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Solving Food Production Issues With OSI Food Solutions

The food production industry is diverse and difficult. There are so many intricate moving parts to the food production industry. From the original concept of a food to getting it to the consumer, is a process that takes many months and sometimes years to develop. This industry is tough for business people. Many different types of businesses like supermarkets, restaurants, logistic companies, and private label brands are all apart of this diverse industry. All of these different companies work together to get food onto the consumer’s plate. OSI Food Solutions is one of these companies.

For over a century, OSI Food Solutions has created many solutions to the ever-evolving food production industry. Their mission has always been to put the customer first. Priding themselves on best customer service has allowed the company to become so successful. Understanding the needs of their customers has allowed them to develop a line of products and acquire smaller businesses that allow them to reach into other customer markets. OSI Food Solutions is all about being a successful company that creates solutions for their partners, clients, and customers. The company wants to be a model company that showcases and lives by a high standard. Today, they are focused on being sustainable. Sustainability for them means making sure their facilities do not leave a harmful impact on the earth.

Sustainability for them means having food production processes that do not pollute the environment. The company is traveling to each country where they have facilities and creating a strategy of becoming a food production company that cares about the environment. OSI Food Solutions is a leading company that is committed to making sure their customers are taken care of. They work extremely hard for their logistics partners by making sure their deliveries are to the exact destinations on time. They purchase smaller brands and add them to their family of companies. They want people to be assured they’re a company that is concerned with the environment. Additionally, they want consumers to enjoy the food they produce. Overall, their mission is to create new food solutions for everyone involved in the food production industry.

Start It Up With Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a consultant who specializes in start up businesses. He is based in Melbourne and has decades of experience in management and business establishments throughout Australia’s southern coast.

The experience that Luke has helps businesses with strategizing their next move. As an alumni of the Business School at Melbourne, Luke Lazarus graduated with his MBA before turning 25.

Over the past decade, the start up consultant has made a name for himself. He believes that his wide array of experience strengthens his presence. Whether a company is establishing or reworking a vision, his goal is to help them see it through successfully.

His vision for helping clients can be broken down into six sections: Business planning, investor presentation, market research insights, market plans, financial projections and operational improvements. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile |  and Luke Lazarus| Medium

Luke Lazarus says his day begins with self-care by way of meditation. By doing this, he states that stress is alleviated and he starts the day with a clear mind. After his meditation he walks his dog before making coffee and going to the gym. The strict discipline that can be see in his personal life can be seen in his business career as well.

Luke Lazarus brings his ideas to reality by connecting ideas to emotions while finding solutions to his personal problems. The best thing you can do is tell a great story he states. A trend that excites him is the elevation of market place and consumer spending. He finds it interesting that just having a great product isn’t enough anymore.

The fact that consumers want to know the story behind a brand intrigues him. Beyond intrigue, this has motivated him to stay ahead of the curve and also to take risks but be authentic. If he could give himself advice at a younger age, he mentioned that he would let the worry go.

Luke says that he was an anxious kid who was in a constant state of thinking ahead. Believing in yourself and your product, along with having a story are two key components that has helped Luke Lazarus throughout his successful career.

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Doe Deere Talks the Realities of Immigrant Life

Doe Deere, the founder of Poppy Angeloff jewelry, recently shared her own immigrant story on It’s an inspiring story of how one woman and her family, with a little grit and determination, can make it in America.

She was born Xenia Vorotova to Russian Jewish parents. When she was 17, she moved to New York City with her mother and little sister. America was nothing like she had seen from movies or TV shows. Her mother’s background as a successful accountant did not immediately transfer to a job in the Big Apple, and she had to become a house cleaner. Ultimately, the small family was forced to move into a homeless shelter. After six months there, they connected with the Sanctuary for Families legal organization. Xenia was able to get into the Fashion Institute of Technology and the family moved into their own two-bedroom apartment.

Doe Deere explains that without these struggles, she would not be the person she is today. She adopted the name Doe Deere in the late 2000s and built upon her early fashion dreams by becoming a successful entrepreneur. As she argues, despite the current sociopolitical climate, America will always be a place that attracts immigrants in search of a better life. It is still possible for anyone to make it here.

Doe Deere’s first venture, Lime Crime, paid off more than she could have ever dreamed. Today, its cult products – from Unicorn Hair hair dye to the original Velvetines liquid lipsticks – inspire everyone to live their brightest, most unapologetic selves.

She also recently started a new venture, the fashion brand Poppy Angeloff. Designed for “Victorian girls living in the modern world,” the brand’s jewelry is inspired by Doe Deere’s own rich history. She first fell in love with jewelry design while admiring jewelry passed down form her grandmother. Since then, Doe Deere has been on a journey to design and create jewelry that pays homage to Victorian jewelry making: products that are made to last a lifetime and to be shared with the next generation.

