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Eucatex on its Way to Dominating the Brazilian Building Industry

Eucatex, the multi-billion dollar company, started back in 1950, its mother company was the Americana Sawmill Americana, which was then producing and distributing wood to the local market. The Brazilian building industry was in dire need of affordable, quality ceiling tiles; Eucatex filled this market gap by providing just that. Following its inception in the 50s, Eucatex became the first company in the building industry to use eucalyptus as raw material in the large-scale production of ceiling tiles. Initially, the ceiling tiles were produced to meet the demand of the local market but the product quality was so high that it saw the company exporting it all over Europe. Eucatex is among the top industries in Brazil producing and supplying building materials both locally and internationally.

Eucatex also recycles used hard boards, an environmentally friendly move. In 2007, the company produced 10.8 million liters of paint. Eucatex’s paint accounted for 15 percent of the paint sales in the country; there was an increment in the sale by 3 percent. This company is ranked the seventh largest paint producer in Brazil as a country, commanding a three percent market share. Eucatex has a short term goal of increasing its market share by 2 percent; this goal is purely realistic based on the good leadership that the company has, not forgetting the dedicated 2,200employees on its payroll. The company prides itself with the production of high-quality products that their customers prefer over other products from different companies.

This company has visionary executives who ensure that the decisions made are beneficial to the organization both now and in the future. Eucatex Company is currently under the leadership of Flávio Maluf; he has been with the company since 1987 and worked through various positions and would later be named the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company in the year 1997. Mr. Flávio Maluf has been very instrumental in the company’s leadership and has pushed the company to greater heights since he was named the president. Mr. Flávio Maluf understands the global and the Brazilian market, and this has propelled the company a couple of steps further putting it on the international map. He has effectively managed the eucalyptus plantation since his appointment as the president of the organization. This eucalyptus plantation is very important in the day to day running of the organization since it is the chief source of raw materials for the company.

Finance, Media and Entertainment. The Brian Mulligan Way

Brian Mulligan aged 55 is the current Chief Executive Officer of Media, Sports Advisory and Entertainment Company Brooknol Advisors. In the duration of his illustrious 30 year career, Brian has served as CEO, COO, Chairman, or CFO of virtually all verticals of media and entertainment including at Universal Pictures as Co-Chairman and Fox Broadcasting as Chairman where he was in charge of the Fox TV stations group, the Fox Cable Networks, Fox sports and the business dealings of the entire Fox Network. He also held the CEO docket at Universal Television between 2002 and 2004 and served at a Fortune 50company as EVP/CFO and as SVP at MCA INC. At Strategic planning and Corporate Development Universal, Brian served as EVP while at Boston Consulting, he was Executive Advisor. Mulligan also held the Vice President slot for a Money Centre Bank in the past. As a result, Brian was key in many transactions involving media and entertainment worth more than $175 billion.

Brian has wide expertise in different fields that include recording and publishing music, Cable and cable channels, TV, sports, media, theme parks, video games and international entertainment. Brian is also a veteran in DBS and in the proper structuring of companies’ long term existence. Brian holds membership in the digital roundtable based in Los Angeles, the Institute of Sports Business, the Media Roundtable and International Entertainment. Mr. Mulligan is a reserved speaker for the entertainment and sports industry including the Aspen Sports Institute and upcoming businesses. Among the honors bestowed upon Brian is his recent inclusion in the 50 most powerful people in Hollywood by the Premier Magazine. He was also mentioned among the top 10 most prominent Hollywood Bankers in an article released by the LA business journal while Law 360 regarded him among the top investment bankers on upcoming business trends.

Brian attended the University of Southern California from where he graduated with his Business Administration degree. He proceeded to attain his Business Administration Masters from the John Anderson Management School. Brian is a known and highly rated sports writer partly because of his Brooknol Advisors sports advisory brand. Among Brian’s sports publications include the Deflategate case, Roger Goodell and his connection to cases of domestic violence in the NFL among others.
Mulligan is involved in political and charity projects such as “A Better LA” among others. He is also involved in youth sports projects development.

Services Rendered By THe Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a corporation based in the City of Newark that aims at transforming the City’s economy. To achieve this goal, the corporation provides investors with several services. These services are:

Real Estate Investment Services
Newark CEDC provides investors who want to invest in Newark real estate with services such as site selection, permitting and approvals. This service simplifies the investment process and enables investors to tap into the development opportunities found in the City. For real estate investors having problems with capital, the corporation provides them with gap financing services.

