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NPRs Article On Rocketship Education Not Fair, Cries Critics

An article about Rocketship Education is being criticized as unfair, inaccurate, and not balanced according to critics. Many critics, mostly supporters of the Rocketship Education charter school organization reacted on the article claiming that it failed to present its claim in a fair perspective. Additionally, critics noticed its failure to define what the charter school organization is all about. Moreover, it defined the organization as a company, which rather sends a different image to readers.

Challenges of Rocketship Education

According to the NPR article, Rocketship Education faces a lot of challenges. But, the critics noted that the challenges cited are the same challenges that all schools including public schools are experiencing. Critics were quick to point that it appears the article is singling out the charter school when the issue should be treated in a general perspective since it is experienced by the entire system.

Additionally, the article pointed out several issues like the extreme pressure to succeed in terms of academics, strict discipline, the usual traditional classroom practices, and the long number of hours student spend at school. Critics highlighted that the issues are a general one that all schools are having a hard time dealing with and not just Rocketship Education. Critics said that despite these issues, parents are glad of the results and have been loyal to the schools that offer the same system.

Rocketship Education as A Company

In addition to the issues mentioned earlier, critics also noticed that the writer repeatedly referred to Rocketship Education as a company. To some, the term was inaccurately used and rather sends a misleading perception to the readers. The argument is that the term company refers to a for-profit business, which Rocketship Education is not. Also, critics pointed out that the article did not clearly state that non-profit organizations support for-profit ventures by purchasing their products and services.

The author defended this and on Twitter said that she used the term company when referring to Rocketship Education to avoid using words repeatedly. But, according to critics, nowhere in the article was the term non-profit organization used to refer to the charter school organization. They also pointed out that the author repeatedly used the term company 4 times, Rocketship schools 8 times, and Rocketship 68 times.

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School Choice in Low-Income Communities is made Possible through Rocketship Charter Schools

Most low-income communities are not very appreciative of a good education. Many people who reside within these locations are more concerned about their daily survival. Being able to pay their rent, keep the lights on and having food in their refrigerator is more important to them. This is not to say that parents within low-income communities do not totally dismiss an education. However, they just do not think it will benefit them and their immediate needs.

While there are some low-income parents that do not care for education, there are some that do. For those individuals, they realize that education is key for their children to living a better quality of life. While they value an education, most of the schools in their location do not provide good instruction. The fact is that schools within many poorer communities fail to properly educate their students.

Honestly, public schools in poorer neighborhoods have less money from taxes to put toward education. While these schools might receive government funding and many charitable donations; still it is not enough for them to compete with well-funded schools in middle and upper-class neighborhoods.

When Rocketship Education Charter Schools were created, they were made to address this issue. Rocketship schools are purposely designed for low-income communities. These schools are built within poor neighborhoods and they give the parents there, choices about their child’s education. Parents are no longer forced to send their kids to a public school that is not adequately training their child.

Rocketship Education is making a difference because the schools do a fantastic job with educating children. The schools are elementary institutions that serve grade levels K – 5. They provide a strong foundation for students which include instruction in basic STEM classes and technology principles. Students at Rocketship will gain a solid foundation that will prepare them for the rest of their school career.

School choice is important for low-income people. For those individuals that want a better future for their children, then Rocketship Education provides a great solution. This charter based school organization will help parents to provide a decent education for their children that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.