Louis Chenevert’s Tips on How to Grow a Business

The one thing that drives any corporation or business is the teamwork between employees and their employer. Without collaboration, it does not matter how many people you employ in a month; your business will never grow. So, how do you guarantee that you improve yoes. One of the reasons why this is the best way to grow your business is; for staur business? The best way to do this is through investing in your employerters, you already know the people who work for you quite well. You know what they can and cannot handle. This makes it easy for you to bump up employees to the next level.


However, knowing their strengths and weakness requires you to take an interest in their lives and them individually. Secondly, investing in your employees guarantees that they acquire the best training that will enable them to work better. It also makes it easier for you to promote the employees without having to worry about training them. According to Louis Chenevert, here are some of the ways you can invest in your employees.

Optimal workplace: One of the ways you can invest in your employees is by making the workplace, somewhere they can enjoy spending time. No business owner wants to have employees who are continually looking at their watches and hoping that time would quickly fly by. Most companies have too much drama, and this ends up ruining everything for the employees. Therefore, your first step is to ensure that there are no “Debbie Downers” or “Negative Nancys” poisoning the work environment.

The second step is to make sure that you do not play any office politics, as this can quickly put people against each other. Also, make sure that you create places where your employees can have fun rather than spend the eight hours inside a cubicle.


Reward your employees: Most companies criticize the employee of the month award, but this reward has not only helped businesses recognize hard-working employees; but also motivate them to be the best. Choosing to reward your employees is an indication that you appreciate their efforts in helping you grow your business.


Remember, investing in those who work for you is not a waste of time; it is instead your best solution to grow your business.


Dr. Mark McKenna is Changing How We Get Cosmetic Treatments

Dr. Mark McKenna has had an untraditional career. While he graduated from Tulane Medical School, he felt that real estate was a better investment. He chose New Orleans as the place to build his empire, which was wildly successful until Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Overnight, he lost millions in property. While Dr. Mark McKenna did rebuild, he eventually decided to sell his company, move to Atlanta, and start a new business.

In Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna opened up a business specializing in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. ShapeMed offered services such as laser hair removal, nutritional counseling, weight counseling, and Botox. He had a chain of offices and was quite successful. In 2015, Dr. Mark McKenna sold ShapeMed to the gym chain Lifetime Fitness. Originally, Dr. Mark McKenna stayed on the staff. Lifetime ended up being bought out, and Dr. McKenna quit soon after that.

Now, he is on a mission to revolutionize the business of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Dr. Mckenna has created a new business, OVME, pronounced “of me”. OVME is located in the Buckhead portion of Atlanta. OVME offers traditional cosmetic treatments, such as Botox. But it also does so much more. Dr. McKenna is offering private consultations, private, luxury treatment rooms, and is implementing the use of the latest technology. He wants Buckhead residents to look and feel their best. OVME offers various memberships that include services such as facials, dermal fillers, Vivace microneedling. testosterone replacement therapy, weight management by analyzing DNA, and more.

While all of these offerings are on the cutting edge of current technology, there is a service Dr. McKenna wants to begin to offer that is outside the box. He wants to offer patients the option to have certain services come to their home. His vision is for clients to be able to order a Botox injection using an app similar to Uber and have a practitioner make a house call. Dr. McKenna has a talent for being successful, and this will undoubtedly be another great success.

Ian King Of Banyan Hill Publishing Talks Briefly

Ian King is a successful entrepreneur and trader of cryptocurrency expert that has worked as a financial analyst for over twenty years. King has developed an unquenchable thirst for all things involving crypto assets and this passion has propelled him to become one of the leading information providers on the subject in the world.

Ian King began his career in trading while working at a Mortgage Bond Trading Company known as Saloman Brothers. Next, King would enjoy a stint with Citigroup where he worked with credit derivatives. Next, he would lend his expertise to Peahi Capital, a hedge fund based in New York.

Ian King began working with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 to provide readers with the expertise he has acquired in regards to crypto markets. Follow Ian King on

Recently, Ian King took a moment to answer a few questions

What Is A Day In Your Life Like

I start each day by checking the news and having a cup of coffee. I then either exercise or take my dog for a walk. I have found that starting the day with some sort of exercise gets me off to a good start.

The rest of my workday is filled with crypto news, evaluating charts, answering questions from customers and developing articles for my newsletter. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

How Do The Ideas In Your Head Become Reality

The trade recommendations that I eventually suggest to readers are found by hours and hours of research. I then compare the potential investments against each other until I have the best group of companies or currencies to suggest to readers.

