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Marc Beer – article recap

Marc Beer is a healthcare pioneer and is skilled in the development and commercialization of patient therapies. He has served for companies such as Erytech Pharma,and was Vice President of Global Marketing at Genzyme. He holds a BS from Miami University and over 25 years of experience generating business success for pharmaceutical corporations through his knowledge of the specifics of pharmaceutical marketing. Marc has been crucial in the marketing of several different products used to treat complicated diseases and conditions. He is a strong leader and extremely dedicated to bringing great products to the market with extreme success. With all this experience, it is not surprising to find out that Marc is now at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation. Sometimes the best way to perfect a company is to start your own. In August 2016 Marc co-founded Renuvia, Inc., and now serves as the CEO. Renuvia will have an impact on roughly 250 million women worldwide by developing new treatments for pelvic floor diseases. Marc successfully raised $32 million through fundraising, with another $10 million in venture capital funds.


Thanks to funding which came from the healthcare-focused investment firm The Longwood Fund, Renovia will begin testing on 4 new therapeutic and testing products. These advanced concepts will feature proprietary sensors and form factors that will allow doctors to provide the best, most accurate therapy based on an individual’s specific conditions and symptoms. This will all be used within a digital health platform so patient data remains consistent, and everyone has a better knowledge and understanding of pelvic floor diseases. Doctors working together to treat a patient can better collaborate through this platform. This could ultimately lead to lower healthcare costs, since more accurate treatments could be developed the first time, rather than a patient having to come back and try different treatments.


Marc Beer has already has a very successful healthcare career, and he isn’t just devoted to his own personal suucess. It is clear that Marc has a very strong sense of compassion for individuals dealing with complicated, life-altering, difficult to treat diseases. It is without a doubt that Renuvia will see the same suuccess that Marc has seen from his other ventures. Learn more :

Marc Beer’s Successful Career in the Biopharmaceutical Industry.

Marc Beer is the incumbent President and Chief Executive Officer of Renovia Company. He has a rich experience of over 26 years in the production, enhancement, and commercialization of biopharmaceutical, biotechnological and diagnostic products. He founded Renovia in the year 2010 in collaboration with Ramon Iglesias, Yolanda Lorie, and William Dull.


He previously worked at Algerian Pharmaceuticals serving as its Chief Executive Officer. Aegerian is a pharmaceutical industry that is focused on the production and commerce of ultramodern products for patients with rare infections. He enabled the firm to go public in the year 2010.


The firm produced its trademark product, JUXTAPID, in the year 2012. The product gained approvals in over 35 countries all around the world. Earlier in the year 2012, it was certified by the American Board of Drugs and Food Administration.


Marc Beer also cofounded Viacell corporation in early 2000. The company is a biopharmaceutical corporation that collects, stores develops umbilical cord cells. He has been the manager in the firm for more than six years. Under his leadership, the company experienced remarkable success. In the year 2005, the firm was publicly traded out. He also increased the company’s employees to a record 300.


Due to his immense expertise and managerial qualities, he has been appointed to senior most leadership positions in several firms. He was a director at Erytech Pharma’s board. Erytech is a leading public limited biotechnology company. He also served as Global Marketing’s vice president. As the company’s vice president it was required of him to launch the trade of medical products targeting significant diseases.


Marc Beer confirmed Longwood’s funding recently. In a statement, he said the investment would go along way in dealing with pelvic disorders all around the world. Longwood is one of the leading healthcare foundations. The firm primarily invests in medical courses across the globe.


Longwood pumped a hefty $32 million into Renovia’s program. It also invested an additional $10 million to cover debt ventures. The Boston situated pharmaceutical company is currently producing medical products aimed at the alleviation of pelvic disorders. Marc noted that urinary incontinence is a significant disease affecting over 250 million women worldwide.


Marc Beer further added that Renovia was committed to launching the innovation of additional therapeutic and diagnostic products such as the modern Leva gadget. He also maintained that the company would utilize its sensor technologies and innovative measures to deal with major pelvic disorders at a reduced cost.


Marc’s role in the pharmaceutical industry has been phenomenal. He incorporates technology in the production of useful medical products. Due to his role played in the biopharmaceutical world, he has been honored with multiple awards. His reputation is also held in high regard amongst his partners at work and his clients. Learn more :

Graeme Holm

The Australian Financial Review recently recognized the Infinity Group Australia as one of the top 100 most innovative companies of the year. The company was originally founded by Graeme Holm back in 2013 along with his business partner, Rebecca Walker and, ever since its inception, it’s become one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation. It is also noted for its philanthropic endeavors as the company seeks to help countless people in Australia get themselves out of debt, improve their current financial situations and ensure their futures are financially secure. As it happens, this is now the seventh year that the company has made it on this list. This particular list names the most innovative companies throughout Australia and New Zealand and is the only one of its kind in the entire country.

This particular publication reaches around 1.8 million readers across the country. This year’s list was judged by Inventium, one of Australia’s leading consultaing firms, who compiled the list alongside a panel of experts on industry and business growth. Some of the categories they look at include how well they are able to address the problem they’re attempting to resolve, the quality of the solution and how well it works in the real world, innovation, culture, strategy and many others. IGA was selected from over 1,000 companies throughout the country and came in at number 58.

