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Yeonmi Park Speaks Out Confidently

The nation of North Korea remains one of the world’s most secretive societies. Many people living here face all kinds of problems that are usually the result of poor state leadership. This has led to people to do all they can to escape as soon as possible. One person who has gone through the escape process is Yeonmi Park. Park is a native of this isolated nation and someone who spent her formative years right here. Once escaping, Yeonmi has done her best to speak out about conditions in her native land and how they have been detrimental for the needs of most ordinary people living there.
Her Remarkable Courage

It took a great deal of courage for her and her mother to leave North Korea. The borders between North and South Korea as well as the border between North Korea and China are heavily guarded, making it hard for people to leave even if they wish to leave. Some people have questioned her story in some of the details. As a recent story in Reason Magazine reminds us, she has changed some of the details of her story in order to help protect her family members from possible retaliation by authorities who have been known to punish family members for the actions of those who have left this land.

Speaking Out

Speaking out has not always been easy for Park and yet she has. She knows the importance of continuing to draw attention to this part of the world so that pressure can be put on the leaders living there to change the society for the better. She is hopeful that her message will get out to the world and get out to those living in North Korea that escape is possible and that change may also be on the horizon. She knows that she can really make a difference in the lives of those living in the nation in order to help push for a better North Korea. She really intends to keep speaking out using Youtube as platform to people all over the world and to keep telling her amazing story.