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Troy McQuagge – A Ray of HOPE for People in Need

The United States Health Advisors (USHA) is a creation of the vision and mission of Troy McQuagge. He is also the chief executive officer and head of USHA. This organization has shown a surge as it has increased to almost ten times its initial size. Troy McQuagge took over USHA when it was in dire condition. Troy McQuagge is a leader in management, and under his aegis, the shares of USHA have risen by 1200%. USHA is a large organization and employs about 500 persons in various capacities.

Troy McQuagge UShealth graduated in legal studies from the University of Florida. He then worked with Allstate Insurance Company, where he made his mark through his hard work and commitment. The next step in his career was a big one as he rose to the post of president at University of Illinois Health – Market Division. This is where the bulk of his professional career was shaped. This was followed by Mr. McQuagge’s entry into USHA at Texas. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

The Help Other People Everyday program is a brainchild of the USHA. It was initiated in 2010 and is USHA’s proud example of a community service program. HOPE has been instrumental in providing support and aid to people in greatest need of it. An example of this is the HOPE’s massive efforts in helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina through reconstruction of their houses. This was done in conjunction with the Phoenix of New Orleans group in 2010. The next year saw the HOPE foundations endeavors to help infants through its charitable contribution to Crisis Nursery. The work of HOPE extended in 2012 when they gave away 25,000 dollars to HOPEkids Arizona, an organization that aids children suffering from cancer and life-threatening illnesses. Additionally, USHA Advisors initiated a program to provide houses for rehabilitation of war veterans.

Troy McQuagge and his entire team at USHA are motivated by their belief in giving back to society at all levels. These are the fundamental values of not only McQuagge but other senior executives of his foundation such as Travis Yoder and Bill Shelton. McQuagge and his work have established him as a leader in philanthropy. Read more on Resumonk:



Troy McQuaggeExemplary Leader with Tremendous Business Skills

Troy McQuagge, President, and CEO of USHEALTH Group is the man behind the rapid success achieved by USHEALTH Group in the last few years. Even though USHEALTH Group is a relatively new firm in the insurance industry, the company has been making rapid progress in the previous few years under the leadership of Troy McQuagge. At the time when Troy McQuagge joined the company, it was still in the infancy stage, but today, USHEALTH Group Inc is worth over a billion dollars and counting. Troy McQuagge has made extensive internal and external changes in the company’s organization and structure that has helped the firm strengthen its position in the market. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Troy McQuagge is also known for his commitment towards the community, and the first thing he did when named as the CEO and President of USHEALTH Advisors was to initiate the HOPE program. It is through the HOPE program that the company launches various charitable efforts to help the people in need in the local communities across the country. When hurricane Katrina struck in and around New Orleans, it led to the devastation of unprecedented size and cost hundreds of lives. Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Group was amongst the first to run to the help of the people in New Orleans and helped in the rebuilding of homes for the people who lost everything they had due to the hurricane. It is tough to start life afresh after experiencing something as catastrophic as Hurricane Katrina, but Troy McQuagge made it possible.

Troy McQuagge USHealth knows and understands that leading the company to success and enhancing its revenue is not the only responsibility as a leader, but to also stay committed to the local communities. It is for this reason he strives for developing a positive work environment within the company as well for its employees and inculcates in them a commitment to the local communities. He firmly believes that everyone who is a position to do something for the others do their bit, the world would be a better place. Troy McQuagge takes HOPE mission initiated by USHEALTH Group seriously and personally looks for ways in which he can help people in need through various measures. Read more:



USHealth’s HOPE Program Nearing A Decade Of Giving Thanks To Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge has continued to make a difference in the lives of many and has been driven to enable others to do the same as well through the HOPE program at USHealth. The name is an acronym that stands for “Helping Other People Everyday,” and it has become a life goal and daily mission for many at the company. Troy McQuagge US Health started the program back in 2010 as one of the early initiatives as he had just taken over at the position of President. Now, the company and its parent must have received a boost from the kindness, because they are now operating at a level over 10x greater than at that time.

New Orleans was one of the first cities to receive a boost from the philanthropy of the HOPE organization. Hurricane Katrina could take out many of the lifelines, but it was not able to stop the goodness from flowing all around. They joined forces with the PNOLA (Phoenix of New Orleans) group in order to help the victims rebuild their homes. There were also many hundreds of man-hours dedicated to razing and restoration efforts in the areas that were hit the roughest. There have been many more similar efforts from the USHA (USHealth Advisors).

For example, something like $70,000 has been donated to HOPEKids Arizona so that the non-profit can more easily handle its excellent work of helping the families of children who have been stricken with cancer or another terminal illness. Troy McQuagge likes to stand by these efforts by explaining that every company has a soul and that USHealth is simply exhibiting theirs through these charitable efforts. Chief Marketing Officer Brian Clark agrees and he also said that the company does not take the task of helping others lightly because the organization feels that it is part of their corporate responsibility that cannot be ignored.

