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Michael Hagele: Master of Technology

Michael Hagele has dabbled in numerous fields prior to settling into the niche of legal affairs and counseling for technology-focused companies. Over the years, Michael has proven himself to have a vast knowledge of the intricacies surrounding patents, legal contracts, and more. His services have proven to be a great asset for the companies that choose to partner with his firms. However, in contrast to the larger firms, Michael believes that his smaller firms provide greater quality services. Michael Hagele’s interest in technology does not stop with his law firms.

In addition to Hagele’s entrepreneur ways, he is also an investor in several technology companies. Michael has a particularly strong interest in companies specializing in artificial intelligence. According to Mr. Hagele, artificial intelligence (AI) provides companies with countless opportunities in fields such as science. Specifically, Michael claims that he is fascinated with AI’s roles in the field of genetics and biology. Michael’s passion for technology is only one faucet for his success.

Michael asserts that his success can be attributed to his concentration on the needs of his clients. When asked about his daily routine Michael insists that morning, day, and evening are spent working with his team to provide better services and solutions for the companies working with his firms. According to Michael Hagele, his day begins by contacting his clients to discuss contracts and issues that need to be resolved. He then went on to answer that about midday he takes a break and retreats to the mountains to go for a walk or to enjoy mountain biking. This allows for his creative juices to flow and for him to come to better resolutions for his clients. Learn more Michael Hagele at

In summary, Michael has an incredibly successful business revolving around laws and legal issues associated with the ever-growing field of technology. His firms are smaller than similar firms allowing for higher quality services. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Michael Hagele is also an investor. He has a strong interest in companies specializing in artificial intelligence. Michael attributes his success to his consistent focus on his customers.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Remarkable Contribution in the Meat Processing Industry

Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group CEO, has extensive knowledge as a consultant in the banking industry. He later invested in the meat industry, which is now an international supplier of extra value protein products. He has worked in the company for the past 43 years. Lavin transformed the brand from just being a supplier to McDonald’s, to serving several trade brands and food services.

Through his outstanding leadership, he has grown the organization to a global supplier with numerous subsidiaries. The agency includes OSI Industries, OSI International Inc., and OSI International Foods LLC based in the US. Through this establishment, the organization has created job opportunities to approximately 20,000 employees worldwide. OSI Group operates more than 55 facilities-based across 16 nations.

Sheldon Lavin has created a corporate culture at all levels of the firm, a trend that has had positive results in low worker turnover. In 1970, for instance, Lavin was involved in the successful finance preparations for Otto & Sons, the current OSI Group. Otto & Sons began a meat-processing factory, which was the main dealer of hamburgers to McDonalds Corporation. Sheldon became a partial proprietor of the meat-processing factory after a mutual agreement to join the organization as a partner.

Sheldon Lavin expanded the Otto & Sons company operations within five years. After the demise of the company’s owner, Otto, Lavin entered into partnership with his two sons. He later purchased their shares, a move that gave him full ownership of the business. Eventually, he changed the business name to OSI Group. Lavin, being a skilled investor and a competent manager, expanded the company’s operations to Taiwan and South America. Indeed, he has been at the forefront in enhancing and creating opportunities to Australia, Japan, China, India, South Africa, and the Philippines. Being an instrumental CEO, he has further created OSI’s presence in Brazil and Europe.

Sheldon Lavin, the current president of OSI Group, maintains an excellent profile in the food and meat processing industry. He is actively involved in the management of company operations. Due to his incredible achievements, he won a Global Visionary Award on 20 February 2016, courtesy of Vision World Academic. This acclaim was an honor to him and he dedicated his skills to ensure that OSI Group grows into a worldwide powerhouse.

The company has also received sustainability and environmental recognitions through Sheldon tenure. It is his wish that the upcoming corporate managers will continue in the growth and expansion of the firm. Mr. Lavin is also a mentor who seeks to inspire his successors in corporate leadership. He urges would-be leaders to dedicate themselves in the development of their firms with a prime focus towards creating job opportunities and growing the world economy.

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The Nick Vertucci Academy of Real Estate

When it comes to creating another source of income real estate maybe the thing that people need to look into. This is not a quick get-rich scheme, but there are a lot of opportunities to make money if people take a look at what is happening with real estate investing. So many people bypass opportunities because they don’t know how to get started.

