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Isabel dos Santos on Inspiring Future Generations

Isabel dos Santos is the type of businesswomen to be very aware of the potential consequences of every single one of her actions. In fact, this awareness can be very daunting to carry around with you because it becomes a clear indicator of all the many ways you could make a mistake at any given moment. To most other people, this is a source of constant dread and anxiety. For her, however, it is a challenge that can be overcome just like any other.

This is something she truly lives by. The line of thought she usually comes from includes the following logic: mistakes are inevitable, but the ability to move forward is not. Anyone can linger over a mistake; it takes no skill to do. To actually get up off the floor and try again, on the other hand, is a beautiful feat not only for the individual but for any companies they interact with. Something Isabel dos Santos reminds herself of on a daily basis is that she cannot possibly move forward while looking backward. Read more on

Lingering on mistakes is something that many young entrepreneurs have difficult with. If they did not, they would have no issue getting back up and trying again. However, there is a lot of difficulty with this act. A lot of the challenge comes from the fear that you might never be able to stand again, but Isabel dos Santos knows this is not the case. No matter how many falls she takes, she will always be ready to try again, as continuous, focused effort is a skill she picked up from the way she was raised.

Many assume that because Isabel dos Santos was born into wealth that she has had an easy life, but the truth could not be farther from this. Having any amount of money from birth is not a very spectacular occurrence, but gaining your success on your own in the same way Isabel dos Santos did, even when considering her birthright, is truly nothing short of awe-inspiring. She lives for that reaction; inspiring the youth is where her true passion lies.

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Dick DeVos: Improving The State Of Michigan

When Dick DeVos started working with business leaders in Grand Rapids, many wondered why he stepped away from Amway, but it was because he wanted his hometown to be successful. In the 1990s, Michigan went through an economic upheaval that changed almost every major city. DeVos knew that Grand Rapids had a chance to create a better Grand Rapids.


So he worked with businesses and created a new downtown, constructing several buildings with a committee called Grand Action. They were responsible for the Andel Arena, DeVos Place Convention Center, medical center, and the DeVos Performance Hall. These places forever changed the way that Grand Rapids looked, and they helped rapidly grow the city.


DeVos also saw that he could bring new people to Grand Rapids just by helping out the nearby airport as well. He wanted to rebuild the small airport so that it became a world renowned location for aviation, and he started by co-founding a charter school with his wife, the 11th US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Together, they built a pilot academy on the grounds of the airport, wanting to train students who were interested in becoming pilots and flight operators.


Now DeVos has changed the airport into a bustling multimillionaire dollar airport that sees over 3.26 million passengers per year. Before, the airport was barely selling tickets. Then, DeVos made one phone call in the early 2000s. He started by calling the CEO of AirTran Airways. He wanted to talk to the CEO about opening up new terminals at the Grand Rapids airport. He thought that if they could lure in travelers from other conference destination airports, such as Orlando and Las Vegas, he could turn Grand Rapids into a conference destination as well.


The plan slowly began to take hold, and pretty soon, the airport needed to expand because business was so good. They even constructed a business lounge area. DeVos was apart of a whole new transformation for the airport called the Gateway Transformation Project. Started in 2017, the project would expand the airport’s technology and make it even more customer-oriented, so that even at the curb, they were able to use their smartphones to check-in and get through security faster.


These advancements have helped Grand Rapids grow into a metropolis, and it has sparked businesses to return to the center of the city, creating new commerce and business for local shops and communities. DeVos has always helped Grand Rapids and has always had his own headquarters located in his hometown.


Recently, DeVos was asked to join the Management Advisory Council of the Federal Aviation Administration. A long-time fan of aviation and a pilot himself, DeVos quickly jumped on the opportunity to work with others in aviation and hopefully lead the way for better airports.


