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Brad Reifler: A True Financial Professional

As one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors over the past thirty years, Brad Reifler has had the Midas touch again and again. As the founder and CEO of Reifler Trading Company, Pali Capital, and Forefront Capital Management, he has worked his way to the top and stayed there. As one of the true creative and intuitive minds in the world of finance, Brad has astounded experts with his ability to study past, present, and future trends and incorporate them into winning strategies for himself and his investors. In fact, it was his incredible strategic development abilities that led to him producing amazing results at Pali Capital. During his 13-year tenure as CEO, Brad spent countless hours analyzing industry data and developing sales strategies he and his team felt would give the best results, and did they ever. By the time Brad chose to walk away from Pali, he and his sales team had amassed a total of $1 billion in commission income. Virtually unheard of at the time, it was these results that made many people around the world sit up and take notice of Brad Reifler.

While currently serving as the CEO of his latest company Forefront Capital Management, Brad continues to develop winning strategies while also consulting with some of the world’s leading financial minds. Whether it is a top executive from a Fortune 500 company or a leading economist from a foreign nation, Brad is always working closely with those who help shape economic policies and exert tremendous influence on the world economy. Having established a reputation for fairness and honesty, there’s little doubt Brad will continue his winning ways with whatever venture he decides to pursue. And as he has demonstrated, Brad always finds a way to be the best at whatever he does.