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A Look At Some Issues That Avaaz Supports

Avaaz is an international organization that seeks to have a positive impact on a wide range of causes. They seek to support the innate rights of humans as well as animals. They push to address climate change and mitigate its harmful effects on the environment. They also work to address other issues like poverty, corruption, and conflicts both internal to an individual nation as well as between different ones.

The main way they support these types of issues is through their website and through emails they send out to their members. Members can start a petition on the website which will be put under review by a team at Avaaz. Those petitions that make it through a few steps of review are then presented to the full membership for support and read full article.

Avaaz supports issues in other ways as well. They inform their members about issues and communicate to members how they can contact political representatives about their thoughts on them. They also conduct ad campaigns to get broad support for an issue. Furthermore, they will provide support to those who want to stage in-person protests, including how to go about getting media coverage of these protests.

One of the current top issues at Avaaz is in regards to what is happening to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Politicians have been passing different laws and decrees that have a dramatically harmful effect on these forests. There is a petition up calling for a halt to these. The petition says that there has been massive deforestation of the Amazon rainforest which is harmful to the environment as well as the animals and people that rely on it.

Other top issues are stopping Europe’s ivory trade and calling for a halt to Monsanto’s latest poison to spray on crops. Another one is garnering support for Rohingya refugees who are being driven out of their country.

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