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How Stream Energy helps others

Recently wrote an article about Stream Energy, Stream Cares Foundation. In this article it talks about how Stream Cares Foundations helped after Hurricane Harvey devastated South Texas and other efforts.

For more than an 12 years Stream has been very actively involved with corporate Philanthropy, but recently they finalized that by creating their charitable organization, Stream Cares Foundation. Stream Cares Foundation works not only all over Texas but the entire county to help those in need. Over the years Stream Energy, corporate leaders, and employees have built a relationship with the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, as well as grassroots giving.

Stream Energy has played a major role in helping out the homeless in North Texas. They have achieved this by partnering up with Hope Supply Co. Stream and their associates paid for more than 1,000 for entrances and meals at the annual Splash for hope event. During this event homeless children get to go to a water park for the day. On the regular Hope Supply Co. also hands out things such as school supplies and diapers to homeless children for more than the last four years.

As well as helping out the homeless Stream also works with veterans and their families. Teaming up with Operation Once in a Lifetime, Stream Energy has been there to provide financial and moral support. But instead of just handing over a cash to these families they also have done things such as donating transportation to struggling military veterans.

Stream Energy has also co hosted a American Girl Doll event where ten children of military members each got to pick a American Girl Doll and have lunch and the American Girl Cafe for free.

Lastly mentioned that as a whole Texas is not considered a very generous state, but with the work that Stream Energy, their associates, and their employees put in is changing that for the better.

Stream Energy Offers a Helping Hand to Those in Need

Stream Energy is an alternate electricity and power company that was founded by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji in 2005, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. OVer time they have expanded greatly, first to Georgia in 2008, and then throughout the Northeast, eventually offering services in seven states, including Washington D.C. Although they started as simply an electric company, they have since expanded their area of expertise to encompass both home protective services as well as wire communication, a field in which they began work in 2015. It is safe to say that Stream Energy, though in the grand scheme of things, a company that hasn’t been in business that long, has become extremely successful.

A big part of what makes a company great is the things it is involved in within its community. As for Stream Energy, they are passionate about helping others with some of the residuals from their success. The company has built a solid relationship with both Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross, supplying funds for various projects the two are involved in. Stream Energy also works closely with The Hope Supply Co., who serve the needs of homeless children by providing food, clothing, school supplies and other essentials that the children would not have if not for help from an outside source. Stream Energy has also been involved with Hope Supply Co. in projects such as the “Splash for Hope” project, which brought homeless children to a water park, giving them the opportunity to enjoy their lives in a way they had never done before.

With the vast amount of charities that Stream Energy is involved in, the funding of their own programs should not come as a surprise. In recent years, the company has founded Stream Cares, a company that was highly involved in restoration efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

Obsidian Energy, Treating Communities And People With Respect

Treating people with kindness and respect is something that should just be human nature, however, in today’s modern world of greed and instant gratification, human connection has become lost in business. There is one company who has regained the focus on their customers, clients and friends and how to treat everyone with respect and more. That company is Obsidian Energy. As a mid-sized producer of oil and natural gas in Canada, Obsidian has taken several steps to make sure the people who are doing the drilling and the people around the drill sites are kept safe. This is because Obsidian has respect for people and they put those people and their safety above everything else.


Obsidian Energy has lots of experience in the industry. In fact, they were previously known as Penn West Ltd. The company has done more than just a name change. They have reformed their core values and the way the operate inside and out based on what they learned along the way. Obsidian Energy is a new company who has goals, values and beliefs that will pave the road to a brighter future. There are three areas in Alberta that are key to success for Obsidian. These areas are the Peace River oil sands, which is rich in oil and the Alberta Viking as well as the Pembina Cardium. It is from these three areas that production continues to be successful. Since June of 2017, Obsidian Energy has replaced Penn West Petroleum.


One of the areas that Obsidian Energy has been shifting their focus to is, not just pleasing investors and making money, but, doing it in a safe way. The company has focused a plan to make sure that their drilling operations are safe for the people working the production and for the communities in which they drill. This is just one of the ways that the company has been taking a positive approach to treating people with respect. At Obsidian Energy people come first and oil comes second. If something happens and it puts people at risk, Obsidian and their partners shut the production own and get the problems or issue, regardless how big or small fixed and make sure that everyone is safe. That’s just part of operating respectfully and it is working well for Obsidian Energy and the community at large. Read This Article for additional information