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Testimonials to Help You Realize Your Dream Through Nine9

Most talented people don’t pursue their dreams due to rejection from agencies. Some are hurt and discouraged by the language most agents use to dismiss them, and this is where Nine9 comes in. Read the following stories from successful people who were once dejected and nearly quit and read full article.

Dieunoosha B

The talented young lady was on the verge of giving up her dream of acting.She found her path through Nine9, and her life has changed completely.The ordinary girl is destined for greatness,and her dream is coming true thanks to Nine9 and it on facebook.

James V

James had been Nine9 for barely two months and has been invited to several auditions. His first film is a horror, suspense,comedy assignment that will be released later in the year. He will also be an Extra in another movie.He constantly receives emails and is glad he signed with Nine9 and learn more about Nine9.

Klayresse R

She registered with Nine9 in New York, and within a few months,she has been called to two castings. A renowned sexy hair modeling show company contacted her and was booked.She is looking forward to a brighter future with Nine9.

Nine9 is here to encourage those aspiring to join the modeling and acting industry not to give up. Anyone is welcome to sign up with Nine9 unagency.Nine9 goes against the norm and represents the majority of talent out there.They are the 99% who have nowhere else to go.In the years they have been in business, they have become a brand synonymous with success.

Nine9 is unique and does things the other way round. They are consist and involved which is a motivation to those who have signed with them. Their work ethic and positivity is everything anyone with a dream needs. The opportunities at Nine9 range from television and movies to commercial, music video, runway, print and promotional gigs and castings.

Nine9’s Solution for New Actors

Are you looking for a way to succeed as an actor? Are you striving for a solution to get what you are looking for and what you need so you can land roles in acting? Nine9 is the company you can rely on so you could actually get a good headstart in this field.

Here’s just a couple of great things that Nine9 can do for you:

Nine9 provides great acting opportunities for you so you can land some amazing jobs. They give you the chance to submit yourself to a lot of different great positions and gigs. If you feel like your fit the role of a specific character, you can easily get the breakdown for the role and actually get the inside scoop on that position and Nine9’s Twitter.

Nine9 is by far one of the best companies because they also give you the chance to be on their main website so you can be seen by all the right people. Nine9 provides great opportunities for their biggest fans because they know that they are waiting on ways to be seen by casting directors. in fact, big people in the casting world will go through Nine9’s list of talent roster, allowing people like you get your face seen by all the right people.

Are you afraid of auditioning? Do you deal with anxiety whenever you are going through different issues in regards acting on camera? The classes that Nine9 provides you can be everything that you are looking for so you can move forward and know everything you need to know about this industry. It helps to gain insight on all aspects of business. Their classes are very insightful and full of great information to help you move forward in this business and actually understand the different aspects of how to improve your acting and learn more about Nine9.

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Nine9 Stays On Top of Everything Compared to Other Agencies

One thing that a lot of aspiring models and actors tend to learn when they sign up for an agency is that there are a lot of listings for roles that have been expired. This is often one of the most frustrating things for models to have to deal with. This is where Nine9 has differed itself from the other agencies. They have someone that is constantly on top of the casting calls and audition lists. Therefore, they are always listing new opportunities. Another issue that people are faced with is that they are not given listings of every opportunity that is available. Therefore, a lot of clients miss out on opportunities. See Photos Here .

Nine9 has helped people get a wide variety of jobs. Among the jobs that some people have gotten was being a co-host on a TV show and getting a roll in a short film. Models land jobs within a month of joining. One person has gotten selected to promote the 2017 Bronner Brothers Hair Show. This is fast acting for a modeling agency. This is one of the reasons that people should select Nine9. They will get jobs quickly. This will help them feel as if they have made the right choice for a modeling agency. Click Here for Nine9 Reviews .

One of the signs of a good modeling agency is how professional everyone is. The agents deal with people in a very respectful manner. They show a lot of discipline in how they relate to their clients. One advantage that Nine9 has over other companies is that they give their clients plenty of call backs. This is a lot more to say than for other agencies that just sign their clients up and then ignore them for a while. More clients are seeing the advantage of signing up for this modeling agency. Nine9 Casting . for more.

Brian Mulligan: Promoting the Younger Generation


Brian Mulligan, the 55 year old CEO of Brooknol Advisors, LLC., based in Los Angelos, California, has quite the resume. His career that spans over 30 years, includes such offices as Chair and CEO of many media and entertainment powerhouses such as, Co-Chairman of Universal Pictures, CEO of Universal Television and Chairman of Fox Broadcasting. Recently added to his resume is Vice Chairman of Deutsche Bank,to name a few.

Mr. Mulligan, hailing from humble beginnings has escalated to a financial giant in the media and entertainment industry. Mr. Brian Mulligan you certainly have a full calender. WIth the many responsibilites that are associated with his many chairs and as Chief Executive Officer to a vast array of industry related companies and financial institutions, it’s a small wonder he finds the time to be the proverbial philanthropist.