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The Era of Marc Beer

Marc Beer is one of the better executives in healthcare. Recently, he has been appointed by LumeNXT Inc as the chairman of the board. The company specializes in development of surgical illumination for minimal invasive surgeries. With more than two decades as an executive in different capacities, Mark knows what it takes to get the job done. He also understands the value of good healthcare and how to make the lives of people easier. Target illumination is really great for surgeons because they need to be accurate in everything they do concerning the human body. As a surgeon, target illumination makes everything easier because it allows flexibility, increases visualisation and more. This is not his first rodeo, he has guided companies Like ViaCell, Renovia and multiple other startups to a successful state. As a result of his previous successes, there was no question how much value he could add to LumeNXT. Before Renovia and LumeNXT, he was the chair executive of Minerva, a company specialized in curing central nervous diseases. In other capacities, he’s also been the chairman of the board of directors of compensation committees and a member of the board of tertiary institutions in Florida. As an entrepreneur different things excite him, one of which is the disruptive nature of unconventional startups. According to him startups like Tesla and Airbnb have made waves in respective industries forming a new way of thinking and pushing the boundaries of what is considered normal. As a result their own conforming nature makes them stand out and thrive in profit at an impeccable level. That’s one thing he’s trying to achieve at LumeNXT and Renovia. He highlights that to get the best results you need the best people and as a CEO, he prides himself on taking time to recruit those individuals that can meet his short-term and long-term goals. His strive for success is unparalleled and he brings ideas to life by crossing his T’s and dotting his I’s. When bringing an idea to life, he makes sure that he understands the legal, financial and commercial implications of the product. In future, hopes the role of digital healthcare becomes the norm and surpasses conventional healthcare. It might take a decade or two for this changes to happen, but he notes that it will be remarkable for saving lives and increasing profits of his company. To increase efficiency, he makes sure that resource allocation is perfect and there is no wastage. This allows every department get sufficient resources to foster the development of a product. As a result it promotes efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more:

Jojo Hedaya Making email more convenient

Let’s face it, junk mails can be a nuisance. This is especially so when you are looking forward to that all important email for an appointment or business deal. Email can be a vital communication tool, alright, but when unnecessary emails get in the way, it can be a disastrous endeavor.

Well, this is the same problem that Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald; two college buddies, had to contend with. During a joint project they were working on, Jojo Hedaya says he was getting frustrated by the fact that Josh was not replying to his messages early enough, sometimes not at all. Little did he know that Josh was struggling to get rid of all the unnecessary emails and would sometimes delete important emails in the process.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and having noted that junk mail was getting in their way, these two young innovators went out of their way to find a solution. This is how came to be. is a revolutionary email organization tool that helps keep the most important emails in one folder and keeps the rest in another for future review.

Usually, one would receive updates, newsletters and subscription emails, all in one email. Since the major ISP was not doing enough to keep these organized, they took it upon themselves to find the solution and have never regretted their decision.

By scanning through your emails compiles all the junk mail into one folder, hereby dubbed “The Rollup”. From here, you can then decide on what stays and what goes. The best thing about this feature is that you can set specific times to receive the roll-up. As such, you can choose your most convenient times when you are free to check them out.

The two entrepreneurs met by fate courtesy of their travel to Israel for further studies. Surprisingly, they also noticed that they had the same birthdays, and this kept them even closer. They note that through their startup, millions of email users can finally rest easy with the assurance that their emails are well organized and can find the most important of these much easily.

Louis Chenevert’s Tips on How to Grow a Business

The one thing that drives any corporation or business is the teamwork between employees and their employer. Without collaboration, it does not matter how many people you employ in a month; your business will never grow. So, how do you guarantee that you improve yoes. One of the reasons why this is the best way to grow your business is; for staur business? The best way to do this is through investing in your employerters, you already know the people who work for you quite well. You know what they can and cannot handle. This makes it easy for you to bump up employees to the next level.


However, knowing their strengths and weakness requires you to take an interest in their lives and them individually. Secondly, investing in your employees guarantees that they acquire the best training that will enable them to work better. It also makes it easier for you to promote the employees without having to worry about training them. According to Louis Chenevert, here are some of the ways you can invest in your employees.

