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IC System: The Accounting Company

Celebrating eighty years, IC System has stood the test of time. Ever since 1938, IC System has transitioned from one generation to the next Erickson family generation, three generations to be exact. Their longevity is due to their superb customer service principles and an ethical mindset towards customers.

IC System was founded by Jack and Ruth Erickson. The company has been at the forefront for decades in the accounts receivable industry. Keeping up with technology has helped them to stay relevant throughout time. Making history, IC System was the first company of its kind to replace typewriters with computers. The company prides itself on abiding with regulatory and compliance standards. Cutting edge collection tools helps the company to retain their reputation in the collection industry.

Located in the St. Paul, Minnesota area, the company still runs their company with the same principles they used back in 1936. Their core values are people, integrity, performance, pride and innovation. They instill these values in their employees. They reward their workers quarterly with the Core Value award to those who are an example of these values.

IC System is a believer in giving back to the community. The company has an in house charity called Employee Charitable Help Organization. The charity helps their employees who are facing severe issues, whether the issues be health or personal related.

IC System is licensed to operate in all fifty U.S. states. They are also licensed to practice in Guam and Puerto Rico. This is very important because often times clients who owe debts live outside of the are where debts are due. The company has a secure compliance and security aspect to their business. The company has a chairman, CEO, CFO, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), and a Director of Audit that conducts the compliant audits on debtors. The payment platforms are very secure for clients’ payments.

IC System has superb principles that will cause them to experience another eighty years of success. They are a leading force in the collection agency and continue to please their customers abroad with excellent customer service and business practices.

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