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Women Who Won’t Let You Be Sexist Against Them

Many women these days are taking feminism to the next level. There are women who are empowered by the work they do, and they won’t take any crap from a man, especially those who feel they want to put them down because they are a woman. Strong Women Of Power. One woman in particular who does not take any crap from people where men are concerned, is Ariana Grade. Ariana has been labeled as the ex of Big Sean, and she has spoken out against this recently. Ariana feels that she shouldn’t be labeled as a man’s ex-girlfriend, instead she should be labeled as a great singer, and nothing attached to a man.

Taylor Swift even had her moment with someone who seemed to be sexist. They said it seemed as if she was boy crazy because of the songs that she wrote, but Taylor begs to differ. Taylor stated that if a man wrote songs about women, he is never assumed to be girl crazy, but if it’s a woman, she’s clingy, desperate, and people judge her.

Qnet suggests that everyone knows that Beyoncé is all about girl power, and although she stays strong with her husband, she is no one to be sexist against. Beyoncé is now more powerful than her husband, and she has made a name for herself in the music business. Beyoncé made a song in the past with her fellow bandmates called “Independent Woman,” so you know she’s all about being independent.