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Seacrest In: The Making of a Famous Personality

Born in 1974, Ryan John Seacrest has become one of the most famous personalities in history. He is most known for his newly-launched menswear and hosting duties on American Idol. However, Seacrest has done more in his long career than one singing competition.

As a young child, Seacrest knew what he wanted to do as a grown up, be a radio personality. He actually had his first radio show on air during the 1990s in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Later, he went to college, but did not stay. Seacrest left college before graduating because he wanted to start his career. He knew if he wanted to become a radio personality, he had to go to Hollywood.

One of his first jobs in Hollywood was hosting a radio show called Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home. He did find other jobs during the 1990s like a kids’ show called Click.

It wasn’t until that 2002, when Seacrest got the big break he dreamed he would get. He co-hosted American Idol. He would later get the hosting duties to himself. Seacrest didn’t rest on his newfound American Idol fame. Instead, he worked hard to acquired one job after another. For instance, he became the host of the American Top 40 and On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

He worked on television shows besides Idol too. In 2005, he began working with his idol, Dick Clark, on the New Year’s Eve specials. He hosted E! News show until 2011. He was chosen by NBC to help with their summer Olympics coverage in London and hosted a game show.

Ryan Seacrest ventured into producing too. His company produced a variety of reality television shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He’s won an Emmy award for producing a cooking show called Food Revolution.

Seacrest has never been a star who thought solely about himself. He’s used his fame to help other people. For instance, he created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to help children in pediatric hospital. He’s opened fully operational broadcast media centers called Seacrest Studios. The studios are a positive aid in the healing process during their time in the hospital.

Lime Crime Makeup Blends Polly, Glam And Sentimentality In Pocket Candy Palettes

It’s all about the pretty and Polly, and Lime Crime makeup brand has gone all out to make their cosmetics fun, bright and nostalgic.

If you recall Polly Pocket’s line of super popular dolls and accessories, then you will absolutely love the fashionable new eyeshadow/blush combo palettes that Lime Crime has just released to the world. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palettes are all the rage and come available in three sexy palettes.

The palettes feature five, full-sized shadows each and come housed in beautiful, vibrant plastic compacts with a great mirror. The shadows can be used as either a blush, eyeshadow or both. The Pocket Candy Palettes are sold in hot pink Sugar Plum, soft pastel Bubblegum and coral-y warm Pink Lemonade. The shades are all gorgeous and packed with pigment, texture and longlasting results.

Each Pocket Candy Palette is sold by Lime Crime for $34 or as a triple bundle for $80. The extra details make these makeup palettes uber popular. The shadows are high quality and offer sparkles and matte and shimmer formulas that you can mix and match.

The compacts are not only colorful and eye-catching, but they also fit in your pocket like the famous Polly Pocket dolls in their pocket-size cases from the 1990s. Best of all, you can check out Lime Crime’s amazing Instagram page to get some makeup inspiration. There, you will see fans modeling the eyeshadows and blushes in various combinations.

Lime Crime cosmetics is always on the edge of fresh and modern; it’s makeup that allows women and men to define their own standards of beauty. It’s bold, strong makeup that empowers whoever puts it on, and it’s certified vegan and cruelty-free. The makeup line has gone from streetwear to red carpet wear and gains popularity each day. LimeCrimeMakeup Instagram has reached more than 3.2 million followers, and the fan base is a global one.

Lime Crime also sells fab hair dye and is now offering the brand’s Unicorn Queen Collection of stunning highlights and lip toppers (Diamond Crushers).

Snagging the Limelight with Lime Crime

If you haven’t seen Riverdale, Netflix’s saucy spin on the classic comic book, Archie and Friends, you are missing out – on a whirl of a tale and on Cheryl Blossom slaying the red lip game! Each time Cheryl hits the scene, we get an eyeful of fiery red, with her little, red pout at the center. The best thing about her rich, red velvet look is that it can be yours too! Lime Crime’s ultimate red lipstick, Red Velvet, is the exact same lipstick Cheryl wears and is available for only twenty bucks!

While Cheryl Blossom definitely does the Red Velvet shade justice, your perfect shade may be one of the many other fabulous shades available on Lime Crime’s website. Bloodmoon is a deep burgundy, fantastic for a dark, nighttime look. Or perhaps you would prefer a sweeter look? Marshmallow could be just the shade for you!

