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Politics and Other Halloween Fun In Indiana

If negotiating your way thru a maize is a favorite pursuit, there’s a very interesting, unique one in Indiana. Zack Frazee has created a political maze whose theme urges and reminds voters to exercise their right in 2016. Not only is the phrase “Get out and vote 2016” spelled out in it, the maize includes the White House. Completion is estimated to require only 30 minutes. To make the trek even more interesting, participants are invited to use their smart phone for assistance derived from correctly answering questions along the way. Located in Brownsburg, Indiana, Frazee’s political maize is open Tuesday thru Saturday 2-6P.M. Friday and Saturday hours are 10A.M.–6P.M. Planned to be in operation thru October 30th, the cost is $8 per person.


2016 will be the 53rd year for a scary, fun experience at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in the Cursed Castle. After you make your way across the drawbridge to enter the castle, you will walk and perhaps at times crawl through twelve areas. In addition to the drawbridge, there is one area known as “the catacombs” that you must pass through. At a cost of $8 plus the normal museum entry fee, visitors can either elect to have the lights on or off. Hours for the Lights-on option are Tuesday thru Sunday from mid-morning to late afternoon. On Wednesday this option is open until 9P.M. The Lights-Off option occurs Thursday thru Saturday 3:30 to 9P.M. Be sure to stop by Cursed Castle before it closes on October 30th.