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Ryan Seacrest on Solid Foundation

Ryan Seacrest’s steady rise to the top of his media empire isn’t surprising to those who know him. Often referred to as the hardest-working person in show business, Ryan has a hand in media of all kinds from radio to red-carpet shows to television production. He found an interest in radio from a young age and worked hard to make a name for himself not just in hosting but spotting television gold.

Ryan’s infectious enthusiasm and confidence on-air has made him a great host, whether he’s freezing in Times Square on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve or looking for the next big hit across from Jennifer Lopez on the set of American Idol. After spending over a decade working in TV, Ryan was tapped to become the next host to sit alongside Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Following in the footsteps of Regis Philbin and Michael Strahan, Ryan was chosen after a very lengthy search by the network.

Ryan (@ryanseacrest) has been incredibly successful behind the camera as well, producing a series of hit television shows on the E! television network. He’s brought shows to television as executive producer such as Mixology, Shah’s of Sunset, Married to Jonas, and every iteration of the iconic Kardashian series.

With all of his extensive entertainment experience and education, Ryan’s natural choice for charity work focuses on broadcast media centers. Ryan is passionate about children’s healthcare and through his nonprofit organization the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, is bringing multimedia centers to pediatric hospitals across the United States. The Foundation’s aim is to not only entertain children suffering from illness but to educate and encourage them during treatment.

The Foundation has set up media centers in 10 different cities, with the newest addition coming to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital in Nashville. Taylor Swift surprised patients by appearing at the opening, inspiring and encouraging all in attendance. Other stars such as Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato support the Foundation as well, bringing awareness and hope to Ryan’s worthy cause.

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Stream Energy Offers a Helping Hand to Those in Need

Stream Energy is an alternate electricity and power company that was founded by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji in 2005, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. OVer time they have expanded greatly, first to Georgia in 2008, and then throughout the Northeast, eventually offering services in seven states, including Washington D.C. Although they started as simply an electric company, they have since expanded their area of expertise to encompass both home protective services as well as wire communication, a field in which they began work in 2015. It is safe to say that Stream Energy, though in the grand scheme of things, a company that hasn’t been in business that long, has become extremely successful.

A big part of what makes a company great is the things it is involved in within its community. As for Stream Energy, they are passionate about helping others with some of the residuals from their success. The company has built a solid relationship with both Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross, supplying funds for various projects the two are involved in. Stream Energy also works closely with The Hope Supply Co., who serve the needs of homeless children by providing food, clothing, school supplies and other essentials that the children would not have if not for help from an outside source. Stream Energy has also been involved with Hope Supply Co. in projects such as the “Splash for Hope” project, which brought homeless children to a water park, giving them the opportunity to enjoy their lives in a way they had never done before.

With the vast amount of charities that Stream Energy is involved in, the funding of their own programs should not come as a surprise. In recent years, the company has founded Stream Cares, a company that was highly involved in restoration efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

Shervin Pishevar Says the US is Under-performing During Crunch Time

This month, the Dow Jones reversed all of the gains that were made in the early part of the year. While this has prompted some panic amongst investment circles, proponents such as the President of the United States, Donald Trump, have remained steadfast in their support. The co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One and Sherpa Capital, Shervin Pishevar, hails from a completely different school of thought, and in a recent return to Twitter, discussed his predictions regarding a bleak outlook for the future of the Dow. In his estimation, the Dow Jones is all set to suffer a significant loss ranging in the thousands, which will occur in the months ahead. This prediction seemed all the more real when, just one day after taking on the entirety of the Twitter business world, the Dow Jones proceeded to lose over 1000 points. Bonds and industrials vacated their safety nets amidst the large-scale sell-offs and underperforming treasury auctions. Over the course of the 24-hour spree, Shervin Pishevar also discussed the state of entrepreneurship and innovation in the United States.

In recent years, Silicon Valley has been home to many of the world’s foremost tech companies, but, according to the startup connoisseur, its ideas are no longer confined to its physical location. Countries all over the world have begun implementing a culture of entrepreneurship, and with the addition of stateless digital currencies, innovation has become a “borderless” commodity. Many minds that would have formally uprooted their lives to relocate to the United States are now staying put in their home countries, while also harvesting their own talent. Shervin Pishevar believes that Silicon Valley is no longer a must-have, and to go with this, is the fact that the five unicorns existing in America today, are doing their part to strangle homegrown innovation. Companies such as Alphabet (Google), Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft, are all titans in their respective industries, yet, in recent years, they have begun acquiring smaller companies at a record pace, which grows their own brands, but makes it nearly impossible for competition from the ground up. This same strength will eventually lead to their fall according to Shervin Pishevar.

