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O2Pur Leading the way in E-Cigarettes

With recent developments in technology, every sector and sphere of life has come to live and much dependent on the technology to run it. From leisure to health, work to home, technology comes as a boost to make people’s way of life better. 20 years ago, who thought there would be an electronic cigarette.

The Heat-Not-Burn (HNB) used in e-cigs heats up real tobacco to create a nicotine tasting vapor Traditional cigarettes burn tobacco releasing nicotine and flavor. The e-cigs are becoming popular by the day and companies are looking for a way to have a piece of the market share by developing and acquiring e-cigs HNB technology. For example, British American Tobacco is in the process of purchasing Reynolds-American an e-cigs producing company.


O2Pur is an e-cig company based in Utah dealing with different e-cig products such as juices that come in different sizes and shapes. O2Pur lets you enjoy a great taste a great smell. They have e-juices that come in boxes of 60ml and 120 ml.

They have a starter pack for every new smoker containing a coil and a gift card for $5, shipping cost included. The company has seen the prospects of e-cigs and is thus trying the best efforts to do network marketing with this free starter kit by reaching out to as many clients as possible. E-cigarettes are the next big thing for most smokers.


O2Pur prices are very competitive and affordable for an ordinary smoker, with prices ranging between $29.95 for one 120 ml bottle order that comes with a free 40w Box Mod to $79.95 for three 120 ml bottle that comes with a free 220w Box Mod. The higher the number of stock ordered, the lower the price of buying will be.

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