Can You Talk About One Trend That Excites You Today

The development of blockchain has me more excited than anything I have ever seen in the industry. I believe it to be just another link in the chain of the information revolution and the potential progression is mind-boggling.

Every decade or so, a new technology emerges that changes the world in ways that were before unforeseen. Bitcoin is this type of technology but it is more than just the currency it is the entire concept of blockchain and crypto assets.

What Would You Do Differently If You Could Start Over

Not much. I find myself quite comfortable in my present position and I am here because of all the things I did and didn’t do in the past. If anything, I would spend less time in college, perhaps only two years. I would then spend the other two years traveling the world. Learn more:


Logan Stout an Entrepreneur and Charismatic Leader

Logan Stout Experienced the effects of Hurricane Harvey’s first hand as it happened close to his hometown Frisco, Texas. Stout is an entrepreneur and Started IDLife Company where he serves as the CEO. Stout knew that he had to do something to help the Hurricane victims and as a result, he mobilized people to help get the supplies to the victims. ID Life being a health and wellness camp also provided help to those who were affected. When asked what motivated him to help others, Stout replied, it is the desire to make an impact in life by helping people who will never repay you back.

Stout first thought of providing his warehouse space but on another thought saw that a convoy of boats and trucks could help deliver more items to the affected families rather than holding them in the warehouse. He quickly together with other volunteers helped transport dozen of pallets of supplies in the affected areas of Houston and Tomball.

Other volunteers who came on board to assist the Hurricane Harvey’s victim include David Wilks. Wilks decided that he will help transport supplies using his truck to the afffected families. Wilks is passionate about helping the survivors since he had been in a similar situation before. During Hurricane Isaac Wilk used to live in Louisiana which was badly affected by the Hurricane. Since then he has always endeavored to help others because he understands what the survivors go through. Wilks was also part of the rescue mission of Hurricane Katrina. Wilks is the owns and manages transport business known as Alden transport and Marine. some of the items that Wilks transported included water, clothes, food and cleaning supplies.

Stout did not stop at the community level he had a bigger picture in his mind and turned to social media and the mainstream media to appeal for help for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. His Facebook posts and participation on the Today Show was quite successful as it alerted millions of people towards the relief effort most of whom made generous contributions. Stout being a former baseball player knows to well the power of coming together as a team towards a common cause and that’s is why he is creating awareness to others to join in the noble cause of helping fellow citizens.

About Logan Stout

Logan Stout is a Serial Entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of IDLife which is a healthcare company dealing with the production and distribution of food supplements. The food supplements help add nutritional value to the body and aide sleep including weight management among others.

Stout was is so passionate about baseball and is also a former basketball player. He attended J.J Pearce H.S School and the University of Dallas where he earned a Psychology Degree. Besides, Stout holds a business degree from Panola University.

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Marc Sparks and the Advice to Plunge Into the Deep End

Starting a business is no easy venture. Many people think about starting their own company, but they don’t always see through to it. Marc Sparks decided that becoming an entrepreneur is the way to go and he was not afraid of taking that leap over the edge of the cliff that is going into the world of business. It is now more competitive than ever and requires people to be resilient, patient but not afraid take necessary risks to succeed.


Starting a business first means to establish a model for the firm. Then finding and distributing the resources across departments to ensure the business takes off and succeeds. Timber Creek Capital, LP is a company Marc Sparks started and is now able to share the building with other firms. It allows new businesses to have a substantial incubation period and grow. After gathering experience and being a serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks is sure that there are several important things each business and entrepreneur needs to remember. Learn more:


Collaborating with others, quality goods, and services, as well as constant learning and evolution of the firm, should all be part of the package. Once there is no more evolution and improvement, the business can become stagnant, and that doesn’t lead to success. More clients leave inactive companies than approaching them.


Companies need to keep their standards high no matter where the location is and how big it is in size. Whether you do the business on the High Street in a big city or a small town or from home, the quality and customer service are some of the most important things to remember.


First impressions are also critical. The modern consumer is sophisticated and educated. People know what they want, and they will hold businesses to the standard they expect. And, if the competition is fierce, the companies and business owners will be motivated to work to the highest possible standard.


Marc Sparks also thinks that people need to stay passionate about their business. Determination and drive to succeed are helpful when trying to become better. It is important to be open to modern technology because that can make life easier and attract a new wave of customers. People nowadays live in the digital age, and they are very open to discoveries in the business world. A good website, a smart marketing campaign and good customer service can help on that level.


Marc Sparks is from Texas, and after he graduated from high school, he can name several start-ups under his name. Some were successful and some not so much but he learned from all of the experience it offered. He doesn’t have any formal training in business but everything he learned, he learned from his personal experience. He encourages other people not to give up, but give it an honest try.