USHealth Advisor Agents exist in many different communities throughout the country, and many are following the example by doing some similar work around their own place of business. For example, Division Leader Elizabeth Byrne helped to give back to veterans through collaboration with the Homes For Warriors program in Palm Bay. The workers helped to demolish, rebuild, repair, and cleanup new places of residence for many along the Brevard County landscape and as a service project of the Space Coast Paratroopers Association.

Overall, one can only hope for great things to continue to happen at the company so that they can flourish and then be able to give just as generously as they have been over these past years. As the Troy McQuagge’s HOPE program of 2010 nears its first decade of existence there should be more excellence ahead for all.

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The Great Businessman Matthew Autterson

Success does not come easy. Matthew Autterson can attest to you that being dedicated and self-driven play a vital role in achieving one’s goals. In his college, years back at Michigan State University, his life as a student was a busy one.


He completed his studies in 1980 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He later joined the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program for further studies. His high profile academic achievements help him to acquire his first job at the First Trust Corporation.


Matthew worked for some years and interacted with professionals who had more experience than he did in the field. He managed to form an unbreakable bond with the workmates where they came together and begun working on an Integrated Resources Inc. company. It has been offering financial services to the people of New York over the years.


After four years, Autterson was posted as the president of the Resources Trust Company. This enabled him to get experience that is more reliable. His leadership skills attracted more customers to invest in the company.


Resource Trust Company was later taken over by Broad Inc. in 1989. Nine years later, AIG acquired this company for $18 billion. This amount of money was agreed upon due to the positive impact achieved during Matthew’s time.


Other than been very successful in business-related fields, Matthew Autterson has been involved in various philanthropic projects. He is a member of the Board of Directors at the Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB).


He has significantly influenced the breakthrough of Colorado’s Business Community due to his expertise in moneymaking ideas. This has led to its stability thus gaining trust from a wide range of investors.


Matthew has also worked for the World Presidents Organization where he displayed his leadership capabilities. Denver Zoology Foundation has benefited from Matthew Autterson professionalism. He was the Chairman of Board of Directors in Denver Hospice at some point in his career.


In 2013, CNS Bioscience, Inc was established. Later, Matthew became its CEO. The company produces clinical stage drugs that act as painkillers for neuropathic pain. This has improved the lives of neuromotor patients who face discrimination in society. Go Here for more information.


As observed, Matthew Autterson has helped save the lives of many people. His achievements have changed the minds of companies on how they influence the society with their services. He is a true philanthropist who knows not how to favor himself.



Securus Technologies under the Leadership of Rick Smith

Securus Technologies is the leading company in the provision of high technology. The company serves more than 1000000 inmates. It also serves more than 2600 correctional facilities and more than 3400 prestigious businesses. This is because of their highly innovative products. The devices of the Securus Technology are highly coded, and no one else besides the provider can crack them.

Under the guidance of Rick Smith, Securus Company has been able to keep up with the world’s updates. The businesses are confident with Securus Company. They know their data is safe. This has helped avoid incidences that come along with crucial data in unauthorized hands. Some companies share experiences of how hackers demanded lump sums. This was with the threat of sharing their data with competitors.

For the government, their data on unauthorized individuals could lead to great problems. The government keeps a lot of secrets for the sake of the peace and safety of their citizens. Some of this information may be very harmful if known to the civilians. They may not fully reason with the government and may, therefore, lead to chaos. This is why Securus Technologies is given the responsibilities of protecting the state.

These responsibilities are many and sensitive. Rick Smith has been able to handle them because of his great skills.

Rick Smiths Academic Background and Experience

Rick Smith is an alumnus of prestigious schools. He has an MBA and masters in engineering and mathematics. He also a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. His education contributes greatly to his ability to run the business.

Besides his rich academic background, he has a very great experience. Experience is essential in running a business. It helps you understand the different seasons of the business. It also gives one a deeper understanding of the needs of the clients.

Rick Smith worked in different firms before joining Securus Company. He has a reputation of leaving the company better than it was. During his time in Eschelon-Telkom, he boosted the revenue of the company to $350 million from $30 million.

The Securus Technologies is going to be one of another Rick Smiths great success.

Final Verdict

The leadership of a company contributes greatly to the success of the business. This is why it is vital to do a background check and an exclusive research on the candidates for the CEO seat. Companies with great leadership systems have proofed to do great.

Rick Smith Securus is making a big difference in Securus Company. With the changes that the company has been experiencing, it is evident that he was the best candidate for the position.

Rick Smith is a futurist and hopes to ensure that more facilities get a chance to use the Securus Technologies in future.