Adam Milstein Expresses Concern Over Recent Anti-Semitism

The Jewish News Syndicate is an important publication that has been dedicated to delivering the most pressing news to anyone of Jewish belief or ancestry. They have established themselves as the fastest-growing news outlet that focuses exclusively on Israel and the Jewish culture. They are delivered to over a hundred print outlets, and one of their chief contributors is Adam Milstein. One of Milstein’s recent articles discusses how anti-Semitism is growing at an alarming rate on the radical right but on the radical left as well.

One of the things that Adam Milstein is particularly concerned about would be the fact that there is an ever-present cornerstone of radical Muslim movements permeating the radical Left. Milstein cautions us not to take this lightly, saying that proponents of Radical Islam are not known for being peace-loving toward those that oppose them. They are known for stoning women, executing gays, and trampling upon feminists. This doesn’t even touch on their treatment of Jewish individuals.

Thus, Milstein writes, liberals should be appalled by how radical Islam treats those who don’t share their faith. However, as Milstein notes, these far left often shares a hatred for Western influence and nationalism and freedom of speech. Because they lump moderate Muslims and radical Muslims together into one “block”, they characterize radical Muslim as people that are “oppressed” even though they are often the ones doing the oppressing.

According to some on the left, Israel is a colonialist oppressor of Muslims that literally is at fault for all of the problems that are present in the Middle East. However, Adam Milstein is appalled at this characterization. However, there is more to the story and more for Adam Milstein to get appalled at. Take leftist hero Bernie Sanders for example.

Sanders recently campaigned for UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Seems pretty tame until you realize that Corbyn continues to deny the Holocaust ever happened to this day. The fact that Sanders wouldn’t campaign with a Homophobe, Islamophobe, or a racist but he would campaign for a denier of the Holocaust truly speaks volumes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s someone on the left or someone on the right, Adam Milstein knows that Anti-Semitism has no place in our modern society whatsoever.

Jason Hope Supports the SENS Foundation on Anti-Aging Research

SENS Research Foundation is prominent for hosting an Annual Biotechnology Conference. According to the organization’s founder Mr. Aubrey de Grey, attendees are reminded to ensure that they channel their contribution to the organization as the proceeds will be used to develop drugs that can be used to combat age-related diseases and other adverse effects of aging. All too often, experts attend this conference to learn as well as share knowledge not only as speakers but people who will later disseminate critical knowledge to the next generation of experts. The ideas from the experts are always directed to treatments targeting cancer, cellular damage and Alzheimer’s disease. Aside from working with experts, SENS Research Foundation works with entrepreneurs, researchers, and healthcare practitioners. Jason Hope is one of the entrepreneurs. Mr. Hope has carved out his name in the industry of technology and business.

Always an enthusiastic believer of the future of this world pegged on how advanced technology will be in the coming years, Mr. Hope parted with about $500,000 to support SENS Research Foundation on its mission to battle the side effects of aging. For SENS Foundation, that donation opened a new chapter in the books. The organization purchased materials for the construction of a new laboratory. Cambridge SENS Laboratory has been actively involved in carrying out crucial tests on the viability of people living a healthy life even with their ages setting in. Regarding his donation, Mr. Hope said in an interview that he was pleased to be part of a revolutionary project in the community.

Because the foundation is well equipped with professionals who work hard to make sure that the right cure for degenerative diseases is found, SENS Foundation was worth every penny donated not only by him but also other donors and researchers.As we look at Hope’s contributions to SENS Research Foundation, it is critical to look at how instrumental he has been in other fields as well. Mr. Hope is a renowned entrepreneur, author, futurist, and technologist. He also doubles as a philanthropist and a successful investor. Residing in Arizona, Hope is enthusiastic about giving back to the community.The Internet of Things is Hope’s best invention where he believes that the world will be a better place with more advanced technology. Also well educated, Mr. Hope studied business administration from the Arizona State University. Besides giving back to the community, he loves politics and has always championed the invention of business-related policies for a better future.