Optimal workplace: One of the ways you can invest in your employees is by making the workplace, somewhere they can enjoy spending time. No business owner wants to have employees who are continually looking at their watches and hoping that time would quickly fly by. Most companies have too much drama, and this ends up ruining everything for the employees. Therefore, your first step is to ensure that there are no “Debbie Downers” or “Negative Nancys” poisoning the work environment.

The second step is to make sure that you do not play any office politics, as this can quickly put people against each other. Also, make sure that you create places where your employees can have fun rather than spend the eight hours inside a cubicle.


Reward your employees: Most companies criticize the employee of the month award, but this reward has not only helped businesses recognize hard-working employees; but also motivate them to be the best. Choosing to reward your employees is an indication that you appreciate their efforts in helping you grow your business.


Remember, investing in those who work for you is not a waste of time; it is instead your best solution to grow your business.


Brian Torchin Closing the Healthcare Hiring Gap

Brian Torchin knows all too well the difficulties of finding a fitting career position within the health industry. He has spent a great amount of time as a chiropractor himself. After graduating from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science, Brian realized there was a glaring gap in the process of employment searching. The health industry does not always publish their job openings to the public. Thus, those looking for that niche fit in a particular discipline may have a hard time finding listings that pertain to what they’re on the hunt for.

Brian Torchin decided to make it his mission to help bridge that gap as the owner and president of his HCRC Staffing business venture. HCRC provides an effective staffing solution for both physicians as well as clients across the United States. They also supply assistance to Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada. HCRC maintains a huge database full of active physicians. HCRC is always on the lookout for new additions to their pool of qualified candidates that are selected to fill current client positions. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

Over the years, Brian has built a reputation as a highly dependable individual and has received much praise from the establishments and clients he has helped. This has led to the development of long-term relationships with clients that look to him for solutions to their staffing needs. Since its inception, HCRC continues to uphold its mission to offer an efficient, ethical, and detail-oriented method to staffing that includes an always open line of communication.

Regardless of Torchin’s demanding schedule, he regularly publishes articles on the HCRC’s blog. There you can find articles that touch on a wide range of topics to help readers learn how to market, how to go about hiring a quality physician, tips for finding those great candidates, and questions to ask during the interviews.



Serge Belamant Explain About The Idea Of His Company And Ways He Makes Money

Serge Belamant known for the founding of the Universal Electronic Payment systems was born in France but grew in South Africa after his father moved there for the pursuit of his work in tiling. He attended university in South Africa the Witwatersrand University to study a bachelor’s degree in the field of Computer Science and coding. This was a strong course back then and gave Serge opportunities to work at different companies throughout South Africa and around the world.

A combination of wit, passion, and possession of coding skill are some of the factors that greatly led to his success in his venture. The development of the transaction software was a great breakthrough for Serge Belamant as it earned him a great reputation in the growing market and the whole industry. The payment system was founded in 1989 and was known was managed by his company which was known as The Net1 UEPS Technologies. The company was responsible for the creation of systems that used technologies and which were tasked with paying clients or workers of different companies. The software was the first of its kind which saw it be adopted by major banks or organizations for purposes of paying their employees. For more information about Serge, view his Crunchbase profile

In an interview, Serge was asked about what inspired him to start his company. In an attempt to answer the question, Serge Belamant said that the idea was mentioned by his son who is an engineer of IT. The two were discussing the effect of social media on nearly everything. Its influence on the young and how it can be used as a platform that would enable them to manage their spending habits and how the prior can improve their situations when it comes to financing by the use of a platform which they understand and use like all the time.

In an attempt to explain how he makes money, Serge Belamant said that developing what the market of the larger groups want is the secret. For serge it’s not all about the money but rather a solution to a problem and this he believes is the start because money is a side effect of good work.

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Oren Frank’s Solution to the Mental Health Crisis

We are currently living in a world where people often overlook mental health as a non-existent problem. However, the more we continue to turn a blind eye to the mental health crisis in the world, the more the percentage of individuals with mental health issues increases. To help solve this issue, Oren Frank sat down and decided to come up with a text app that will make it easy for people to access therapy without having to encounter the common difficulties that arise from in-person therapy. Oren is the CEO and Co-founder of Talkspace.

