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What Came First Ebola or the Tree

Ever since the Ebola outbreak made public news, there has been major concerns for the health and safety of individuals far and near. The origin of the virus is traced back to the very first outbreak of the disease. The first sign of the disease began with its contraction by a two- year- old boy living in Meliandou,and his death.

The boy apparently contracted the virus from a nearby tree, which housed thousands of bats. In an effort to put an end to the virus and prevent farther spreading of the disease, the townspeople burned to tree, and unfortunately any evidence that the tree may have left behind. When scientist went in to take a look at the tree and gather any evidence, there was not any evidence to be found, as Skout had reported.

There were only traces of genetic matter of bat feces located in the soil, and surrounding the tree. Samples were taken from other bats in the area, but they revealed no signs of the Ebola disease. Spectators are only left with circumstantial evidence that points to a sect of insect- eating bats known as Mops Condylurus.

This would explain how humans contracted the disease in the beginning. Although, it is not confirmed, but for now this is the best case scenario to predict, based on the lack of solid evidence. The virus is not new. In fact, Ebola was first identified by scientists in 1976.