Something Like A Bazaar, Market America Continues To Be A Leader In The Online Shopping Industry

Market America is a dynamic, first-rate marketing company that was founded in the year 1992 by a man named JR Ridinger. Since its inception, the company has been a top retailer for items like weight management supplements, hygienic products, cosmetics, and flowers. Over the years, they’ve expanded their inventory to include high fashion clothing, shoes, home decor and many other products. The company has managed to move from stationary, land based marketing to online e-commerce with it’s website

One aspect that is unique to this company is a system created by JR Ridinger called UnFranchise Business. Franchise Businesses allow consumers to operate, run, and own a part of a popular company’s stake while paying hefty fees. The UnFranchise Business model gives the prospective owner a chance to own their own retail shop that they can market any way they please and it also gives them a chance to be managers by recruiting other sales representatives to work under them. When a person decides to improve their income by joining the ranks of multi-millionaire shop owners, they get complete access to,, and help from an established network of veteran retail owners. Not only have recent business owners seen revenue of nearly $1800 per month in product sells, they’ve also received anywhere from $300 to $1200 a month for simply bringing more people onto their Market America sales time.

Market America has enough support for any independent business owner to find success. At the moment, the company is operating in over 10 countries, has 700 plus employees located at it’s headquarters in Greensboro, NC, and has over 200 thousand virtual, independent employees located across the world. All of Market America’s websites are designed, maintained, and managed by the company’s IT department. In addition to having a great website, there are also various special promotions such as BOGO deals, rebates, percent off clearance deals, and cashback offers. Currently, Market America boasts retail sales revenues of $7.3 billion dollars and commission revenue and income of well over $4 billion. They are also partner with name brand companies and affiliates to offer over 40 million different products on their website. By implementing creative marketing strategies and selecting choice talent, Market America has found success and popularity among consumers and sellers alike.

Michael Hagele: Master of Technology

Michael Hagele has dabbled in numerous fields prior to settling into the niche of legal affairs and counseling for technology-focused companies. Over the years, Michael has proven himself to have a vast knowledge of the intricacies surrounding patents, legal contracts, and more. His services have proven to be a great asset for the companies that choose to partner with his firms. However, in contrast to the larger firms, Michael believes that his smaller firms provide greater quality services. Michael Hagele’s interest in technology does not stop with his law firms.

In addition to Hagele’s entrepreneur ways, he is also an investor in several technology companies. Michael has a particularly strong interest in companies specializing in artificial intelligence. According to Mr. Hagele, artificial intelligence (AI) provides companies with countless opportunities in fields such as science. Specifically, Michael claims that he is fascinated with AI’s roles in the field of genetics and biology. Michael’s passion for technology is only one faucet for his success.

Michael asserts that his success can be attributed to his concentration on the needs of his clients. When asked about his daily routine Michael insists that morning, day, and evening are spent working with his team to provide better services and solutions for the companies working with his firms. According to Michael Hagele, his day begins by contacting his clients to discuss contracts and issues that need to be resolved. He then went on to answer that about midday he takes a break and retreats to the mountains to go for a walk or to enjoy mountain biking. This allows for his creative juices to flow and for him to come to better resolutions for his clients. Learn more Michael Hagele at

In summary, Michael has an incredibly successful business revolving around laws and legal issues associated with the ever-growing field of technology. His firms are smaller than similar firms allowing for higher quality services. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Michael Hagele is also an investor. He has a strong interest in companies specializing in artificial intelligence. Michael attributes his success to his consistent focus on his customers.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Remarkable Contribution in the Meat Processing Industry

Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group CEO, has extensive knowledge as a consultant in the banking industry. He later invested in the meat industry, which is now an international supplier of extra value protein products. He has worked in the company for the past 43 years. Lavin transformed the brand from just being a supplier to McDonald’s, to serving several trade brands and food services.

Through his outstanding leadership, he has grown the organization to a global supplier with numerous subsidiaries. The agency includes OSI Industries, OSI International Inc., and OSI International Foods LLC based in the US. Through this establishment, the organization has created job opportunities to approximately 20,000 employees worldwide. OSI Group operates more than 55 facilities-based across 16 nations.

Sheldon Lavin has created a corporate culture at all levels of the firm, a trend that has had positive results in low worker turnover. In 1970, for instance, Lavin was involved in the successful finance preparations for Otto & Sons, the current OSI Group. Otto & Sons began a meat-processing factory, which was the main dealer of hamburgers to McDonalds Corporation. Sheldon became a partial proprietor of the meat-processing factory after a mutual agreement to join the organization as a partner.

Sheldon Lavin expanded the Otto & Sons company operations within five years. After the demise of the company’s owner, Otto, Lavin entered into partnership with his two sons. He later purchased their shares, a move that gave him full ownership of the business. Eventually, he changed the business name to OSI Group. Lavin, being a skilled investor and a competent manager, expanded the company’s operations to Taiwan and South America. Indeed, he has been at the forefront in enhancing and creating opportunities to Australia, Japan, China, India, South Africa, and the Philippines. Being an instrumental CEO, he has further created OSI’s presence in Brazil and Europe.