Nick Vertucci is just the person that people can consider when they want to build a career as a real estate investor. Some people do it on the side to make a little extra money, but Nick Vertucci has the tools of the trade that can actually help some people transition into a full-time job.

In this economy where lots of jobs are being lost due to layoffs and downsizing it is always good to have an alternative plan of action for making income. Nick Vertucci knows that this is something that can happen. He has not always worked in real estate, but he found this to be a much more profitable industry than the industry that he was in. He found that life as a police officer could only provide him with a certain type of lifestyle. He spent time in law enforcement, but Nick Vertucci has found himself to be the most profitable as a real estate investor. He has been able to become so profitable in fact that he has actually been interested in helping other people build their profits as well.

People are appreciative of Vertucci and the work that he has done as a real estate investor. He has helped so many people find a better balance when it comes to building investments that are going to be profitable for long-term.

No one wants to spend a lot of time investing in those things that are not going to be able to turn a profit down the line. People that are getting into real estate may like to engage in those types of investments that are going to continuously make profits. This is why people are willing to check out what Nick Vertucci is saying. They know that he knows a lot about real estate, and they have seen information about the sessions that he conducts.

People like Vertucci because he knows what real estate investors need to look for. He knows how to help others invest successfully in commercial real estate.

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About OSI

OSI is an international food provider that works with other partners in the food industry that will enable them to provide solutions in the food industry. The company has proper financial resources and infrastructure that enables them to be able to provide the best services to its customers. OSI ensures that the clients are given services that will help them develop, source, distribute and produce custom food solutions all over the international community.

The food production company has at its core the agility and an entrepreneurial sentiment that brings about eagerness and a can-do principle to its customers. When you are in need of innovative and fresh ways to deliver the future generation’s food solutions, OSI Company can assist everyone to turn their ideas into a great success.

The OSI group has been able to take care of its customers also as they are led by some of the values that have enabled them to offer the best services for their clients. They include

• Working with clients as a team
• Exploring some innovative solutions
• Integrity when dealing with clients
• They seek partners to build relationships

The OSI Group has solutions for the food industry. Some of them include

Supplying of Food Globally

Since the company has gained a lot of praise as one of the leading experts in the international supply chain management. This has been able to be achieved through the sourcing of raw materials, high production standards that cannot be matched and the product commercializing the process. For the global supply chain to be successful it has to have the control of the raw materials from the source to its final destination.

OSI group have proper tracking systems that enable the clients to focus on marketing their products and not worry about manufacturing and the transportation.

Food Products

The company offers a food processing method that will be able to suit the needs of the client. This does not matter whether it is for processing or home use as the firm ensures that the product needed is efficient and convenient for the end user. OSI supplies some food products like pork, beef, poultry, pizza, seafood and many products for the international market.

The company ensures their experience and creativity that the client gets what they need and what they need no matter the kind of meal they step up to ensure the satisfaction of the casualty.

Food Processing

OSI Group which uses the skills to manufacture different products that are ready to cook or fully prepared meals. These methods always undergo improvements which enable them to be above the rest by improving the equipment.

Food Process Engineering

The Engineering department of the OSI Group, ensure that a global perspective feeling is in the firm. The teams work together to bring the different world experiences to the firm and they all share the same goal. The main objective is to be able to understand the requirements of the clients so as to make the perfect solutions so that they improve the quality, cut costs and streamline the process.

Food Safety and quality Assurance

The OSI group always has ensured its clients of the brand security by designing and managing the supply chain system to make sure that the brands, reputation and products are protected. The team of experts in food quality ensure that the requirements of the client from the manufacturing to transportation is done according to their needs.

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Marc Sparks is an Entrepreneur Who Brings Ideas to Life

Marc Sparks is driven by a keen instinct for business and he has started dozens of companies in his amazing work history as an entrepreneur. He has reached a rare level of success in his career and he goes about his projects today with the same passion and energy that he’s always displayed. One significant difference is he doesn’t have to start a business today from his back bedroom like his early, formative days.

Timber Creek Capital is where he plies his trade these days and they recently relocated their office to a new building. This new location is particularly inspiring as well as being conducive to a collaborative atmosphere. Sparks believes that an atmosphere that helps in producing creativity and innovation is critical to those wishing to craft extraordinary businesses.