Business Attraction and Retention
The corporation markets Newark to attract more investors. This process involves provision of potential investing companies with accurate information on the city and reasons why Newark is an ideal location to open their branches. Apart from marketing, they also help companies opening branches in Newark with location decisions.

Small Business Development
There are thousands of small businesses in Newark. Newark CEDC reaches these businesses and helps them to grow. As much as the corporation appreciates the importance of outside investors to the city, it also believes developing the already existing small business will go a long way into transforming the city’s economy. It provides these small businesses with business loans and advisory services.

On his Twitter, Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President and the CFO at Newark CEDC, continues to encourage more and more small businesses to enroll for support from the corporation. Kevin was appointed Newark CEDC’s chief financial officer in 2014. He has a master’s degree in accounting from Almeda University. Kevin has been in the management of different companies and his immense contribution has seen their success. His wealth of experience will be quite central towards steering the corporation towards success.

Neighborhood Development
Newark City has several wards. To ensure that the city’s economy is transformed equally, Newark CEDC has economic development directors assigned to each ward. The function of these directors is to coordinate community development and economic initiatives started by the corporation in every ward. They also act as the project managers of the said initiatives. They help in ensuring that the initiatives benefit both the residents and the investors.

Newark CEDC is already transforming Newark’s economy. The corporation has brought in a number of investors and companies into the city and this growth has translated into employment and better pay for the residents. A number of small businesses are also expanding their operations with the help of business loans from the corporation.

The Boosting Benefits of FreedomPop

FreedomPop has only been around for about three years now, but it has become one of the fastest growing services in wireless. All of this makes for a rather interesting conflict against the larger service providers. Some of the larger companies have offered to buy out FreedomPop, but the company continues to turn these larger companies down, all while expanding at the same time. Now, FreedomPop does not own any of its actual infrastructure or cell towers. It buys data at wholesale prices from service provider Sprint and then turns around to give customers free data and mobile phone services. This free service is what makes the company so desirable and beneficial. It is the content the company provides that continues to make it this growing service provider in the mobile phone and tablet industry.

The company currently offers service plans that includes 300 MB of data, 300 text messages and 300 anytime minutes for free. Additional service comes at discounted, inexpensive prices that are far beyond what most common service providers are able to offer. Beyond this, the company is also expanding out to the UK in order to provide a similar service. While this is cut down to 200 words, 200 text messages and 200 MB of data, it still provides an excellent cost saving opportunity for anyone who lives in the UK. Furthermore, FreedomPop provides free international calling to over 60 different countries and it is working on a traveling SIM card that does not have any sort of roaming for several dozen nations. All of this is going to make FreedomPop an excellent service provider for someone who enjoys to travel but is looking for a way to save money calling back home and messaging those across the world without having to pay for all of the extensive bills that are associated with it.

With all of these different services, FreedomPop wants to make sure customers are able to receive exactly the kind of beneficial assistance they need. It doesn’t matter what someone is looking to purchase or what they might want in terms of minutes or data, FreedomPop is able to help the customers either receive their service plan for free, or they help the individuals save hundreds of dollars every year with a discounted rate. Best of all, there are no plans or contracts, so a person can opt out of it at any time.

Purina Is A Good Pet Food Brand To Consider Using

When someone has a pet that means a lot to them they are going to want to take care of that pet the best that they can. They are going to want to find the best pet food brand out there so that their pet can be healthy.

Whether someone owns a dog or a cat, if they are looking for a good pet food brand to feed to their pet, then Purina is the brand that they are going to want to think of using. Purina is a pet food brand that has proven that they care about the animals that they serve by the ingredients that they put into their food. They don’t just toss anything into their pet food, but, instead, each ingredient is carefully picked out. They want to deliver pet food that pet owners can feel good about giving to their beloved animals.

So, when someone is looking for a pet food brand to use for their new addition to their family, Purina is one that they will want to keep an eye on. They will want to take a good look at this company and see all that they are doing. If they do that, then Purina will be sure to prove themselves to them, and they will find that this pet food brand is the perfect brand to choose for their pet.
Purina puts out pet food that is made with ingredients that pet food owners can feel good about. They are always making it a point to deliver the best products to pet owners. When anyone is looking for a good brand to switch over to, or for a pet food brand to use for the first time when they have a new pet in their family, Purina is one of the best brands for them to consider.

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