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The Successful career of Imran Haque

A medical practitioner, Dr. Imran Haque is among the best doctors who are based in North Carolina. The established doctor has his specialty in internal medicine which he has been practicing for a very long time. Haque has served in the sector of health for quite a while and therefore posses the needed skills and expertise to thrive in that field. His success as a doctor comes from his extensive educational background, hard work, passion for the medical field as well as his commitment coupled with discipline. The main mission of Imran in life is to make sure that all his patients live with good health with no complications. He has been described by his patients as one of the most passionate and kind doctors in his community who puts the needs of the patients first.

Dr. Imran is known to provide a wide range of illnesses effectively and is a sought after medical practitioner. The caring nature of Imran has enabled him to acquire a lot of popularity among his patients. He understands that patients are the main contributors when it comes to his success as a doctor and therefore makes sure that he offers high-quality medical services to all his clients. Dr. Imran is known to for his great referrals and above all his effective medical treatment. Throughout his entire career, Imran has been able to perform numerous successful cosmetic surgeries and this has also made him to gain increased popularity from all parts of the world. Currently, the experienced and licensed doctor serves at the Horizon Internal Medicine Group which is normally committed to offering their patients with high-quality medical services.

Dr. Imran is a graduate from UNIBE where he acquired his degree in Internal Medicine. Imran is also a diabetes specialist who has over the years assisted numerous patients in coping with the disease and by offering them the best remedies and diet to keep it from becoming severe. Dr. Imran also gives encouragement to his patients suffering from diabetes to diligently attend his weight loss procedures since they are the best way to give their bodies a good metabolism. Dr. Imran has been described as a good listener who has the ability to listen to all his patients.

Dr. Imran Haque North Carolina’s Finest Medical Internist

Dr. Imran Haque is one of the best medical doctors you will ever find in Asheboro, North Carolina. With a specialty in internal medicines and over 15 years of experience in the industry, Dr. Haque is very helpful when it comes to the treatment and medical care of different diseases and illness. Currently, Haque works at Horizon Internal Medicine, a health care provider he helped establish in Asheboro, North Carolina. During a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Dr. Imran shared part of his journey both personal and professional thus helping us get to know him more.

According to the interview,Imran notes that his idea of Horizon Internal Medicine was born from his early experience in the industry. After graduation, Imran started out his career at a hospital that provided internal medicine services. It was from this platform that he saw the need to provide his local community with medical services that were not being offered locally. With a number of satisfactory responses from his patients, Dr. Imran was inspired to carry on hence Horizon Internal Medicine.

When it comes to generating ideas for the business, thorough research, hard work, appropriate financial investment, and due diligence does the trick for Dr. Imran Haque. In addition to this, Haque also believes in having patience as well as being organized as factors that help him become successful. You will also find Dr. Imran Haque networking with other professionals as part of bringing his ideas to life.

Dr. Imran Haque believes that in his success equation, multi-tasking has helped him become a “productive entrepreneur.” Career issues aside, Haque is of the opinion that the North Carolina State University sports program is the best in the entire North Carolina region.

About Dr. Imran Haque

Dr. Imran is a competent internist who completed his educational training at the University of Virginia under the Internal Medicine Roanoke Salem program. Currently, he is licensed to conduct his practice in North Carolina State. This expert specializes in a number of illness including weight management, routine checkups, and diabetes management to name but a few.

Arguably, when it comes to internal medicine, many patients prefer Dr. Haque to other internists. This is because the doctor’s office is strategically located in North Carolina, he is committed to delivering outstanding results, he is fully licensed and accredited, and importantly he treats a wide variety of illnesses. You can always count on Dr. Imran Haque for your medical issues any day.

Dr. Mark McKenna the Doctorpreneur

Dr. S. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical doctor originating from New Orleans. He graduated from Tulane University’s Medical School. He has a license in Surgery and Medicine from the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. After graduation, Dr. Mark started practicing medicine alongside his father while concurrently launching McKenna Venture Investments which is a boutique real estate firm. Dr. McKenna is a dedicated community servant and a passionate patient advocate.

Most of Dr. McKenna’s business interests perished during Hurricane Katrina which destroyed the city of New Orleans. Without losing hope, the doctor actively participated in the aftermath of the storm in rebuilding the city through the redevelopment of low to moderate-income housing. The doctor then relocated to Atlanta where he launched ShapeMed. ShapeMed is an aesthetic and wellness based medical practice. The doctor later sold ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014 where he served as the National Medical Director up to 2016. He then moved to OVME in 2017 as the founder and chief executive officer.

The doctor says that his idea to start OVME came from his association with the medical aesthetics industry for over ten years. He grew his practice which he ultimately sold to a publicly traded company. He is a hardworking doctor, father, and husband who wakes up early and goes late to bed. He manages to materialize his ideas by regularly setting goals and practices visualization. He also meditates at least once daily which he qualifies as a recipe for success.

Dr. Mark McKenna has a family of four. Gianne McKenna is Dr. McKenna’s wife. Together, they are the parents to Milana Elle and Ryder. The doctor is currently a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization after serving as a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

In 2013, Dr. Mark was a featured guest on Doctorpreneur which is a CBS television show. The show highlighted the entrepreneurial spirit in the healthcare and medical communities. The doctor expressed how pleased he was for getting an invitation to the inaugural episode of the new show. In the presentation, the doctor discussed his practice ShapeMed.