What caught my attention and spurred my interest was the list of charitable organizations he was involved in. But, what’s more is I found that where he donated quite generously to these chariable organizations, he also seemed to find the time to become directly involed.

He is involved in charities like “A Better LA” that was responsible for raising over $90 Million dollars for schools in the Los Angelos area. He always was involved in organizations like St.Jude’s Children’s Hospital, City of Hope: a hospital dedicated to to the research, treatment and cure of several types of cancer, MCA Charities: that involve the treatment of brain cancer in children, The United Way, Land of Free Foundation: an organization that supports the men and women of he armed forces, YMCA and the USC Marshall School Dean Scholarship Fund: enabling those who have excelled but are still unable to afford the right school to enable them to excel in life. These are just a few of the charities that Mr. Mulligan has been actively involved He has given, not only money, but time and goods and services to these organizations.

What caught my eye the most, however, was how he had become so directly involved in some of this charity work. On top of his many other organizations and charities Mr. Mulligan donated something more valuable than money, he donated his time. He Coached youth tackle football and a travel basketball team. He also served as commissioner of the youth basketball league.

Where hard work and dedication can lead to a very successful career, charity work and looking out for those less fortunate, is not a skill that can be learned in a classroom, it a trait that one must be born with or taught throughout our life. The feeling of that humbleness and humility which remind us all that that our circumstances, no matter how blessed we are now, could change drastically, without warning. My hats off to you Mr. Mulligan, well done.

FreedomPop Shuts Down Acquisition Rumors, Expands in U.K.

The mobile phone market is one that constantly evolves based on the needs of the user and the abilities of the provider to adjust their business model in order to accommodate them. With a rise in mobile hotspots and specialized data plans becoming common place it is going to take something truly special to set a company apart from the competition. For a little start up out of L.A. the decision to go for a freemium mobile phone route was the only choice left and it ended up working well. FreedomPop has quickly grown into one of the hottest mobile phone carriers in the United States and now they are growing outward thanks to their inventive solution to customer needs.

FredomPop was founded as a mobile wireless service start up back in 2012. They quickly established themselves as a company worth paying attention to thanks to their innovative business model. Freemium models have become more common place in other industries, such as the world of video games, but they are relatively unheard of in the world of mobile wireless service. So when FreedomPop decided to offer their userbase completely free access to talk, text, and mobile data it got the attention of people instantly. Since then the company has grown to host nearly one million users while their quarterly revenue keeps tracking upward, improving at a rate of 25% per quarter. Now with this success in hand FreedomPop has had to shut down the rumors that they would be taking any of the rumored M&A offers that have slid across their table.

CEO Stephen Stokols told reporters that it would be “premature to sell at this point” and it appears that they will be focusing on an expansion toward the United Kingdom. The U.K. is one of the most competitive mobile phone markets in all of Europe and FreedomPop might have a tough time getting their foot into the door. Fortunately you can’t beat “free” and this is what FreedomPop will rely on as their service continues to grow overseas. Right now customers in the U.K. can sign on for the basic SIM based carrier plan which offers 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200 MB of mobile data completely free of charge. There are optional upgrades and improved plans available, such as the roaming data plan ‘Jetsetter’, otherwise customers are only on the hook for any overages that they incur. This means that customers pretty much are in charge of setting their own bill.

What FreedomPop is doing sounds both radical and a little revolutionary but it is the natural progression that many mobile carriers are going to take in the future. Data itself has become so cheap that charging customers an arm and a leg is just not a viable solution anymore for telemarketing companies. Now we will see many carriers focus on nationwide hotspots and unlimited data plans as a means to hooking more customers with a more customizable product that appeals to their more specific needs and desires.

More than Three Quarters of Adults Don’t Get Enough Fruits and Vegetables

When it comes to the James Dondero‘s health and of the general population as well, you would think that most care enough about their bodies to do what is right. Not everyone you see is obese or overweight, so you assume that most everyone is doing something to look out for their bodies and to stay healthy. When it comes to their daily intake of fruits and vegetables, though, the general population is not doing all that they should to look out for their bodies.

It seems that more than three quarters of the adults living in the US do not get the amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet each day that they should. Three quarters of the population fail to include the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet on a daily basis. While they may be looking out for their bodies in other ways, the majority of the population is not looking out for themselves by watching their fruits and vegetables intake.

Scott Disick Cheating Scandal

When we think of Scott and Kourtney Kardashian, one thing we never forget is all of his wild crazy moments. We know Scott loves to get drunk, flirt with women and make insane look normal. Scott is the same guy who wanted a helicopter in his backyard, it never gets old and it’s always been good for television. Lately Scott’s drama is getting to be a little more than good for ratings, and Kourtney is done being the understanding girlfriend she has always been. Now that Kourtney and Skout have three small children, Kourt has to focus on doing what is best for them. These days Kourtney has little time to worry about if Scott is out drunk in a ditch, or sleeping in another woman’s bed.