Sheldon Lavin, the current president of OSI Group, maintains an excellent profile in the food and meat processing industry. He is actively involved in the management of company operations. Due to his incredible achievements, he won a Global Visionary Award on 20 February 2016, courtesy of Vision World Academic. This acclaim was an honor to him and he dedicated his skills to ensure that OSI Group grows into a worldwide powerhouse.

The company has also received sustainability and environmental recognitions through Sheldon tenure. It is his wish that the upcoming corporate managers will continue in the growth and expansion of the firm. Mr. Lavin is also a mentor who seeks to inspire his successors in corporate leadership. He urges would-be leaders to dedicate themselves in the development of their firms with a prime focus towards creating job opportunities and growing the world economy.

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The Nick Vertucci Academy of Real Estate

When it comes to creating another source of income real estate maybe the thing that people need to look into. This is not a quick get-rich scheme, but there are a lot of opportunities to make money if people take a look at what is happening with real estate investing. So many people bypass opportunities because they don’t know how to get started.

Nick Vertucci is just the person that people can consider when they want to build a career as a real estate investor. Some people do it on the side to make a little extra money, but Nick Vertucci has the tools of the trade that can actually help some people transition into a full-time job.

In this economy where lots of jobs are being lost due to layoffs and downsizing it is always good to have an alternative plan of action for making income. Nick Vertucci knows that this is something that can happen. He has not always worked in real estate, but he found this to be a much more profitable industry than the industry that he was in. He found that life as a police officer could only provide him with a certain type of lifestyle. He spent time in law enforcement, but Nick Vertucci has found himself to be the most profitable as a real estate investor. He has been able to become so profitable in fact that he has actually been interested in helping other people build their profits as well.

People are appreciative of Vertucci and the work that he has done as a real estate investor. He has helped so many people find a better balance when it comes to building investments that are going to be profitable for long-term.

No one wants to spend a lot of time investing in those things that are not going to be able to turn a profit down the line. People that are getting into real estate may like to engage in those types of investments that are going to continuously make profits. This is why people are willing to check out what Nick Vertucci is saying. They know that he knows a lot about real estate, and they have seen information about the sessions that he conducts.

People like Vertucci because he knows what real estate investors need to look for. He knows how to help others invest successfully in commercial real estate.

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About OSI

OSI is an international food provider that works with other partners in the food industry that will enable them to provide solutions in the food industry. The company has proper financial resources and infrastructure that enables them to be able to provide the best services to its customers. OSI ensures that the clients are given services that will help them develop, source, distribute and produce custom food solutions all over the international community.

The food production company has at its core the agility and an entrepreneurial sentiment that brings about eagerness and a can-do principle to its customers. When you are in need of innovative and fresh ways to deliver the future generation’s food solutions, OSI Company can assist everyone to turn their ideas into a great success.

The OSI group has been able to take care of its customers also as they are led by some of the values that have enabled them to offer the best services for their clients. They include

• Working with clients as a team
• Exploring some innovative solutions
• Integrity when dealing with clients
• They seek partners to build relationships

The OSI Group has solutions for the food industry. Some of them include

Supplying of Food Globally

Since the company has gained a lot of praise as one of the leading experts in the international supply chain management. This has been able to be achieved through the sourcing of raw materials, high production standards that cannot be matched and the product commercializing the process. For the global supply chain to be successful it has to have the control of the raw materials from the source to its final destination.

OSI group have proper tracking systems that enable the clients to focus on marketing their products and not worry about manufacturing and the transportation.

Food Products

The company offers a food processing method that will be able to suit the needs of the client. This does not matter whether it is for processing or home use as the firm ensures that the product needed is efficient and convenient for the end user. OSI supplies some food products like pork, beef, poultry, pizza, seafood and many products for the international market.

The company ensures their experience and creativity that the client gets what they need and what they need no matter the kind of meal they step up to ensure the satisfaction of the casualty.

Food Processing

OSI Group which uses the skills to manufacture different products that are ready to cook or fully prepared meals. These methods always undergo improvements which enable them to be above the rest by improving the equipment.

Food Process Engineering

The Engineering department of the OSI Group, ensure that a global perspective feeling is in the firm. The teams work together to bring the different world experiences to the firm and they all share the same goal. The main objective is to be able to understand the requirements of the clients so as to make the perfect solutions so that they improve the quality, cut costs and streamline the process.

Food Safety and quality Assurance

The OSI group always has ensured its clients of the brand security by designing and managing the supply chain system to make sure that the brands, reputation and products are protected. The team of experts in food quality ensure that the requirements of the client from the manufacturing to transportation is done according to their needs.

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