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Retain Employees Longer with Betterworks Performance Management Software and Strategies


Continuous Performance Management systems can boost employee retention and productivity, but this will only happen if executives adopt beneficial strategies. The California-based software company Betterworks encourages them to use positive, future-focused motivational language and train managers to give and receive this type of feedback.

Improving Retention

Employees appreciate clear goals and consistent non-punitive feedback. People often feel more satisfied with their jobs when they know what they’re doing right or wrong. Performance management systems can help supervisors determine if individuals need advice or additional training to complete tasks properly.

The software also makes it easier to reward and recognize a specific person or group of employees for outstanding performance. This motivates staff members; they’re less likely to go elsewhere when they don’t have to wonder if an employer has noticed their accomplishments.

Performance management programs deliver valuable insights that improve efficiency and productivity. Betterworks empowers their  clients to use the data generated by the performance management process to identify positive trends and time-wasting practices. A more efficient business can afford to boost retention by offering better benefits and higher wages.

Software Features

Betterworks’ web-based system empowers organizations to set specific goals, measure progress, and continually supply staff members with feedback. People can evaluate peers and subordinates. The program produces abundant real-time data on the performance of individuals, departments, and the entire company.


Betterworks enables clients to make the most of its system by providing a library of helpful training materials. It also offers support via telephone or email. The software runs on most desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Interested parties can preview it by asking for a complimentary demonstration.