The range of resources that Timber Creek Capital can provide budding entrepreneurs is comprehensive and befits someone of Marc Spark’s stature. He owns the private equity firm and with his specialized knowledge, they are having a significant impact on those who bring ideas with legs. He helps them implement a viable business model and also helps them develop a strong corporate culture. They also construct short and long-range goals which provide stepping stones and a measuring stick to check their progress.

The incredible career of Marc Sparks is inspiring to many others who hope to find success in pursuing their dreams. He has given them many insights and anecdotes in his book entitled “They Can’t Eat You” which is an entrepreneur’s guidebook. The title reflects the finality of a zebra having the worst day of its life when it ends up as a predator’s dinner. Humans, on the other hand, can always start over or find a new idea. This book is for those entrepreneurs who are losing hope on the sometimes rocky road of starting a business.

Sparks was convinced that he should write the book by some of his colleagues who knew that his experience would be invaluable to others. He is candid and honest in the book despite some painful reminders of past failures on his journey to success. He considers these accounts to be the most important content in the whole book as they show people how to avoid costly mistakes.

A story from the early days of his career reveals the perseverance of Marc Sparks. He can remember being so poor that he had to buy groceries from a Texaco gas station with his credit card. He recalls that he was still very excited about life and pursuing his dreams as an entrepreneur who brings bold ideas to life.

Another important factor in the success of Sparks is his willingness to lay it all on the line which he has done throughout his career. He’s not sure if it’s ignorance or a gift but he’s never afraid to lose it all and this mindset has paid off big for him. Learn more:


Greg Secker Accomplishments as an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and a Public Speaker

Many people believe that success in life is only achieved when someone specializes in only one activity. According to Greg Secker, this is not true. The businessman has a lot of expertise in several industries, and he has done well in all of them. The renowned entrepreneur is based in the United States. He is a respectable public speaker and also a philanthropist who has empowered very many people in the world.

Greg Secker is a self-made millionaire who started experiencing success at a very young age. At only twenty-five years, Secker was serving as the vice president of a company known as Mellon Financial Corporation. In the year 2003, the businessman decided that it was time to leave this job and join the forex trade industry. At first, he operated from his sitting room before acquiring a reliable office space. Since then, he has never looked back, and he has accumulated a lot of wealth in various industries.

Greg Secker established his successful career as a public speaker in the year 2008 when he hosted one financial trading seminar. Since then, he started hosting these international workshops, attracting clients from all over the world. At the moment, Secker is recognized globally because of his skills. He has had the opportunity of speaking to some of the modest news houses in the world such as Bloomberg and ANB. His role as a public speaker is to provide information concerning the trading world. Individuals who follow his advice have done very well in the competitive industry.

Greg Secker has earned the respect of many people because of giving back to the society. This is one of the businessman’s greatest achievements in life. Secker has done a lot to support organizations that seek to improve the quality of life for youth and young people. In the year 2011, the businessman established the Greg Secker Foundation. The institution has done very well under his leadership, proving young people with education. Through the institution, the entrepreneur has managed to make a positive impact in the lives of the children from needy families in the world. His contributions to the society have earned him respect from everyone.

Andrew Rocklage: Boston Native Turned Florida Transplant

Like many people, Andrew Rocklage has always had a lot of pride for his hometown. A native of the Boston area, he always assumed that he would remain in the area for the rest of his life. After all, it’s where he grew up, and it’s where his best friends and closest relatives are. However, Rocklage has always been realistic. When an opportunity to own a successful franchise in the state of Florida presented himself, the young man couldn’t say no. As a result, the man who grew up in the cold climate of New England now lives near perpetually warm and sunny Daytona Beach, Florida.


Plenty of northerners escape to Florida at some point or another. Many only go down to escape the winter months. These “snowbirds,” as they are called, then return north for the spring and summer. However, Andrew Rocklage did not relocate to Florida to escape cold weather. He strictly did it to seize an incredible business opportunity. Given the success that he has enjoyed since moving there, it is safe to say that he made the right choice. The only drawback for him, really, is that he is now so far away from so many people who he cares about.


Early in his career, it appeared that Andrew Rocklage would be staying put in Boston for the foreseeable future. After earning a Bachelor of Science in sports management and economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management in 2009, he immediately proceeded to tackle law school. Indeed, the ambitious young man attended Suffolk University Law School, where he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 2013. He had already completed an internship with Major League Lacrosse for public relations, but he was more interested in working as an attorney.


