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Department of Education Releases Priorities

In a recent statement, the Department of Education in Indiana has released the 2018 priorities to help students learn better. Over the past few years, the state of Indiana has made major investments to overhaul the education system in the state. There are many parents who are excited about the changes.

In parts of Indiana, it is difficult to get a quality education in the public school system. Some parents have the money to send their children to private school. However, the vast majority of parents do not have that much disposable income.


In the release, the Department of Education outlined several priorities that they would focus on in 2018. One of the biggest priorities is going to be in teaching technology in the classroom. Coding is becoming more important than ever, and students today need to have some sort of background with coding and software before going to college. These will be new high school electives for students to choose from.

In addition, the Department of Education decided to increase the pay of teachers across the state. Although it will be a small percentage raise, it still makes a big difference for many teachers. There are numerous teachers who have to work multiple jobs in order to pay their bills. This new pay structure will help teachers who are struggling financially. Most of these changes seem to be well-received by parents who have children in the education system. It will be interesting to see if the changes work in the years ahead.