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Dallas, Texas Offers Many Solutions For Chronic Spinal Pain

Dallas’ renowned company North American Spine is on a mission to share
their exceptional minimally invasive treatments with individuals
enduring chronic back pain. Throughout the years, this prominent
corporation is revered as the best provider of AccuraScope procedures
in the United States. With locations in Texas, Minnesota, and Arizona,
the North American Spine team of seasoned executives work tirelessly
to ensure that a highly qualified surgery center is within the reach
of many prospective patients. Most prominently, as the leading company
specializing in treating lumbar, thoracic, and cervical back problems,
North American Spine strives to assist patients in determining the
most appropriate care for their unique medical situation.

North American Spine’s wide range of AccuraScope procedures is
attracting a diverse group of individuals from various regions around
the country. Although the industry encompasses many minimally invasive
treatment providers, the company’s uniqueness lies in their
evidence-based approach that is strategically tailored to the symptoms
and pathology of every patient. Commendably, North American Spine
proudly boasts their clinical research, which support conservative and
least invasive procedures. Moreover, many well-respected authors have
written about these exceptional findings in articles titled
“Cost-Effectiveness of Endoscopic Disc and Neural Decompression,”
“Anterior Epiduroscopic Neural Decompression: Eight-center Experience
in 154 Patients,” and “Epiduroscopic Laser Disc and Neural
Decompression.” These pieces are published in the Journal of
Neurosurgical Review and European Journal of Pain Supplements.

Upon delivering safe AccuraScope procedures, the North
American Spine team of Orthopedic Physicians, Neurosurgeons, and pain
management experts work together to determine the best solution for
relieving chronic back pain. Throughout their multi-disciplinary
assessment approach, the extremely knowledgeable group of medical
professionals evaluate a patient’s continuum of care. The company’s
“continuum of care” philosophy acknowledges the need for a holistic
and conservative course of treatment that will assist individuals in
experiencing relief from their symptoms. Therefore, patients should
pursue the following before undergoing an AccuraScope procedure:
positively change current diet and exercise routines, strengthen core
muscles, participate in physical therapy sessions, consult with
chiropractic care providers, and consume Ibuprofen/receive epidural
steroid injections. Following the completion of these essential
measures, patients are presented with the opportunity to engage in
North American Spine’s surgical interventions.

Today, North American Spine remains the premier provider for minimally
invasive procedures and, as a result, the company is well-equipped to
expand internationally. Unlike competitor companies that offer
AccuraScope treatments, the professionals ensure that their patients
have pursued alternative relief methods before committing to their
spinal surgery. Remarkably, North American Spine has successfully
treated roughly 8,000 patients, 70% of which have traveled
out-of-state for the unprecedented AccuraScope procedure. Commendably,
the company currently maintains one of the country’s highest
satisfaction ratings of approximately 95%.