Lately the stories about Scott’s cheating won’t stop, and while it looks like some could be just the result of thirsty women out to get famous, there is also more evidence than a little that Scott is no angel. Kourtney has been a great and supportive girlfriend but Scott’s luck is wearing off big time, and he doesn’t seem to care.

This week Scott’s been photographed in Monte Carlo, enjoying the sun and a few drinks with his ex girlfriend Chloe Bartoli. Apparently Chloe and Scott are so comfortable with each other that the PDA between them seems very natural and normal, in fact they look like they’ve been together for years. Of course Kourtney isn’t happy about Scott’s recent behavior, and even went to let off some steam and a few rounds at a gun rang. Could this be the end of Scott and Kourtney, or just another dose of drama?

Walking Dead Season Finale Was A Hit!

Christian Broda said that last Sunday on March 29 was the season finale of the Walking Dead, and it went out with a bang. It was one of the best season finishers that the show has ever seen, and fans from around the world were thrilled at what they got to see happen with some of their favorite characters.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the show has once again found its peak as thousands of viewers tuned in to see what would happen with Rick Grimes and his group of survivors. Even though there weren’t as many deaths as expected, it was surely one of the most heated and nail biting experiences on television that has been on the air lately. The show now won’t be back until October of this fall.

It was a great episode, and as a avid watcher I can say with confidence that it has been one of the most satisfying endings to a season thus far. A lot of my questions got answered, but now new ones are going to form for the seasons to come. There was also a lot more gore and action in the last few episodes than are typically on the show, and I applaud the makeup artists for doing such a great job with all of this. It will be exciting and a very long wait to see what will happen next this fall.

Tom Rothman and Jeff Robinov Favorites to Replace Amy Pascal After Sony Exit

After giving 15 years to Sony as co-chairman, Amy Pascal is preparing to step down from the position and the vacancy is exciting speculations. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the top two choices for this role are obviously Tom Pascal and Jeff Robinov. They are currently under the umbrella of Sony with Tom Rothman running Sony’s TriStar and Jeff Robinov heading Studio 8. Even before the Sony hacking incident occurred, the media was rife with stories of either Rothman or Robinov stepping down from their respective positions to become Sony’s co-chairman.

According to sources, Rothman and Robinov had not been contacted by Sony even when Pascal announced her decision to step down. Robinov is the least unlikely candidate of the two because his new venture has received backing from China to the tune of $1 billion. Various US based banks have also been backing this venture. The epic hack affected Tom Rothman personally but despite that, Sony has been known to show support to people like Amy Pascal who have a great relationship with talent.

Other names that could be considered include Doug Belgrad – President of Columbia Pictures – and Michael De Luca – with hits like Moneyball, Captain Phillips and The Social Network under his belt. However, it isn’t necessary that CEO Hirai and Lynton would choose to fill the void internally. External options include Stacey Snider of Fox, Universal and DreamWorks, Adam Fogelsen – formerly of Universal, Donna Langley, Jeff Shell, Robert Simonds, and Toby Emmerich, Greg Silverman and Sue Kroll – all from Warner Bros. However, none of these candidates are said to be favorites like Rothman and Robinov.

Pascal’s contract might end in March but she would be helping with the transition and has decided to stay until May with Sony. After that, she would be exploring her career as a producer for Sony.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Ten Years Of The Sphere Of Silence

It has been ten years since “The Sphere Of Silence” was released out to the public. It is a milestone that the author Vijay Eswaran is celebrating. His work in this book has been enjoyed by many and has brought about a new way of thinking for a lot of people. They see the book as a way of learning more about listening to their own inner beings. By doing this, they are actually taking a tactic that most people unfortunately do not use at this moment.

The book contains a lot of the themes of Hinduism that Vijay Eswaran learned about as a young child. He learned so much about what it means to ignore the distractions that are a major part of the world that we live in. He says that these distractions may seem as though they provide us with the things that we need, but in reality they only distract us from listening to what is going on internally.

Unlocking one’s inner self is the way that we can tackle some of the big problems that we have in this world. Huge world conditions such as overpopulation and global warming are two things that Vijay believes needs to be handled. He says that the way that this can happen is to listen to what is going on in one’s internal self.

It is incredibly difficult to get anything major accomplished at all without the help of listening to one’s inner self. He firmly believes that this book can help people to better understand what is going on in their lives and hopefully adjust to what they need to do to listen to themselves for a while. This is the only way that things can start to get better as far as he is concerned. It is certainly an interesting read that anyone and everyone can get something from.