Whichever you choose, Lime Crime’s entire collection of products all work fantastically together! Check out their Pocket Candy and Venus Palettes, to find the perfect shade that will complement whichever lip you choose. Feeling as bold and as daring as Riverdale’s Cheryl Blossom? Give the Red Velvet a whirl! Try pairing it with the alluring shades found in the Venus Palette. These shadows allow for a sophisticated blend that can really add depth to your look! Sassy, sexy, and seductive are just a few words that come to mind, with these titillating color combinations!

Perhaps a more glitzy look is preferred, for a fabulous night out with the girls. Dab a bit of Diamond Dew on your lids, to make your eyes really sparkle! Pairing these dewy lids with the Red Velvet lipstick makes for a wonderful holiday look. Whatever look or shade you pair it with, Diamond Dew is sure to light up your face and make you the life of the party. It’ll be a crime how great you look!

Lime Crime has a unique collection, with something perfect for everyone. Cheryl Blossom’s perfect shade is Red Velvet.

What’s yours?

Lime Crime Launching A New Product Line

Lime Crime is by far one of the most unique brands in the world of makeup. There’s so much that has happened for this company over the past few years sine they launched back in 2008. Today, they are known for being the most outgoing and most “out there” brand because of their colors and unique different ways they helped women shine with their makeup. The company is known for being out of this world. Their product options range from colors you probably didn’t even know existed. This is a brand worth buying quality makeup from. The key is to know what the differences are.


The best new thing thats coming from this brand is their new Unicorn Hair Dye that offers their fans with new hair dye that provides a very unique set of options. With more than 13 different hair colors and shades, you’re going to love the variety that this is going to give you and the wide range of things you can do with this. Lime Crime wants to revolutionize the way we all do makeup and our hair, and so they combined this new addition to the brand to give fans what they have always wanted. People love changing their makeup and going all out with their hair, so this is a great way to make Lime Crime reach out to more people on expressing their personality.


The brand is highly known for creating quality products, and this product line is no different than anything else. What makes this new product set so exciting is that the products are semi-permanent in the fact that they can stay on the hair for several days. When they fade away, it will remain beautiful on the hair because they are known for sticking onto the hair and lasting with quality no matter what.



They are now trying to reach out to more people, and this product line is going to be capable of giving you what you need and when you need it. Join the fun and enjoy top quality nice looking hair through the power of this fun new product.

Fabletics as a top destination for fashion-forward clothing

Fabletics has increasingly grown to become a leading place for online shoppers. Through its VIP membership, users can get up to 50% off their regular prices. Shoppers are also not tied down to the monthly bill. If you decide that you cannot afford clothing for that month and want to purchase another outfit in the coming month, you have the freedom not to pay for that month. All you have to do is to go and skip payment for that month; there will be no charge at all credited from your account. VIP members can also receive an early invitation and access to the latest collections. Individual sales, collections and many fashion-forward accessories for every woman are available.


If you want to look good today or want an activewear that complements you, then you can take a look at their main site today. Simply take a short time and browse through the company’s store to see what Kate Hudson has in store for you. The whole online process is fast and straightforward; you can take a personality quiz for the company to find out you tastes and likes. The company will then propose some of the best outfits that will fit perfectly for you.


Fabletics is an opportunity to ignore the highly priced competitors in the market today. All you have to do is to take some time and look at their main website. For newbies that sign up for membership, one gets their first outfit at a massive discount of $25. You have nothing to lose with this great offer. Check it out, and you will not be sorry about it.


Once you become a VIP member of Fabletics, you will be charged $49.95 every month as a membership fee. However, this price comes with several discounts you are likely to receive for the clothing items you will purchase. Customers that have experienced the cuts have reportedly noted that they have purchased their clothing at a discounted fee of close to 50%. If you want to get in trendy wear at your doorstep every coming month, then subscribing for Fabletics membership is the way to go.


Fabletics is the most recommended shopping destination for almost every season. The current winter months has seen the company design multi-purpose winter-layered outfits that are both fashionable and stylish. There is nothing as good as an outfit that motivates you. You always have to remember that working out is for the good of your body. A proper nature of your mind and soul is largely dependent on how you look at yourself and how you dress.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves 👊🏼

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