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The objective of Talkspace is to make Psychotherapy affordable and accessible for billions of people who need it around the world. So far, ever since it was launched in 2012, this text therapy app has provided psychotherapy assistance to approximately 1 million people over the past six years. The app also aims to connect its users with their licensed therapists, and this makes it extremely easy for the therapist and user to communicate using instant message. This app has helped build the bridge between the therapist and patients who do not have access to any form of therapy today. Oren Frank’s vision when creating this form of therapy treatment was to turn a product only accessible to 1% into a treatment method available to almost everyone.

This form of treatment therapy has made it possible for people with an issue in their professional and personal life to seek help before the problem accelerates. According to Oren Frank, it is indeed quite crazy that most people still do not have access to therapy and this has led to people taking matters into their own hands. Some people have opted to cut themselves; while others chose to commit suicide because of the pressure, they experience. Having a therapist who is available and affordable can help make things easier for them.

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Bhanu Choudhrie; The Ultimate Entrepreneur

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in Dehli and moved to London after attending college for International Business and Marketing. In 2001, he became the executive director of C&C Alpha Group Ltd. Bhanu did an internship with JP Morgan which influenced his decision to move to London. After his internship, he realized there were many ventures to be had in London.

Bhanu Choudhrie says he loves the versatility of working for C&C Alpha Group Ltd. He deals with ventures in hospitality, real estate, healthcare, restaurants and airline industries. He won Entrepreneur of the Year. The Moti Mahal Indian Restaurant won restaurant of the year which Choudhrie was a part of.

Choudhrie and 3 others invested in the small aviation company named Air Deccan. Their expectations for the company were high but they were not sure if it would succeed. The 4 of them took the company from having one plane to having 200 flights a day. The company was then sold to Kingfisher. Bhanu Choudhrie felt that aviation was a very interesting venture and enjoyed it very much.

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Investing in the website was risky says Bhanu Choudhrie, but turned out to be a very successful venture. Bhanu is also on the board of a bank in the U.S. He will be working with CEO Jay Sidhu of the New Century Bank. Choudhrie is looking forward to getting back into community banking.

Bhanu Choudhrie is very involved with charities and believes in the Hindu philosophy that the more you give, the more you get. His mother runs a charity called “Path to Success” and Bhanu is the director. He has also set up an art foundation to showcase Indian talents. There are very few museums and galleries in the UK so he plans to showcase local talent such as musicians and painters.

Choudhrie says the secret to his success is being able to work with business professionals on a day to day basis.

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Canadian Businessman Chenevert’s Leadership

Louis R. Chênevert is at the moment serving in the position of the Chief Executive Officer in an organization by the name United Technologies Corporation. The position that he has earned in the company came in the year 2008. In the year 2010, Louis R. Chênevert was also made to be the Chairman of the firm. The reason why he was pushed to the position was that his wits in management and leadership were of high level. Before setting his duties at the United Technologies Corporation, he gained experience of leadership at one of the famous companies called Pratt & Whitney where he was also serving in the position of the President. The dedication that has shown in the field of leadership has set him at the better scene in the market. While at General Motors, he learned a lot on the issues of management and gained skills in a different field for 14 years. Louis R. Chênevert is one of the dedicated leaders that has proved a lot on the matters of leadership through the post that he has served in many companies. He can draft and set the necessary measures that will make the company be at the top point in the market regarding all the needed issues.

Louis R. Chênevert leadership style at United Technologies Corporation has made him be one of the great leaders since his record within the firm is one of the best. He has put the organization on the map of the world through various achievements that he has set as a leader. The manner in which he has practice the matters of marketing within the firm has made him realized the set objectives within the right time. He has also served as the Executive Committees of the Business Roundtable here he handles matter regarding the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee. The other part that he has also served while in the United Technologies Corporation company is the Board of Directors for Cargill. The skills that he has in the management has enabled him to solve the significant problems that arise within the system of the firm.