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DNA Samples Aplenty In Indiana

Deoxyribonucleic acid, almost always shortened to its initialism of DNA, is the one thing in human bodies that can determine precisely who somebody is. You’ve almost certainly seen pictures of the double-helix-shaped structure in science classes or textbooks somewhere along the line – but never in person, obviously.

DNA profiling is a means of identifying who was at the scne of crimes, and is used all throughout the UNited States, if not most places around the world, even though it’s been proven to be inaccurate in many cases, which has resulted in innocent people getting arrested countless times – but that’s besides the point.

A new law in the state of Indiana regarding DNA profiling has allowed thousands upon thousands of brand-new samples to be registered into the state of Indiana’s digital database of DNA profiles.

According to the Indiana State Police, its laboratory tests about 4,200 DNA samples every month this year, at least the first three months of which. Every county jail in the state of Indiana is shipping samples of DNA collected to the Indiana State Police in Indianapolis, as well.

SO many samples are being collected because a state law went into action on January 1, 2018, that requires all law enforcement personnel to take a swab of all felonious perpetrators’ cheeks, which can then be used to better identify if them in the event they were involved in crimes that otherwise don’t have good evidence.

In the past, only felony convictions meant DNA samples; now, nothing more than a felony arrest means DNA samples.