After law school, Rocklage worked as a law clerk. Later, he took a position as a legal consultant. Ultimately, he was hired as corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. The work was demanding, and Rocklage excelled. Despite this, he wasn’t satisfied. He couldn’t see himself working in the legal field for the rest of his life. He knew that there had to be more for him out there. Even though some of his friends thought him foolish for squandering his law degree, he decided that he would be better off striking out on his own as an entrepreneur.


Andrew Rocklage had an opportunity to check out a local Sky Zone in the Boston area around this time. He was impressed by the facility and by the business model. As it happened, Sky Zone, which is based in L.A., operates off of a franchise model. Every one of its more than 100 locations is franchised out and independently owned. Sensing a great opportunity, Rocklage started to investigate the matter more. Ideally, of course, he would have loved to have owned a Sky Zone in his native Boston. However, the market was already at capacity, so he knew he had to seek greener pastures.


As it happened, Sky Zone had identified the Daytona Beach, Florida, area as a prime place for a new location. Although the area is a very long ways from Boston, Andrew Rocklage knew that he had to be practical. Another issue was that a competing chain of indoor trampoline parks would be opening a new location in the area soon as well. However, Rocklage was not scared away. He knew that with the city’s huge population and annual influx of more than 8 million tourists, there would be plenty of business to go around.


Andrew Rocklage opened his Sky Zone location in Daytona Beach in 2016. All told, he poured more than $1.8 million into its development. Right away, the facility was a major hit. Located as it was in an upscale retail area, it became immensely popular with parents and kids alike. While the primary market is kids and teenagers, Andrew Rocklage worked hard to attract adults to his Sky Zone too. He added Skyrobics workout classes to the schedule, and that seemed to do the trick. People finally started to see that trampolines offer more than entertainment; they offer great opportunities for physical fitness as well.


Although he wasn’t sure how he would like living in Florida at first, Andrew Rocklage quickly came to feel right at home. Thanks to the success of his Sky Zone in Daytona Beach, he almost immediately made plans to buy another location. This one is located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. It is clear that Rocklage plans to keep opening new Sky Zone franchises in the Sunshine State, and it will be interesting to see how many he eventually owns and operates. He is sometimes homesick for Boston, but he goes back often to visit friends and family and to continue forging important business connections in the area.



Scottsdale, AZ, Entrepreneur Jason Hope Prioritizes Transforming Lives

Whenever Scottsdale, AZ, entrepreneur Jason Hope sees people in need, he is always compelled to contribute to their welfare. He believes it is his duty to contribute to the philanthropy of others and his assets put him a position to do so.

Unlike some people who are privileged just like him, Jason Hope is using his resources to make his world a better place than he found it. This Arizona native is a strong supporter of location education programs that promote learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Jason Hope provides support for youths who cannot afford to pay their school fees and grants to university students looking to make a difference in technology. He recently donated a substantial amount of money to Valley of the Sun YMCA’s Strong Kids $ Families Campaign. This campaign provides education support to children from economically challenged families.

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But Jason Hope is not only focused on education. He believes that our society needs to create an entirely new biotech industry. As a result of this, his philanthropic efforts are focusing on disease cure and scientific research as well. He has been supporting SENS Research Foundation, a California-based research firm that works to develop and guarantee widespread access to rejuvenation biotechnologies that address age-related diseases comprehensively.

SENS Foundation, according to credible information on their official website, provides that after donating $500, 000, Jason Hope said he support them because he believes their work is critical to the advancement of human medicine. Additionally, their approach to the overall problem of aging is the right way to go, and the firm’s work and that of others that they support will lead to a complete redefinition of the health care, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. While Jason recognizes that there are other projects that he needs to support, he holds that the advancement of rejuvenation biotechnologies is crucial and it is the future, making it impossible to ignore it.

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Jason Hope’s focus is clearly to improve the future of humanity, not only through fighting the effects of aging and education but also mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. According to reliable information from his own website, Jason Hope is mentoring many visionary young people and students in high school and college with innovative ideas to ensure they are equipped to succeed in their future lives. This philanthropic Arizona native is still looking for organizations, individuals, and projects that he can further support with his time, influence, and financial resources.