Their founder, Graeme Holm, graciously accepted this honor at the awards ceremony on July 30, 2018, where he expressed his gratitude to the Australian Financial Review for this award and noted how grateful he felt to be given this honor. Given their position on the list, they rank in the top 5.8% of all the companies selected for this particular honor. He also thanked his team for their constant dedication and hard work as well as his partner, Rebecca Walker. Holm has obtained over 15 years of financial experience in the financial industry and is dedicated to keeping banks and other financial institutions morally upright and honest. He also has a personal commitment to helping families who are struggling financially to keep their heads above water.

This passion and dedication are what eventually inspired him to create his own company which has since become a leader in the financial industry. The company is currently based out of Bella Vista, New South Wales which is located in Sydney. IGA is constantly expanding and finding more ways to help as many people as they can. Their commitment to philanthropy and the wellness of others is what has led to their success as they manage to eliminate about $41,000 of debt per year. So we congratulate them on this honor and wish them the best. Learn more :

Graeme Holm Broke Away From The Big Four Banking Environment To Truly Serve Australians

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013, and the company has become one of Australia’s most innovative companies. The company focuses on helping Australians to reduce their debt and improve their financial outlook. Just a half decade after its creation the company has made a list put together by the Australian Financial Review that points to it as one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2018. The list has been published for 7 years, now, and is a unique list that works to highlight companies from different industries. Companies were judged by how well they solved the problems of their customers or clients, and the quality of the help they gave them also came under close inspection.


Out of 1,000 companies in Australia, Infinity Group Australia was ranked 58th, and Graeme Holm showed up to accept the award while attending the 2018 AFR Most Innovative Companies List Awards Night. He commented that his company was proud to have made the list and thanked the groups responsible for putting his company in the running for the honor. He went on to congratulate his team and called them out for their passion and ability to be innovative in the financial industry. Holm, himself, has done quite a bit to build the company, and a lot of its mission was inspired by his desire to protect Australians from the big banks that were not really helping them as much as they could.


Infinity Group Australia is headquartered in Bella Vista, New South Wales in Sydney and is expanding at a rapid pace. Graeme Holm has been recognized as one of the MPA Top 100 Brokers in Australia and has been honored with other awards over the years. His company remains committed to producing results for its customers, and every single customer they have served has paid more off of their home loan in 3 months that they were able to do in a year before they came to Holm and Infinity Group Australia for help.


Graeme Holm has been working in the financial services industry for more than 17 years and is accredited in real estate, financial planning, and finance. Before serving with Infinity Group Australia, he worked in the major 4 banking environment. After becoming more and more fed up with how Australian families were being treated by the Big four, he decided to offer them help directly. Holm studied at Illawarra Christian School and went on to earn an a Master’s of Business Administration while studying at the Australian Institute of Business.


Graeme Holm believes that ideas and people are better and stronger when they work together in a collaborative way. At his company, employees are encouraged to offer their opinions through a suggestion box and collaboration with other professionals is also encouraged. He believes when an idea is implemented quickly it can help more people. He has also commented that even the best of ideas are nothing if there isn’t a solid group of people who are working together to implement it. Learn more :


Graeme Holm-Financil Guru With a Cause

Graeme Holm is dedicated to helping Australian families rein in their budget and to become financially fit. He is the director of Infinity, a brokerage in NSW Australia and has even been deemed an MPA Top 100 broker.


Infinity differs from other brokers because their whole approach is to help families to understand their budgets and to delegate where their money is going. They go much further than simply offering the typical services of a typical broker. Infinity wants to see their client succeed and to make their money work for them rather than against them. A good portion of their clients are struggling families and simply do not have teh extra fund to pay towards interest.


With the help of Infinity, a family reduced their debt by $96,271 in one year. They provide monthly reports to their clients every month to help them understand their money, budget, and anything that may need to be adjusted. Infinity wants their clients to be able to reach their goals by reducing the family mortgage. They also provide comprehensive and detailed reviews every six months to their clients.


According to Graeme Holm, there hasn’t been a client they could not help. They have a concept that supports the idea that if you don’t have cash, then you can’t spend. Every dollar is counted and also has a purpose. It is best to have money in a mortgage reducing interest according to Infinity.


Infinity charges a fee to reduce debt and to have access to a personal banker. A client of Infinity will end up paying off more on the home loan in the initial three months than over the previous twelve without their help. Infinity was nominated for the Optus Business Awards in 2017 for their great customer service and their dedication to helping families reduce debt.


Graeme Holm has over 17 years of experience and has many years of experience in real estate, financial planning, and finance. He was astonished to find out that many financial institutions are giving many Australian families are shorted and he wanted to change that situation. He started his own company, Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd., and he is helping families to get out of debt ad to take control of tehri finances.


Infinity is like a personal trainer but for your finances. They are a company that is helping their clients to get financially fit by not only providing them with the loans and other services they need, but they’re also coaching them and helping them to get successful with their finances. Having a financial coach can help clines to keep accountable budgets determine what necessities are and how to reduce their loan principal more rapidly. Learn more: