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Orange Coast College Rowers Continue Tradition Of Excellence

Orange Coast College, located just minutes from the beaches of southern

California, has grown into one of the nation’s largest community colleges.

Classes at OCC began in 1948 and the now 164 acre campus now offers

more than 135 academic and career programs.


The accomplishments of the OCC rowing team are on par with the excellence

shown by the school in other areas. This year the team seeks to add it’s

twelth national title to their trophy case. Their latest national title was

captured a year ago.


Orange Coast community College has sent 10 rowers world championships and the

Olympics and has enjoyed elite status for decades in the sport of rowing. This

despite the fact that many OCC rowers never competed in the sport before

arriving at the school. The pride and comraderie present amongst both OCC rowing

team alumni and current competitors beams clearly from their faces when discussing

the program. Their are many examples of this.


Craig Amerkhanian, Stanford University’s Men’s head coach states emphatically that

to “OCC was the springboard I needed to get to the next level, academically,

athletically and professionally.”


Current OCC head coach Cameron Brown was recruited from four-year Oklahoma City

University. His and OCC’s philosophy is that rowing entails “eight moving parts must

work together. It’s not just physical development, but the mental maturation as



In addition to excelling on the world stage, OCC rowers have went on to attend UC

Berkley, University Of Washington, Stanford University, and one OCC student even

received a scholarship to attend Boston University. Learn more:


Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom from the Kabbalah Centre

One good thing about life is that there is always something to learn. There are infinite things to learn about because of the nature of life. For one thing, the physical realm has tons of lessons for people to learn. However, the spiritual realms carry even more lessons. The Kabbalah Centre is aware of all of them. While there are tons of lessons that may be way out of reach for most people, The Kabbalah Centre encourages people to learn lessons that they can apply to their lives. As a matter of fact, it is advised that people start where they are spiritually so that they can go on the journey towards where they want to be and more information click here.

When it comes to spirituality, people will learn that there is far more to spiritual fulfillment than the bliss that one hears about when they reach their spiritual goals or breakthroughs. As a matter of fact, there are tons of breakthroughs that people experience when they walk the spiritual path. These breakthroughs tend to offer a shift in perspective when it comes to life’s problems. As they learn how to apply their lessons, they will find that the issues will be more bearable and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.

Among the lessons that The Kabbalah Centre teaches is how to frame every disappointment and setback. For one thing, while people tend to look at setbacks as something unfortunate, the wiser people find them to be blessings in disguise. For one thing, people become stronger and gain the type of humility that is needed to be able to move forward in ways that are really beneficial to the person. The Kabbalah Centre teaches these kinds of lessons and plenty of others. People who are interested can either take classes or learn online from the videos and articles that are available on the site and learn more about Kabbalah.

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Kabbalah Center Strives to Emancipate People on Spiritual Fulfillment through the Kabbalistic Teachings

As an ancient knowledge foundation, Kabbalah offers insights on life and the entire universe. Kabbalah is the Jewish word for the verb “to receive.” Learning Kabbalah can be equated to receiving spiritual fulfillment. Most people do not have a sense of fulfillment in their lives. The more people try to accomplish fulfillment, the earthly things draw them backward. Fulfillment, on the other hand, goes beyond being happy. It entails getting spiritual energy and having faith in everything you do. Kabbalah was used in the ancient times as a model for life. It teaches people that aspects of life such as careers, health, and interpersonal relationships are interconnected. Acquiring these teachings will enable you to view the universe in a unique way and read full article.

Why Study Kabbalah

Kabbalah is also considered as universal wisdom since it applies to everyone irrespective of his or her ethnic backgrounds and spiritual beliefs. Those who study Kabbalah have full control over their thoughts. Teachers of this universal wisdom only share the relevant knowledge you need and hope that you will use it to enlighten yourself. This knowledge has practical results. Precisely, as a student, you will gain insights on things that surround your life and work, and how you can use them to achieve long-term fulfillment.

The Kabbalah Center

Rav Yehuda instituted the Kabbalah Center back in 1922. The center has branches in over 40 cities of the world. The center also offers scholarships to those who yearn to learn and spread the kabbalistic teachings. The head teachers are Rav Berg, Karen Berg, and Michael Berg. The teachings are available online via the website. One is first required to register on the website and then create an effective study plan.

The Kabbalah Center presents students with support and opportunities meant to help them learn and grow spiritually. Irrespective of your location, you can order books from the Kabbalah store and connect with teachers within your region. Some of the books sold on the Kabbalah Store are The Thought of Creation ($34.95), Immortality – The Inevitability of Eternal Life ($14.95), and Finding the Light through Darkness ($19.95) and learn more about Kabbalah.

Betsy DeVos, a Philanthropist and Political Activist

In the just concluded US election, many people that were working behind the scenes to see the whole project a success have started emerging on the public glare. The group ranges from political players, business personalities and opinion leaders that impacted positively to the Republican win. Some of them have been recognized by the President-elect Donald Trump and have been nominated to the positions of cabinet secretaries. Betsy DeVos is a notable personality that has been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of Republicans by campaigning for them. She has been nominated as U.S. Education Secretary nominee with many people supporting her candidature. Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick are notable for their enormous financial contributions and donations towards the campaigns of the Republican candidates. The family dynasty is known for the great contribution they have made to charitable works. They have been recommended by many Americans for their goodwill in fostering the living standards of people through charitable organizations. In 2015, the family was estimated to have donated over $104 million to charity. Since then, the family fortune has been increasing, and most of it is channeled through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

With a good name and greater wealth, the Forbes values the family at an estimated net worth of over $1.33 billion. Their main success story is supporting the less vulnerable access education as education is their priority through the generous funding. In 2015 alone, over 26% of their donation went to schools which amounted to about $3 million. As such, this was the biggest spending in the year that had gone to education. They have also encouraged many non-governmental groups that support education by providing them with additional funding to fight for the right to education. Betsy DeVos has continued to support teachers and administrators on the good job they have been doing. They attribute the success of the education system to the devotion of some teachers both in public and private schools for the success witnessed due to the rising standards of education. There are also other higher learning institutions that have benefited from the funding by Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They include Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, Ferris State University in Big Rapids among others.

Betsy DeVos has a huge interest in the aviation industry, and this led to the establishment of the first aviation-themed charter school. This was to empower the young generation to undertake courses in the air transport sector and offer enhanced professional training. Betsy DeVos has left many people admiring her life as she has achieved a lot from both her private and public life. As such, she is a role model that many Americans have been emulating to succeed in life. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Enthusiasts Say that the Kabbalah Centre Provides the Much-Needed Peace and Tranquility as well as Making the World Better

The number of celebrities visiting The Kabbalah Centre and converting to Judaism has been on the rise in the recent past. Madonna was the first to join and study the Jewish belief and tradition, and even opened multiple Kabbalah centers. Many celebrities have since joined, including Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, the late Marilyn Monroe, and The late Elizabeth Taylor among others. Kabbalah is believed to be wisdom that aids in creating happiness and fulfillment.

Reasons for joining Kabbalah

According to one of the celebrities are preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing and joining Kabbalah helped her deal with life uncertainties. She was able to overcome a breakup by visiting the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles; something fellow enthusiasts conquer with. Another noted that he joined to be part of the strength associated with the Jews Coming from thousands of years of oppression. Kabbalah offered him honesty and spiritual peace. One of the central doctrines of the faith is that humans were put on earth to help people. This led some like the late Elizabeth Taylor to become an adept Israel advocate where she even offered herself for the release of Israelis who were held hostage by terrorists. Other celebrities like the late Marilyn Monroe joined Kabbalah because she could not identify herself with Christianity. Due to her difficult upbringing, she was looking for a close-knit family that the Kabbalah Centre provided. Watch amazing videos at Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube channel.

Orthodox Jews who believe that the lessons should only be given to a person who has already converted to the Jewish faith have criticized the issue of studying Kabbalah. People under 40 years should not be taught Kabbalah. Kabbalah revolution leader, the late Rabbi Phillip Berg, noted that he intended to make accessible the struggles of biblical persons by simplifying Kabbalah.

About The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre offers Kabbalah teachings online and through regional centers. The organization is situated in Los Angeles and operates on a non-profit basis.

The Kabbalah Centre first started as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah in the United States in the year 1965 but later rebranded to the current name.

Kabbalah blog

Betsy DeVos Supports Educational Choices

Not every child who is in school is going to learn the same way. This is a major problem for public schools that take the same approach to learning for each and every student who they are responsible for. Because there are not many different ways to teach people like that in public schools, students around the country struggle to learn what they need to be able to learn.

Betsy DeVos knows that this is a problem and has worked to fight it throughout her career. She is a philanthropist who has worked hard with many different types of children and all of this has allowed her the chance to make sure that she is getting the children everything that they need. She also wants to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to learn in the right way. For this reason, she is the secretary of education and has been working to make a difference since taking that position.

One of the first things that Betsy DeVos did was create voucher programs for children who were not able to afford private school. She wanted them to have the same opportunities as other children and made sure that they were going to be able to do through the use of these vouchers. Over 20 years ago, Betsy DeVos rolled out programs that were going to help these children get everything that they needed from private schools where they would be able to get all of the educational help that they need. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Since that time, Betsy DeVos has worked to provide even more opportunities for children. She is a huge supporter of being able to help children get what they need out of different things. This is something that she has been working on for many years and she will continue to work on. Anyone who has noticed a large increase in charter schools and other options for people has Betsy DeVos to thank for it. She uses charter schools, which run like private schools but are free, to give opportunities to children who do not have the voucher program available to them. It makes things much better for their lives.

Since Betsy DeVos is the secretary of education, she is going to continue working hard to make sure that things are going to go well for children who cannot afford a great education. She wants to see children succeed and that means that they need to have all of the educational opportunities possible so that they can make sure that they are getting more out of what they are able to do. The right education can be a world of difference for children who are underprivileged in different types of communities. Check this article from

The reason behind Hollywood’s sudden interest in the Kabbalah

Madonna once stated that she was interested in the teachings of Kabbalah and all of a sudden, everyone in Hollywood wanted to get a part of the experience. The question then is emerging on why the other non- Jewish people in Hollywood have decided that they want to learn more about the teachings. People such as Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have at some point expressed their curiosity about the teachings. It is interesting to note that some of the stars follow the teachings so closely that sometimes they even convert to Judaism because of it.

One of the converts, Sandra Bernhard stated that following the teachings of Kabbalah helped her eliminate most of the chaos that dogged her life. Another star, Paris Hilton agreed with the statement and added that when she split from her ex boyfriend, Nick Carter, she found her comfort by going straight to the Kabbalah center in Los Angeles. She received a bracelet and got people to talk about regarding the break-up. She stated that she goes to the center as often as she can find time and that it has helped her deal with her entire life.

The teachings are said to be ancient wisdom that has been helping people create joy and lasting fulfillment in their lives. It is a system that has been proven to transform the manner in which people look at the world. The kabbalah is seen as the soul of the Torah, a means of God interacting with the world. There is still others who join the Kabbalah, not because of personal issues but because they are interested in being part of a 5000 year history and because they want to learn the art of turning the other cheek. All in all, the teachings of the Kabbalah resonate well with most of the people who take part in them and what Kabbalah Centre knows.

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Betsy DeVos Is About More Than Just Education Reform

The name Betsy DeVos has become one we are all aware of after she was appointed the U.S. Secretary of Education in 2017, but I myself have been aware of the work Mrs. DeVos has been completing for a number of years across the fields, of philanthropy, education reform, business, and politics. I believe Betsy DeVos has been inadvertently preparing for her current role for a number of years as I have followed closely the many excellent programs she has developed for those seeking to make sure a zip code is not the only way a child and their family determine the standard of education an individual receives; in the creation of high quality school choice and school voucher programs that have moved out of her native state of Michigan and across the U.S. I believe Betsy DeVos should be applauded for the improved chances of receiving a first class education Betsy DeVos has given families across the nation.

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Education obviously plays an important role in the life of Betsy DeVos as she has become one of the world’s best known voices on education reform, but I look back at the education career of Mrs. DeVos and see she embarked on developing the cause when it was seen as the habitat of extremists. In my own opinion, Mrs. DeVos has done a lot to turn the education reform movement into one of the most impressive groups in the world, particularly in the fact that many states across the nation are adopting the programs and systems developed under the leadership of Betsy DeVos. Not only has Betsy impressed me with her willingness to help children get better educational opportunities, but she and husband Dick DeVos have been willing to use their own funds in a bid to make sure every school choice or voucher program in the U.S. is publicized to the maximum to aid parents make an informed choice. Read more on Los Angeles Times.

I believe there is more to the life of Betsy DeVos than just educational programs as she has proven herself to be a successful business leader and an avid political supporter and commentator. Reading about the history of Betsy DeVos I was pleased to see her political career began in college and was developed as she became the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party; she also served on the Board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts after being appointed by President George W. Bush. As a business leader Betsy and Dick DeVos work together to fund new investment opportunities through their Windquest Group, which backs innovative new companies developing boxed water and green energy options that are supported at all levels by Betsy DeVos.

Indiana Students Will Receive FAFSA Filing Help On College Goal Sunday

February 12, 2017 from 2 pm is College Goal Sunday in Indiana. This year, financial aid professionals will be volunteering their time at 40 sites throughout the state to assist students in signing up for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms.


The FAFSA is required for students to be able to apply for federal assistance, including grants, scholarships, and student loans. It is required by most colleges and universities in the nation as well.


College Goal Sunday is now in its 28th year and has helped over 90,000 students apply for federal student aid to this date. The program is funded by the Indiana Student Financial Aid Association (ISFAA).


Students looking to receive aid should bring their parents or guardians along with their parents’ 2015 federal tax returns, W-2 forms, and other proof of income. Working students should also bring their own tax returns and proof of income. Before coming to the event, it’s recommended that students and parents sign up on the U.S. Department of Education website for FSA IDs.


All sites will offer online FAFSA filing, and some sites may have Spanish interpretation available. Attendees can also win one of ten $1000 scholarships, whose winners will be announced in April.


College Goal Sunday is the brainchild of Indiana and has now spread to 34 states. For more information about the organization, visit


Kabbalah Centre of Life Fulfillment

Every human being tries to know how the world operates and how to be most satisfied in life. To make it simple, the best course to take to gain a deeper understanding of how the universe and life work is Kabbalah. Kabbalah means to receive and points at point in time where human beings can receive fulfillment in their lives. Kabbalah Center is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California, and it was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. The organization was founded in 1922, but a center was set up in California in 1984 after the death of its founder. It focuses on developing friendly courses, books, classes and audio products to enable the student learn about Kabbalistic principles.

The focus of Kabbalah is to teach people the principles they need to apply in life in order to gain insight and wisdom. In the process, they will improve their lives and avoid the chaotic world lifestyle. The organization has 50 locations across the world and attracts over 5,000 students on a weekly basis. Students can go to a physical class, or they can still connect with the learning process online. The package of every learning session includes books, lecturers, download, CD’s and DVD’s and prayer sessions. It has been labeled as a supportive community where students experience growth spiritually. Kabbalah Center also develops strong relations of people who desire to receive fulfillment in life and the groups formed keep exchanging ideas.

Success of Kabbalah Center

Since the organization was set up, demand for a life of fulfillment has been increasing. In the process, the company has been able to hire over 500 employees who work in over 40 cities where the different centers are located. The center has also attracted a huge following across the world due to their unique teachings on spiritual and physical laws of the universe and the reason why people exist. It also teaches on the journey of the soul and how people should live their lives with a full knowing of the origin of creation. Followers are called Kabbalalistics who emerge as better people since they apply the knowledge and end up living better lives.