nervous diseases. In other capacities, he’s also been the chairman of the board of directors of compensation committees and a member of the board of tertiary institutions in Florida. As an entrepreneur different things excite him, one of which is the disruptive nature of unconventional startups. According to him startups like Tesla and Airbnb have made waves in respective industries forming a new way of thinking and pushing the boundaries of what is considered normal. As a result their own conforming nature makes them stand out and thrive in profit at an impeccable level. That’s one thing he’s trying to achieve at LumeNXT and Renovia. He highlights that to get the best results you need the best people and as a CEO, he prides himself on taking time to recruit those individuals that can meet his short-term and long-term goals. His strive for success is unparalleled and he brings ideas to life by crossing his T’s and dotting his I’s. When bringing an idea to life, he makes sure that he understands the legal, financial and commercial implications of the product. In future, hopes the role of digital healthcare becomes the norm and surpasses conventional healthcare. It might take a decade or two for this changes to happen, but he notes that it will be remarkable for saving lives and increasing profits of his company. To increase efficiency, he makes sure that resource allocation is perfect and there is no wastage. This allows every department get sufficient resources to foster the development of a product. As a result it promotes efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more:

Founder of James River Capital on Managing Burnout

James River Capital Corp. is an independent investment company founded by the current Chairman and CEO Paul Sanders. Initially, the company was a department of Kidder, Peabody & Co. before being acquired by Sander in 1995 as an investment firm. Paul Sanders graduated with a BA from the University of Virginia and received an MBA from Chicago University. His role in the company has contributed to many diversification achievements due to his experience in the business as well as a rigid executive team behind him.


Helping Employees Fight Burnout


Paul Sanders in one of his articles highlights some of the crucial elements to help employees prevent the impacts of burnout. Burnout is a condition where employees undergo physical and emotional fatigue resulting from overworking or work-related stress. Despite humans being able to deal with anxiety naturally, some may exceed leading to lethargy, cynicism and reduced productivity. Some of the signs of burnout include loss of confidence, change in attitude and laziness much resulting from underappreciated employees in the company.


Tips to Prevent Burnout




Paul Sanders encourages employers to provide employees with a sense of control through enabling them to express their opinions while avoiding constrictions which make them feel helpless. For instance, employees should be given about 10-15 minutes to highlight some of the day’s objectives to accomplish thus motivating a degree of control during the workday. Stiff policies and tight schedules should always be avoided at any given time as they contribute to a reduced sense of control.




Negativity and antipathy at work from the management are other causes of burnout due to situations such as improper compensations and denied promotions. The administration should always be open in communication while offering precise results or feedbacks to the staff hence encouraging transparency. Besides, employees should be valued and treated equally at all times while notifying them on changes, and progresses of the company.


Providing Support in Managing Stresses


Long-term stresses are the most common causes of burnout resulting from employee work-related exhaustion. Sanders suggests that employers should always provide support services to help their employees manage stress through strategies such as workshops, strengthening communication and vacations or day off work. For instance, Sanders has offered his employees a free gym to make them work out and relax as a measure to prevent cases of burnout.


Regaining Confidence


Confidence is crucial for employees in any given company as it keeps them working hence enhancing operations. Employees with reduced confidence end up disengaging with work as well as struggling to keep up with the activities. As such it is essential to provide support to them through being honest, proactive and flexible as well as helping them in developing their goals at work. Similarly, help them in achieving their daily objectives which would eventually regain their confidence while maximizing company performance. Learn more:


Max Salk: A Successful Photographer And Finance Executive

Becoming an investment analyst is not easy. Max Salk has been in this complex career for years. The businessman, who graduated with his degree in finance from the popular University of Illinois several years ago, has practiced in many organizations. His first working position was given by a company called Morning Star. After serving in the organization for only ten months, the finance executive got an appointment letter to serve at PPM America. After working in this company for three years, the businessman realized that he could perform well in financial markets and trade.

Starting a company

After working in finance for a long time, Max Salk started to diversify in his career life. The businessman ventured into landscape photography, an area that excites him up to date. During one of his trips in the Netherlands more than nine years ago, the executive went out for a walk, and he captured some few shots in the harbors. The foggy morning photographs caught the attention of many people, and this motivated him to always carry a digital camera whenever he was travelling. Max Salk loves travelling, and this gives him the photography scenes he is looking for.

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A normal day in the life of Max Salk

Being in finance and photography has never been easy for the successful businessman. For years, the businessman has been forced to plan his day well in the morning so that he does not neglect his family or any of his projects. After waking up early, Max checks the emails he has to reply before he gets out of his bed. Max doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on the road when travelling to work. This gives him adequate time to have with his family before he rushes to the office.

The team in his office is very important to him. These are the employees who help him to transform his ideas into business, and he treats them in the best way. Before he can start his busy schedules, the businessman speaks to them so that he can understand what is happening around them. His day in the office ends very late sometimes.